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Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation and Benefits

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation and Benefits

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – CIMA training is the employer accreditation scheme that recognises employers who comply with the training standards set by CIMA to provide this support. Speak to your employer about CIMA training and find out how it will help you to gain the maximum benefits of CIMA in order to develop your career and drive the business forward.

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation and Benefits

The CIMA Training and Development accreditation scheme recognises and promotes organisations who support the lifelong learning of CIMA students and members.

Better business

To achieve sustainable business growth you need the right people but the market for talent has never been more competitive. The scheme helps your organisation attract and retain CIMA students and members by supporting their learning and by ensuring their professional development.

Get the best out of your CIMA members and students

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – The CIMA Training and Development accreditation scheme, which recognises and promotes your support for lifelong learning, offers a great opportunity to attract, develop and retain CIMA members and students into your organisation.

Assessment for CIMA Training & CIMA Development partners is rigorous, but balanced with the needs of your particular organisation; accreditation sends a clear message to both potential employees and current employees that you are serious about lifelong development and that your business benefits from access to best practice insights into how to support your finance professionals. This is a partnership which will help your business to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition

Stand out from the crowd; help your CIMA people to greater exam success, application of learning, job fulfilment and better results. Attract the best, develop the best and retain the best talent.

Help your business achieve sustainable and responsible growth by applying for accreditation today.

CGMA professionals powering your business

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – The CIMA Training and Development accreditation scheme is designed to help your business help its CIMA members and students to succeed.

This means that you get more CGMA professionals in your business, providing you with the talent you need to drive growth.

Why join?


  • Structured support programme
  • Use of partner logo
  • Benchmarking for Quality Partners
  • Exam results service for Quality Partners
  • Linked student and member accreditation
  • Single sign off for Professional Development


  • More passes, fewer resits, saving your business time and money
  • More motivated students
  • Effective recruitment tool to attract and retain the best
  • Quality mark to promote status
  • Measure progress against other employers
  • Determine success of internal processes
  • Recognise and reward high performing employees
  • Simple application process
  • Lifelong learning opportunities to aid retention
  • Recognition of internal performance management process
  • Retention of the best employees
  • The best talent focused on business

How the scheme works

The CIMA training and development accreditation scheme includes four awards.

  • CIMA training partner
  • CIMA training quality partner
  • CIMA development quality partner
  • premier partner

Each award requires employers to verify that they meet specific training and development standards.

CIMA Training partner

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – This award is open to employers who already have students or would like to attract students and represents the minimum level of support that should be provided by employers of CIMA students.

To be eligible, employers need to meet the foundation standards for the training of CIMA students.

CIMA Training quality partner

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – This award is open to employers who want to attract or retain CIMA students and offer a level of support advocated by CIMA to enable students to progress through the exams successfully and achieve membership.

To be eligible, employers need to meet:

  • The foundation standards for the training of CIMA students.
  • The quality standards for student training and input targets.

Premier partner

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – Premier partner is automatically awarded to employers who have achieved CIMA training quality partner and CIMA development quality partner awards for their support for initial student training and continued member development.

CIMA Development Quality Partner

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – CIMA Development Quality Partner accreditation recognises employers who help CIMA members maintain and increase their professional competence through relevant, planned and continuous development.

The CIMA Development Quality Partner accreditation is awarded for three years and is available to any employer who can demonstrate that they meet:

  • The foundation standards for the development of CIMA members.
  • The quality standards for member development.

Why be a Development Quality Partner?

  • Recognition as a CIMA Development Quality Partner, including use of the CIMA Development Quality Partner logo and certificate – an effective recruitment tool to attract and retain the best.
  • Retention of the best employees.
  • Simplified CPD requirements for CIMA members.
  • Assurance that CIMA members are supported in fulfilling CIMA’s CPD requirements.
  • CGMA designation holders have the skills to help businesses succeed.

Standards for member development

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation – Organisations looking to become Development Quality Partners need to meet these foundation and quality standards to ensure their CIMA members are supported in their continued professional development.

The standards are based on on the six steps of the CIMA Professional Development Cycle:

1. Define2. Assess3. Design4. Act5. Reflect6. Evaluate


Foundation standards

  • Identify a co-ordinator to oversee training and development.
  • Establish a clear policy for learning and development.
  • Provide an ethics policy/code of conduct and training in this area.
  • Encourage CIMA members and students to maintain accurate employer and personal records with CIMA .
Quality standards

  • Supply information on the processes, procedures and support available to help CIMA members meet their professional development requirements. This includes guidance on suitable learning and development activities – formal and informal.
  • Offer guidance to members on appropriate use of resources at work (e.g. internet usage, coaching, training courses etc).


Foundation standards

  • Conduct individual performance reviews at least once a year.
Quality standards

  • Discuss and note skills gaps and learning opportunities as part of the performance review process and agree a personal development plan.
  • Set specific, measurable and time-bound (SMART) learning and development objectives in the personal development plan.
  • Ensure the planning and review of learning and development is continuous throughout the member’s career. Link individual development to what the organisation needs, now and in the future.
  • Discuss career development aspirations and opportunities at review meetings and provide access to appropriate guidance and training. Link to succession planning.

Design and Act

Foundation standards

  • Give guidance on the resources available to CIMA members and students to develop themselves.
  • Commit some financial resource to underpin training and personal development plans.
Quality standards

  • Encourage members to review their personal development plans regularly to ensure they are still relevant.
  • Make members aware that they need to gather evidence to support learning and development activities and progress, and keep it in a portfolio for at least three years.


Foundation standards

  • Offer CIMA members and students the opportunity to discuss their progress and any new development requirements. This might include current and potential job roles, exams and practical experience requirements.
Quality standards

  • Review each member’s personal development plan at least once a year ensuring that the outcomes of all learning and development activities – formal and informal – have been recorded. Use this insight to plan future development activities.
  • Monitor longer-term career progression and personal development needs as part of this review process. Take action as appropriate.


Foundation standards

  • Conduct an annual review of the scheme as a whole. This might include issues arising from the evaluation of all learning and development activities, training and personal development plans. Overall plans to be adjusted to reflect the outcome of the review.
Quality standards

  • Provide members and their line managers with the opportunity to record a comment on the year’s learning and development as a whole.
  • Take any gaps in the personal development plan forward to the following year.

Faq on CIMA Development Accreditation

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