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Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS from ICAI-The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) are gaining recognition as Global Reporting Standards. The Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, while appreciating the emerging diversities and complexities in the world of accounting and the need for knowledge of IFRS in relation to the convergence of the Indian Accounting Standards with IFRS, has decided to launch a Certificate Course on International Financial Reporting Standards for its members. The objective of this Course is to enhance the knowledge as well as to provide benefit to the members in the global service market.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS from ICAI-

The Course aims at providing:

  • Introduction of the concepts of IFRS
  • Dissemination of knowledge on IFRS;
  • Comparison of IFRS with existing Indian Accounting Standards;
  • Issues in relation to IFRS;
  • Conversion of Financial Statements prepared on the basis of Indian GAAP to IFRS based financial statements.
Apart from the comprehensive theoretical aspects, this course, the first of its kind in India, will sharpen the expertise and excellence of our members through multiple case studies across the industry and service sector.
Eligibility Criteria
(Members of ICAI)
Registration Fee (Rs.)
(Batches commencing from Oct 1, 2016)
Member born before 1.1.1987Rs. 30000/-
Member born on or after 1.1.1987Rs. 24000/-

Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS from ICAI-For Online Mode: Make online payment and send only scanned copy of registration form duly signed after affixing photograph and other documents mentioned in the registraion form to

For Offline Mode: Send the hard copy of the Registration Form and demand draft in favour of “The Secretary, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at New Delhi alongwith the necessary documents mentioned in the Registration form at the following address:

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAI Bhawan
IFRS Certification Course Cell
Hostel Block, 5th Floor
A-29, Sector – 62
NOIDA – 201309
Uttar Pradesh

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS from ACCA-Diploma In IFRS by the ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the most respectable and appreciated qualification in IFRS across the globe. The course is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. You will also learn how to apply them, as well as the concepts and principles which underpin them, and their application in India and the international marketplace.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS from ACCA-On completion of the Diploma, candidates should be able to:

• understand and explain the structure of the framework of IFRS

• apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports

•identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes

• prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash-flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS from ACCA-EY IFRS Course is designed around the syllabus of the ACCA’s “Diploma In IFRS” program, the objective of which is to take participants through all the topics covered in the syllabus and help them prepare for the Diploma In IFRS examination conducted by the ACCA. India has decided to converge with IFRS, and has issued its own IFRS equivalent accounting standards, referred to as Ind-AS. With the issuance of the Ind-AS conversion roadmap by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in February 2015, Ind-AS is now a reality. We realise that it is critical for finance professionals to understand the accounting standards in the Ind-AS framework, and the related practical application issues. Accordingly, while covering different IFRS for preparing you to sit for ACCA’s Diploma In IFRS Program, we will also cover important differences between IFRS and corresponding IND-AS in every module. The detailed list of the standards can be found later in this brochure.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : Course content

• 80 Hours of Face to Face sessions (16 sessions of 5 Hour each for participants from “Rest of India” joining session through “LIVE ONLINE MODE”)

• Comprehensive Study Material from BECKERS – Gold Approved Learning Partners – Content

• Comprehensive Question Bank with solutions from BECKERS – Gold Approved Learning Partners – Content

• EY Presentations

• 2 Monitoring tests

• Mock Test

• Access to EY Learning Management System (LMS) post completion of the program

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS  : Diploma in IFRS from ACCA- All courses/programs are subject to a minimum number of participants. If a course/program has less than the required number of participants then EY FAAS learning solution is entitled to cancel any of the courses/programs at its absolute discretion, without liability. In such instances, the EY FAAS learning solution team can offer the participants with alternative options that are same level or standard.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : On completion of program, each participant will be provided ONE Year access to EY LMS. Features include:

1. Videos

2. Presentation

3. Illustrative Disclosures

4. Illustrative Financial Statements

5. Difference between different GAAPs such as IND-AS & AS, IFRS & AS, IFRS & USGAAP

6. Query management through “Ask EY”

7. Multiple Choice Questions

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : Diploma in IFRS is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. DipIFR is a comprehensive closed book written examination.Duration of the exam is 3 hours with two Sections for 100 marks.

