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Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam

Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam

FRM Course Time Table :The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP®) created the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) Learning Objectives document to provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in becoming Certified FRMs. The FRM is the globally recognized professional designation for financial risk managers. Becoming an FRM clearly distinguishes you as some one serious about managing risk. This competitive advantage holds across a wide range of financial services professions, including: risk manager, analyst,trader, portfolio manager, auditor, developer, or salesperson. Whether you a reactively employed, or looking to break into the industry, achieving the FRM certification is a valuable career enhancer/accelerator.

Approved Exam Preparation Provider for Financial Risk Manager (FRM) 2017 Certification Course. This Online Training Course on Financial Risk Manager or FRM® Certification covers the syllabus prescribed by GARP for 2017 exams and is delivered by FinShastra, founded by Amit Parakh, a CA, FRM, CS and CFA holder and a renowned trainer for FRM and related Finance Courses.

The FRM® is a globally recognized benchmark certification program for financial risk managers and is considered to be the de-facto global qualification in the practice of Financial Risk Management according to industry sources.

Who should take this course ?

Eligibility criteria for FRM

A passing score on both Part I and Part II of the FRM Exam and A minimum of two years professional full-time work experience in the area of financial risk management or another related field including, but not limited to: trading, portfolio management, Academia (tenure track faculty), industry research, economics, auditing, risk consulting, and/or risk technology.

Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam

FRM Course Time Table : The FRM certification (Financial Risk Manager) is one of the most highly recognized risk management designations. It is issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). Risk management is an extremely important part of finance. A risk manager’s role involves observing the potential risks of investments, markets and transactions. By obtaining their FRM certification a risk manager portrays that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in a position as a financial risk manager. The FRM certification is very difficult to obtain, therefore, it is very important for FRM candidates to be prepared for the intensive study process, exam and work experience process. We are giving you a complete timetable for next two months. Time Table for FRM Course for 2017 Exams here:

Download Time Table Of FRM Department pdf 




TeacherCourse TitleCourse No.Credit Hrs.Mon.Tues.Wed.Thrus.Fri.Sat.
1Dr.Neeta Lodha (Prof. & Head)In- Plant TrainingFRM-4212( 0+2)
RAWERAWE- 4213(0+3)
Doctoral SeminarFRM-6921(1+0)2-3
2Dr.Suman Singh

Prof.& Unit Coordinator (AICRP)


Globalization and Consumer Economics*


FRM 621


3 (2+1)







3.Dr. Ritu Singhvi Prof.Environmental SciencesENVS 1213(2+1)1123-5
Technical writing and communication skillsPGS-5021 (0+1)3-5
Advance Housing*FRM 5223(2+1)222-4
Environmental Issues & challengesFRM6233(3+0)121212
4Dr.Vandana Kaushik, Prof.Marketing ManagementFRM 2223(2+1)3-412-110-12
Consumer Ergonomics*FRM 5213(2+1)10-1110-1212-1
Consumer Product DesignFRM 6143(1+2)11-12-32-4
5Ms.Seema Dwivedi Assoc. Prof.Housing & Space ManagementFRM 1213(2+1)22-411
Family Economics and consumerFRM-2213(2+1)3-5102
Consumer Issues & ChallengesFRM -5233(2+1)121210-12
6Dr. Hemu Rathore Asstt.Prof.Wall & Window TreatmentFRM-3223(1+2)2-310-1210-12  

Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam

FRM Course Time Table : FRM program is administered by GARP, USA. The program is getting popular due to high job potentials and low fees. The FRM part I is the first part out of  two parts. You need to pass the FRM part I first in order to pass the FRM part II. The FRM part I exam can be given in May-Nov, twice an year. FRM fees is much lower than CFA and MBA.

FRM Program Fees

Enrollment for the FRM exam requires a one-time enrollment fee, due when you register for your first level I FRM exam, as well as individual exam registration fees.

