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FAQs on Introduction of LLP Bill

FAQs on Introduction of LLP Bill

1. When was the LLP Bill, 2006 was introduced? Whether the Bill was referred to Standing Committee? Has the Bill been revised?

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Bill, 2006 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 15th December, 2006. The Bill was referred to the Lok Sabha Standing Committee on Finance, for examination. The Standing Committee consulted various chambers of commerce, professional institutes and other experts and also heard the M/o Corporate Affairs.

The said Committee presented/submitted its report to the Parliament on 27th November, 2007. Based on such report the Ministry of Corporate Affairs revised the LLP Bill and the revised LLP Bill, 2008 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on 21st October, 2008. This was passed by the Rajya Sabha on 24th October, 2008. The Bill was passed by Lok Sabha on  12th December, 2008. The President has given assent to this Bill on 7th January, 2009.

2. Whether all recommendations made by Standing committee have been accepted by the Government?

All the recommendations except one made by Hon’ble Standing Committee have been accepted by the Government. The recommendation which has not been accepted related to proposing a restriction on number of LLPs in which a designated partner may become designated partner. During examination of this recommendation, it was felt that since under the Companies Act, 1956 there is no restriction on a person to be come directors in any number of private companies. Since proposed structure for LLPs would be similar to private companies, it was felt that putting a restriction relating to maximum number of LLPs in which a person may become designated partner may not be necessary.

3. Whether the ongoing financial crisis across the globe requires any change in thoughts regarding the LLP Act, 2008?

The ongoing financial crisis across the globe does not appear to have affected Indian economy. The Indian companies and other business entities, including those engaged in banking and financial business are not likely to have any major impact in view of financial crisis of US or Europe, thanks to the strict and conservative legal and regulatory systems working in India.

Since a more professional and mature approach is needed in any country to handle such kinds of crisis, the LLP Act, 2008, which would allow professionals from various fields to combine and work together in providing various services, would be even more useful.

FAQs on Introduction of LLP Bill



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