Section A: One group accounting question (40 marks)
Section B: three compulsory questions covering a variety of accounting standards (20 marks each)

The minimum marks required to pass is 50%

Exam is held in June & December every year

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS :To provide qualified accountants or graduates, possessing relevant country specific qualifications or work experience with an up to date and relevant conversion course, providing a practical and detailed knowledge of the key international financial reporting standards and how they are interpreted and applied.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS On completion of this syllabus, candidates should be able to:

• Understand and explain the structure of the international professional and conceptual framework of accounting

• Apply relevant international financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports

• Identify and apply disclosure requirements for entities relating to the presentation of financial reports and notes

• Prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates, and joint arrangements.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS :The Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR) builds on the technical and/or practical knowledge acquired from recognised country specific accountancy qualifications or relevant work experience. The syllabus introduces the candidate to the wider international framework of accounting and the system of standard setting. This conversion course concentrates on the application of conceptual and technical financial reporting knowledge that candidates have already obtained to the specific requirements of financial reporting under international financial reporting standards. The DipIFR also provides essential international financial reporting knowledge and principles that will prepare candidates for the increasingly global market place and keep them abreast of international developments and how they might apply to companies and businesses. The prerequisite knowledge for DipIFR can either come from a country specific professional qualification, from possessing a relevant degree (giving exemptions from F1, F2, F3 and F4 of the ACCA qualification) and two years’ accounting experience, or by having three years’ full-time relevant accounting experience, supported by an employer’s covering letter.

The examination is a three-hour paper. Most questions will contain a mix of computational and discursive elements. Some questions will adopt a scenario/case study approach. All questions are compulsory. The first question will attract 40 marks. It will involve preparation of one or more of the consolidated financial statements that are examinable within the syllabus. This question will include several issues that will need to be addressed prior to performing the consolidation procedures. Generally these issues will relate to the financial statements of the parent prior to their consolidation. The other three questions will attract 20 marks each. These will often be related to a scenario in which questions arise regarding the appropriate accounting treatment and or disclosure of a range of issues. In such questions candidates may be expected to comment on management’s chosen accounting treatment and determine a more appropriate one, based on circumstances described in the question. Often one of the questions will focus more specifically on the requirements of one specific International Financial Reporting Standard. Some International Financial Reporting Standards are very detailed and complex. In the DipIFR exam candidates need to be aware of the principles and key elements of these Standards. Candidates will also be expected to have an appreciation of the background and need for international financial reporting standards and issues related to harmonisation of accounting in a global context. The overall pass mark for the Diploma in International Financial Reporting is 50%.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : ACCA’s Approved Content Programme is the programme through which ACCA approves learning materials from high quality content providers designed to support study towards ACCA’s qualifications. ACCA has three Approved Content Providers, Becker Professional Education, BPP Learning Media and Kaplan Publishing. Becker Professional Education, and BPP Learning Media produce learning materials to support this exam. For information about ACCA’s Approved Content Providers, please go to ACCA’s Content Provider Directory. The Directory also lists materials by other publishers, these materials have not been quality assured by ACCA but may be helpful if used in conjunction with approved learning materials or for variant exams where no approved content is available. You will also find details of Additional Reading suggested by the examining teams and this may be a useful supplement to approved learning materials.

Diploma in IFRS from ACCA or ICAI?

 Diploma in IFRS : International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a set of accounting standards developed by an independent, not-for-profit organisation called the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

IFSR Provides global framework for should companies prepare and disclose their financial statements. All the general guidelines for preparation of financial statements are provided in IFRS.

IFRS provides international standards, having an international standard is very much important for the company. A single set of world wide standard will simply accounting procedure for a company to use one reporting language. Investors and auditors will also be provided with cohesive view of finance.

IFRS Mission : Our mission is to develop IFRS Standards that bring transparency, accountability and efficiency to financial markets around the world. Our work serves the public interest by fostering trust, growth and long-term financial stability in the global economy.

  • IFRS Standards bring transparency by enhancing the international comparability and quality of financial information, enabling investors and other market participants to make informed economic decisions.
  • IFRS Standards strengthen accountability by reducing the information gap between the providers of capital and the people to whom they have entrusted their money. Our Standards provide information that is needed to hold management to account. As a source of globally comparable information, IFRS Standards are also of vital importance to regulators around the world.
  • IFRS Standards contribute to economic efficiency by helping investors to identify opportunities and risks across the world, thus improving capital allocation. For businesses, the use of a single, trusted accounting language lowers the cost of capital and reduces international reporting costs.

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