One-Time Enrollment Fee: $400 (USD)

Exam Registration Fees and Deadlines:

RegistrationRegistration FeeMay 20, 2017 Exam DeadlinesNov 18, 2017 Exam Deadlines
Early$350 (USD)Jan 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017
Standard$475 (USD)Feb 28, 2017Aug 31, 2017
Late$650 (USD)Apr 15, 2017Oct 15, 2017


On the payment screen, there’s an option for you to buy official FRM books for an additional $250. If you’d like to buy them, check the box beside the image of the books.

There are 4 methods to make the payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Credit card via FAX (Processing fee of $50)
  • Pay with check (Processing fee of $50)
  • Pay with wire transfer (Processing fee of $50)

Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam

FRM Course Time Table :  FRM Certification is a globally recognized professional certification for banking and finance professionals by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) and the first step towards this is getting yourself registered for the FRM Exam. The FRM exam is divided into two parts which must be taken consecutively. Registration can be done online at the GARP website.

The FRM Exams are offered twice in a year on the third Saturday in May and the third Saturday in November. If you are planning to give the FRM exam in 2017 then for registration, you must take mental notes of the important FRM exam dates to avoid missing out on any of the opportunities.

Here are a few important dates pertaining to the FRM Exam:

Important dates for FRM 2017
FRM Enrollment Fees$300Valid for 4 yearsValid for 4 years
Exam FeesIf you register between these dates
Exam Early Registration$3501 Dec 2016 – January 31 20171 May 2017 – July 31 2017
Exam Standard Registration$4751 Feb 2017 – Feb 28 20171 Aug 2017 – Aug 31 2017
Exam Late Registration$6501 March 2017 – April 15 20171 Sep 2017 – Oct 15 2017

Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam

FRM Course Time Table : Once you know the deadlines for registration, you can proceed further by getting yourself registered with the registration as per your convenience by following the below procedure:

1.Go to the FRM Exam registration page.

FRM Important Dates

This is for GARP registration. Once you will fill all the details and click on the green button, a FRM account will be created for you on the GARP website. This registered email id and password will work as login credentials for your GARP Account.

2. Once you have moved to the next screen, the following page will appear:

FRM Important Dates

As there is a lot of information asked on this page. We’ll help you to fill the information for each part:

i. Exam Information

FRM Important Dates

In the ‘register for’ field, choose which exam you want to register for. You can register either for FRM part I or both FRM part I and II.

In the exam test site field, the various test center cities across the globe are listed. You can choose from them, the center of your preference from the drop down menu.

ii. Mailing Address:

FRM Important Dates

You can give either your home or work address depending on your needs. Don’t enter the country code in the phone number field.

iii. Job Information:

In the company name field, you can either choose your company name from the drop down list or enter the name of the company. Similarly for Corporate title, choose your job title from drop down or enter it manually.

In the job function field, only the dropdown works. Choose the Job function closest to your job description or choose “other” if none in the field apply. Similarly for type of organization, choose the type that closely describes your company or choose “other” if none apply.

iv. How did you hear about us?

FRM Important Dates

This field asks about how you get to know about FRM program. You can either scroll through them all or scroll down completely and choose “other”, depending on your patience level.

v. Privacy Policies

FRM Important Dates

As said earlier, from the information you have provided on the first screen, an account for GARP would be created. In the privacy policies section you can choose if you would like to be contacted by GARP or its partners. Check the second box for this.

You can also choose if you would like to be contacted by GARP authorised training providers like EduPristine regarding their training packages. This would help you to look at some very good training providers at competitive prices. We would suggest you to choose this option. Check the first box for this.

Once you have checked the appropriate options. Click on the “continue onto payment button”.

3. Payment

FRM Important Dates

On the payment screen, there’s an option for you to buy official FRM books for an additional $250. If you’d like to buy them, check the box beside the image of the books.

There are 4 methods to make the payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Credit card via FAX (Processing fee of $50)
  • Pay with check (Processing fee of $50)
  • Pay with wire transfer (Processing fee of $50)

If you choose credit card, the following screen appears:

FRM Important Dates

Students FRM Course Time Table For 2017 Exam provides India’s top FRM 1st and 2nd Part faculty video classes – online & in Pen Drive/ DVD – at very cost effective rates. Get FRM 1st and 2nd Part Video classes from  to do a great preparation for primary Student.

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