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Formal Communication

Formal Communication:

Interchanging of information officially is known as formal communication. The flow of communication is controlled and is a deliberate effort. This makes it possible for the information to reach the desired place without any hindrance, at a little cost and in a proper way.

Advantages of Formal Communication:

  • Effective:- Most of the Formal Communication is written. It is carefully planned, organized and reviewed. There are very less chances of mistakes and errors. Therefore, it is taken seriously by the receiver. When, what and how to communicate is clearly spelt out in the case of Formal Communication. This ensures timely and systematic flow of information.
  • Coverage:- In case an organization has many branches which are located at distant places, Formal Communication makes it possible to manage all the branches from the head office. Formal Communication ensures that the decisions taken by the highest level reach the lowest level using the managerial hierarchy.There is no risk of any branch being left out. Thus,using Formal Communication top level management need not bother and spend their precious time in communicating decisions to the entire organization.
  • Filtering of information:- Data originating at the lowest level is filtered, condensed or modified by middle level managers. Thus, only such information reaches the top level managers as is required for decision making. This prevents information overload and ensures that the top level managers are not bogged down.
  • Ensures clarity of goals:- Using Formal Communication, goals, strategies, policies and procedures as well as job expectation can be clearly communicated to all the employees working in all the departments at all levels. This ensures unity in efforts towards attainment of organizational goals.
  • Flexing responsibility:- Most of the Formal Communication is written. It helps in fixing responsibility for any mistakes or false information. Thus, Formal Communication does not result in rumours and gossips.
  • Further reference:- Comunication routed through formal channels is mostly written. So, that records can be used for further references.
  • Job satisfaction:- When seniors start to use their authority and control over their fellow subordinates, it provides them job satisfaction.




Formal Communication


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