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Do you know what it takes to be a CA

Do you know what it takes to be a CA

Keep your Head UP. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers

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A popular and well said statement – “where there’s a will, there’s away”. It’s true that “people do not lack strength, they lack the will”. No. This is just not a statement but has been well proven. The same applies to our CA course. To the readers of this article, I would like to explain you the main purpose of this article. But not just now. You will understand the same when you end up with this article.

For now I would just like to remind you all certain things. You all might have heard about various students and their inspiring success in CA examinations. So what are your thoughts regarding that? Dont you think that these CA students who have successfully added a prefix to their names, clearly proved that it was their will to become a CA and not just a wish? The general opinion is that it is really very tough to get through this course. Yes, I too agree with this statement. But unless we meet challenges and face our adversary we can’t cross the hurdles of life. Same applies to CA. “Our antagonist is our helper”.

How can we forget our “India’s first visually challenged” CA or even none of us can neglect the fact that the daughter of an auto driver scored the first rank. And still do you all remember the office boy who became a CA. Neither we can forget the train blast victim who passes CA examination nor can we forget the student confined to wheel chair who passed CA. So why can’t we? Do you know where’s the problem? The problem is in our will. We are highly prone to make excuses.

Man is a creature basically six feet tall but he has been able to conquer the majestic heights of imposing mountains. Once we fail the CA examination we think that this is the end. But let me tell you all that this is not the end but the start of our success. Our constant perseverance will sooner or later bare fruit and we are bound to succeed. We all have heard students appearing for 12th or 13th attempts in CA examinations and we think that “Why don’t he/she try any other career option?” So for this I would like to say that it is their will power which doesn’t allow them to quit.

Just think, most of us are physically and mentally fit with no financial problems. So why can’t we acheive our goals? It’s not at all about the expensive tuitions and the place where we live. But it’s all about the will power. We don’t realise how precious our time is. We only regret when we fail and then sometimes we blame the lack of time due to Articleship or we blame ICAI for a vast syllabus. But these are merely an excuse which we give to ourselves.

Till now all of you might have understood the main purpose of this article, through which I just want to convey a simple message. For those CA students who have their examinations due in the upcoming attempts, I would like to say that there is still some time in hand even if it is the November attempt and for those who have been deprived of success till now, need not worry because you just need a will power. So it’s time to take your decisions in a proper manner keeping in mind the fact that “Great souls have will,  feeble one’s have only wishes.”

Do you know what it takes to be a CA



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