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Expected Questions in CA Final FR and AS

Expected Questions in CA Final FR and AS – Nov 2016 exams are near and we know that all the students are in some kind of fear these days. Some are in fear because of their principals for not giving proper timing for preparation of exams and other are in fear due to very vast syllabus of CA Final. So at this time we are unable to solve the problem of leave sanction from your principal but we can help you by providing you Expected questions in CA Final Fr and As. Also we are providing important questions for CA Final SFM, Law and Audit subjects.

We recommend you to at-least practice these question twice or thrice before appearing in the final examination.

Expected questions

Expected questions

Paper 1 Financial Reporting (In simple Language – Accounts)

We recommend you to divide this subject into mainly 5 parts. These are as follows:-

  1. Valuation
  2. Accounting Standards
  3. Amalgamation
  4. Consolidation of Accounts (Holding – Subsidiary)
  5. Other Misc. Chapters
  • Accounting standards becomes part of minimum 20 to 40 marks in every examination so one must not under estimate the same. For accounting standard we recommend you to buy DS Rawat Sir’s book. This is the best reference book for accounting standards for CA IPCC as well as for CA FINAL.
  • Must refer the past year examination pattern regarding which question are coming so often and which topics are asked rarely.
  • For Amalgamation, Consolidation and valuation we recommend you to give as many as revision so that in examination they will have your least time and you can complete your paper on time.

Paper 2 Strategic Financial Management

(In simple Language – SFM or MAFA or MAFIA)

I will recommend you to divide this paper into two division. 1st is theory and other is part is practical question.

It is generally seen that almost 30% of the paper comes for theory portion and to pass we need 40 marks so if anyone has a loose hand on practical question then he can pass this paper with the help of theory portion.

For practical question I recommend not to use any private tutor’s book. Just use institute practice manual and revise it for at-least  5 times and that’s it to get exemption in this paper.

 Get SFM Expected Chapter Marks – Nov 2016 Exam from here.

Paper 3 Audit

Divide this paper into

  1. Professional Ethics
  2. Company Audit
  3. Standards on Auditing
  4. Others
  • Best recommended Book – Surbhi Bansal – Sufficient to get exemption.
  • Professional ethics cover up to 30 to 35 marks every time in Audit paper. So buckle up and made this as your primary target. Learn each and every clause and case studies as mentioned after every clause.
  • In this paper presentation plays a vital role in getting good marks.
  • Don’t forget to learn Standards on Auditing because you have to mention them in each question.

Paper 4 Law

Divide this paper into

  1. Company Law
  2. Allied Laws
  • Our recommendation – Munish Bhandari Book – That’s all you needed to pass this paper.
  • Don’t give your 100% on just company law because allied law also covers up to 30 to 35 marks in each papers.
  • Remember the question that are coming in each attempt continuously from the question given after each chapter.
  • You have to squeeze your studying material otherwise you are not able to revise the same in just one day before examination.
  • Get Munish Bhandari notes for free from here.

Expected Questions in CA Final FR and AS

Expected Questions

Expected Questions

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