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  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
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  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
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FRM Preparation- How to Pass the FRM Exam

FRM Preparation- How to Pass the FRM Exam

FRM Preparation- How to Pass the FRM Exam:- FRM is not as difficult as often projected. If you have Maths/engineering background, then go for Schweser, and if not then go for GARP material. You can definitely take help from some paid videos or even go for a tuition for better guidance. But if you want to self study, you can start studying the book and as soon as a chapter ends practice problems.



Keep noting down the ones you don’t get correct, try to understand why. Then when you complete your full material, just read the summary given at end of each chapter and then do those problems which you got incorrect at first time. If you are still getting more than 50% wrong, revise the concept fully and move to mock exams.

The first thing you need to do is to understand the syllabus corresponding to your part. Really understand it. You can’t find an all-inclusive study material for FRM. You will have to study the list of readings released by GARP. Read the recommended books, and see online videos. if you need.
Of course, the key is practice. You and your study partner should be finished with your course before one or two months of the exam. Spend this time practicing with your partner and reviewing your material.

Best Recommended FRM Part I Video Lectures


FRM Preparation- Things NOT to do

  • Read course like a novel
  • One should not read whenever he gets time , like for 10 mins or 30 mins in a break .
  • Reading all theory first and practicing it later .

FRM Preparation- Things to do

  • Study for hours at a stretch .
  • Sit with your material continuously for 2-3 hours .
  •  It doesn’t matter if you practice after each chapter as you wont be remembering any of it by the end of the preparation so keep practicing all at once after 1 full reading .
  • Few online courses which costs around 7K INR gives video lectures and interactive webinars , that will be helpful .
  • Practice more . If you start solving problems from day 1 then you dont need to study theory at all . You will understand concept while you practice problems.
  • Start with Schwesars notes, read all books once even if you can’t grasp much. Then go for the FRM handbook by Philippe Jorion, its a super must and suggested by GARP itself! Its too tough to drill through but you will enjoy it. Repeat this cycle until you know you understand quite a lot now. There are several questions in between chapters those will help you learn a lot.
  • After say 2 such cycles, start giving tests on schwesars question bank, its a software basically. Again very very helpful as there are 1500 such questions. You can prepare you own tests from simple medium and difficult category questions.
  • Take 2 weeks off before exam and solve only schwesars exam booklets, there are two I guess.

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FRM Preparation

Path 1 : If you have more time

  • Read core readings from GARP
  • Read the books for each topics suggested in the syllabus
  • Schweser notes

Path 2 : If you have less time

  • Jump to Schweser notes directly
  • Also watch video lectures by David Harper (available on youtube) on channel bionicturtle : Bionic Turtle , It is really helpful
  • You can also read notes of bionic turtle (Bionic Turtle | Acquire Expert Finance Skills, Pass the FRM Exam) to revise your concepts in the end .

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