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Regd. Office: _________________________________________

Notice / Letter of offer


Issue of 200000 equity shares of Rs. 100 each at par aggregating Rs. 200 Lacs to the equity shares holders on right basis in the ratio of _____ equity shares for every _____ equity shares held on ___________ 2014, pursuant to the Board resolution passed in its meeting held on ______________2014

Dear Share holder

You are hereby informed that the Board of Directors has decided to increase the subscribed and paid up capital of the Company by issue of _____________ equity shares of Rs. 100 each by right offer to equity share holders as on ___________ 2014 on proportionate basis and conditions as laid down, inter alia hereunder, in application form and in Board resolution.

As a share holder on the afore mentioned date, being fixed as offer date, we are pleased to inform you that you are entitled to for the “rights shares offer” in reference to details as mentioned in the enclosed application form.

By order of the Board

For ____________Ltd


Date: __________2015



Instructions / Terms

1.            Shares will be issued only in physical form.

2.            You may accept the offer and apply for the Equity shares offered, either in full or in part by filling accordingly the application form.

3.            You may also renounce all or any of the equity shares; you are entitled to in favour of any person. Any renunciation from Resident to Non resident or vice versa is subject to the requisite permission and the said permission must be attached to the application.

4.            You are also eligible to apply for additional equity shares over and above the number of equity shares offered to you provided you have applied for all the shares offered to you without renouncing them in full or in part. However, application for additional shares is subject to sole discretion of Board. Additional equity shares cannot be renounced in favour any person.

5.            Application should be made on the printed form provide by the company. 6.            Full amount i.e. Rs. 100/- is payable with application.

7.            All account payee local cheques / draft accompanying the application should be drawn in favour of “________________”.

8.            Application for accepting the offer/renouncement shall reach at the registered office address of the Company on or before ____________, 2015. 9.            In case your application form completed in all respect is not received on or before ___________________, 2015, your right for applying/renounce the equity shares shall be deemed to be waived and the Board will have absolute power to dispose off such shares in its sole discretion in the best interest of the Company. 10.        Application for total value of Rs. ___________/- or more, applicants’ income tax PAN details and photocopy must be provided along with application.  Applicant(s) who do not have PAN are required to provide a declaration in Form 60/61 prescribed under the I.T. Act along with application. Application without this will be considered incomplete and are liable to be rejected.

11.        In case of application under power of attorney or by a body corporate or by a society, a certified true copy of the relevant power of attorney or resolutions or authority to the signatory to make the investment under this offer and to sign the application and a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association or bye laws of such body corporate or society should be accompanies by application.

12.        The form must be filled in English and in block capital as applicable/appropriate and delete whichever is not applicable.

13.        The form found incomplete with regard to any of the particulates required to be given therein and/or which are not compete in conformity with the terms of offer letter are liable to be rejected and money paid in respect thereof will be refunded without interest.

14.        The Board reserves its full, unqualified and absolute right to accept or reject any application, in whole or in part, and in either case without assigning any reason thereto.

15. The offer shall be valid for …………….. days (a period limiting a time not being less than fifteen days and not exceeding thirty days) from the date of the offer within which the offer, if not accepted, shall be deemed to have been declined.      


Regd. Office: _________________________________________

Application form

Last date for receipt of application: ____________, 2015

Issue of 200000 equity shares of Rs. 100 each at par aggregating Rs. 200 Lacs to the equity shares holders on right basis in the ratio of ______equity shares for every _____ equity shares held on ______________, 2015


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