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Exams Versus Festivals

Exams Versus Festivals

There exams going on and there is no other option than to study for those CA students who have their exams currently running in the month of November. Since it is an exam season and also a season of festivals, these students are seen making a lot of sacrifices.

Let’s imagine the situation of such students:-
1. While every other person in the house is seen enjoying the “chehel pehel” of Diwali, the CA students are busy preparing for the exams and cursing the Institute for wasting their festival.
2. While every other person is seen eating sweets every now and then, the CA students are served with the sour chapters of ISCA and Audit.
3. While everyone is visiting the “pandals” at night, a CA student is sitting at home though physically present, but mentally absent.
4. While every other person is enjoying “Diwali” a CA student is frustrated by the “jagratri” (the art of forcefully being awake late night)
5. While everyone around is enjoying the “dandiya”, a CA student has no other option than to assume the “dandiya” with pen and pencil.
6. While everyone is wearing new clothes, a CA student is seen in same clothes, just because they didn’t get time to go for shopping.
7. While every other person is busy decorating their homes with lights and flowers, a CA student is seen decorating their books with the highlighters and sticky notes.
8. While the “Crackers” is being bursted outside the house, a CA student is crying because he considers it as a noise pollution, even though he knew he is missing the great fun
9. While everyone is going to food stalls, a CA student is worried about the exam hall. A normal “paratha” will also work for him.
10. While everyone is busy taking selfies and pictures, a CA student has no other option than to feel jealous, because he has come down to a basic phone which just has a call and message facility. 
11. While everyone is getting messages of Happy Diwali, a CA student receives messages wishing him an “All the best”. So this was is the condition of the CA students.

Now let’s summarise the “pain” of such a frustrated student in a few lines. Here it goes:-

Festivals ka season,
And CA students ka frustration.
Festivals ka thahaka,
Uspr exams ka dhamaka.
ICAI ke plans,
Saari masti ho gyi ban.
It’s time to dance,
But a CA student has no chance.
No enjoyment no fun,
What has this ICAI done?
Give me some sunshine,
Give me some rain.
This festive season has,
Slowed down our brains.

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