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Introduction of Faculty@EDUPRISTINE classes video lecture online courses

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Faculty@EDUPRISTINE is one of the renowned faculty in the field of finance. Faculty@EDUPRISTINE has teaching experience and financial degrees. Faculty@EDUPRISTINE has been in the field of teaching for a number of years. A short biography is available here. The faculty teaches for the subjects Foundations of Risk Management,Financial and valuation modeling,Basics of finance,Advanced finance,Finance,Excel for exams FRM I,FRM II,PRM IV,PRM III,Business.

Where can I get link of faculty name classes video lecture online courses ?

Following classes are provided by Faculty@EDUPRISTINE in the form of video lecture online courses –

PRM I BASIC Excel Accounting BASIC Financial Modeling Equity Researcher PRO PRM I PRO Excel Accounting PRO

Can I watch faculty name classes video lecture online courses for free?

Yes, you can watch many Faculty@EDUPRISTINE video lectures for free. However, if you like the video classes, go ahead, place order and enjoy the full course.

What about review or feedback of faculty name classes video lecture online courses for free?

Faculty@EDUPRISTINE classes have in total 206430 learners. Many of them have shared their reviews and comments. Please click here to view the same

Are Faculty@EDUPRISTINE classes video lecture online courses available in offline mode DVD pen drive or hard disk?

Faculty@EDUPRISTINE classes are currently available in following mode –

1.FRM I BASICeBook/Online
2.FRM I MIND MAPSeBook/Online
3.FRM II PROeBook/Online
4.FRM II COMBO 1eBook/Online
5.FRM II COMBO 2eBook/Online
6.PRM I COMBOeBook/Online
7.PRM I PROeBook/Online
8.PRM I BASICeBook/Online
9.PRM II COMBOeBook/Online
10.PRM II PROeBook/Online
11.PRM II BASICeBook/Online
12.PRM III COMBOeBook/Online
13.PRM III PROeBook/Online
14.PRM III BASICeBook/Online
15.PRM IV COMBOeBook/Online
16.PRM IV PROeBook/Online
17.PRM IV BASICeBook/Online
18.Operational Risk Modeling COMBOeBook/Online
19.Operational Risk Modeling PROeBook/Online
20.Operational Risk Modeling BASICeBook/Online
21.BASEL III PROeBook/Online
22.BASEL III BASICeBook/Online
23.Leveraged Buyouts COMBOeBook/Online
24.Leveraged Buyouts PROeBook/Online
25.Leveraged Buyouts BASICeBook/Online
26.Excel Accounting COMBOeBook/Online
27.Excel Accounting PROeBook/Online
28.Excel Accounting BASICeBook/Online
29.Advanced Valuation COMBOeBook/Online
30.Advanced Valuation PROeBook/Online
31.Advanced Valuation BASICeBook/Online
32.Quantitative Financial Modeling COMBOeBook/Online
33.Quantitative Financial Modeling PROeBook/Online
34.Quantitative Financial Modeling BASICeBook/Online
35.Advanced Financial Modeling COMBOeBook/Online
36.Advanced Financial Modeling PROeBook/Online
37.Advanced Financial Modeling BASICeBook/Online
38.Finance Non Finance COMBOeBook/Online
39.Finance Non Finance PROeBook/Online
40.Finance Non Finance BASICeBook/Online
41.Fixed Income Analysis COMBOeBook/Online
42.Fixed Income Analysis PROeBook/Online
43.Fixed Income Analysis BASICeBook/Online
44.Financial Modeling COMBOOnline
45.Financial Modeling PROeBook/Online
46.Financial Modeling BASICeBook/Online
47.Financial Modeling Equity Researcher COMBOeBook/Online
48.Financial Modeling Equity Researcher PROeBook/Online
49.Financial Modeling Equity Researcher BASICeBook/Online
50.Economics For Equity Researcher COMBOeBook/Online
51.Economics For Equity Researcher PROeBook/Online
52.Economics For Equity Researcher BASICeBook/Online
53.Excel Project Managers COMBOOnline
54.Excel Project Managers PROeBook/Online
55.Excel Project Managers BASICeBook/Online
56.Project Finance COMBOeBook/Online
57.Project Finance PROeBook/Online
58.Project Finance BASICeBook/Online
59.Business Analytics PROeBook/Online
60.Business Analytics BASICeBook/Online

Will Faculty@EDUPRISTINE classes video lecture online courses work on my mobile phone ?

Almost all courses including Faculty@EDUPRISTINE video classes work on laptop, tablets and mobile phones. However check here for exact information.

What other faculties are providing similar classes as Faculty@EDUPRISTINE classes video lecture online courses?

Here is a list of faculty similar to this-

CA Prakash Saraf

CA Prakash Saraf

Dr B R Ambedkar Open University sri padmavati mahila visvavidyalayam Uttarakhand Open University Acharya Nagarjuna University

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