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The Student Exam Preparation Delhi University Bcom Study Tips

The Student Exam Preparation Delhi University Bcom Study Tips

Delhi University Bcom Study Tips :  The University of Delhi was established in 1922 as a unitary, teaching and residential university by an Act of the then Central Legislative Assembly of the British India.The University was originally to be named Prince Charles University. But then, Rai Kedarnath, counselor to the Chief Commissioner of Delhi and founder of Ramjas College, explained to the Education Minister that so naming the university might have bad effects, as the university might fail, which would certainly antagonise the Prince. He suggested the name by which it is known today.

Only four colleges existed in Delhi at the time: St. Stephen’s College founded in 1881, Hindu College founded in 1899, Zakir Husain Delhi College (then known as The Delhi College), founded in 1692 and Ramjas College founded in 1917, which were subsequently affiliated to the university. The university thus had modest beginnings with only four colleges, two faculties (Arts and Science), and about 750 students. The seat of power in British India had been transferred from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911. The Viceregal Lodge Estate became the residence of the Viceroy of India until October, 1933, when it was given to the University of Delhi. Since then, it has housed the office of the vice-chancellor and other offices. 

The Student Exam Preparation Delhi University Bcom Study Tips

Delhi University Bcom Study Tips : Studying does not have to be a difficult process. The biggest mistake people make is developing a study plan that is different from the way they learn best. Not only are they trying to learn new information, but they are trying to adapt to a new way to learn that information too! Make it easy on yourself. Ask yourself a simple question: Are you a visual (see), auditory (hear), or kinesthetic (hands-on) learner?

How to Successfully Study

It does not matter whether you are writing an English literature paper, tally balance sheet  problems, or finishing up a financial management . There are a few key elements every successful student needs to include in a study plan.

  • Time-Management – It is not the amount of time you spend studying that matters. It’s what you can accomplish during that time. Spending 40 hours to prepare for an exam and only earning a C clearly was a waste of your time. Develop a study plan and learn how to manage your time effectively to maximize your results.
  • Motivation – If you are not motivated and have a poor attitude, your study session will not be very productive. You have just one opportunity to pass that Geometry exam or ace the term paper. Pick a time of day where you can get motivated to prepare for tests, write essays, and solve problems.
  • Concentration – The ability to concentrate is one of the more important study skills you need to develop. You won’t always be able to study in absolute silence or be able to spend as much time as you would like on a particular project. Learn how to overcome distractions so you can focus all your attention on your studies.
  • When in doubt, ask – If you aren’t sure about a particular topic, don’t be shy. Ask your instructor, family, or friends for help. It is important to address the problem area as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up having to spend even more time studying to catch up.

The Student Exam Preparation Delhi University Bcom Study Tips

Delhi University Bcom Study Tips : Everyone has their own idea about the best place and time to study. Study every day. If you study a little bit every day you’ll be continually reviewing things in your mind. Plan your time. Discover your learning style. Review and revise. Here we gave some 21 Study Tips to help student to study easy and safe in Delhi University  Bcom Exam.

tudy Tips 1: Focus on masteryStudy Tips 11: Work out the learning goals
Study Tips 2: Find the value for youStudy Tips 12: Check your work. Check that you understand.
Study Tips 3: Take charge of your learningStudy Tips 13: Be the tortoise
Study Tips 4: Build your competence and gain confidenceStudy Tips 14: Find your space
Study Tips 5: Think critically about what you’re learningStudy Tips 15: Keep going
Study Tips 6: Frame it your wayStudy Tips 16: Work with a friend
Study Tips 7: Use grades to keep on track with learningStudy Tips 17: Stuck? Need help? Reach out.
Study Tips 8: Rehearse and rememberStudy Tips 18: Ask questions. Seek answers.
Study Tips 9: Pull your scattered ideas togetherStudy Tips 19: Keep your nerves in check
Study Tips 10: Follow the clues to recover lost memoriesStudy Tips 20: Harness your wandering mind and Tangle with confusion

The Student Exam Preparation Delhi University Bcom Study Tips

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