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Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal Books

Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal Books


Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal Books

 Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal  2007Direct taxation policies

Dr Tejinder Singh Rawal Books is intended to give ordinary investors a basic understanding about the Indian stock market.

DR TEJINDER SINGH RAWAL Books covers a wide range of aspects including, for example, choosing the right companies understanding the market’s behavior over both the short-term and the long-term the relationship of the secondary market for shares to the market for new issues of shares, etc. The book also explains the market’s terminology, such as the P/E ratio, dividend yield, as well as important accounting terms. An investors may invest in shares directly or through mutual funds.

DR TEJINDER SINGH RAWAL Books tells there is a great variety of mutual fund schemes. These are briefly explained so that the investor can choose the best ones from his/her point of view. At the end, the book provides a comprehensive Glossary of relevant terms.

Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Charts
1. Introduction
2. Some Basic Financial Concepts regarding share Investment
3. Choosing the Right Companies for Investing
4. Investing in Initial Public (IPOs)
5. The share Price Behavior
6. Share Buybacks by Companies
7. Corporate Governance of Listed Companies: The Investor’s Angle
8. The Securities Depository System
9. Investing in Mutual Funds
10 Understanding and Interpreting the Accounting Statements

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