Delhi University Bcom Fifth Semester Video Lectures

Past few years have witnessed enormous amounts of technological advancements in coaching sector through the advent of video streaming and other online preparation techniques. It allows students residing in remote locations access to the same quality of coaching and study material as is available to their counterparts attending traditional brick and mortar training institutes.

In fact, online coaching has some added advantages over the traditional mode of teaching and learning. Here they are:

A ‘moving’ picture speaks more than words: First and foremost let us agree on a pure fact: An individual learns faster, and his retention rate is more if his audio and visual senses are enticed. This is the foundation of the emergence of DU Bcom Video Lectures for online coaching.

These videos use attractive animation and easy language that has uncomplicated the process of understanding complex concepts and subjects.

•Time-wastage is avoided, as you don’t have to travel to a traditional coaching institute: In addition, it is a convenient method as it doesn’t require physically attending the classes (if full-time online coaching is being made use of), thus a lot of valuable time is saved.

•Learn at your own pace: Online coaching allows the students to proceed at their own pace in understanding the concepts. Each person’s fundamental concepts are at different levels of clarity, so some students require less concentration on a particular topic and may need to devote more time on some other topic.

Classroom lectures cannot be customized to achieve this because one lecturer has to finish a topic in a particular time-frame and he cannot give more attention to one student at the expense of others’ time. DU Bcom Video Lectures on the other hand give the opportunity to the students to go through the study material at their own pace. They can replay it any number of times, till they are totally confident about a particular topic. Revision for entrance or board exams is also easy this way.

•Easy to revisit old concepts while practicing problems: In case a student is studying an advanced topic with the help of DU Video Lectures and wants to revise the underlying concepts, he can do it easily using archived lectures. For instance, while listening to a Fluid Dynamics lecture if the student encounters some problem with a basic concept like Density or Pressure, then he/she can brush up his/her understanding just by listening to another lecture dealing with Density.

The tedious process of using traditional preparation books or study material for revision in such circumstances can thus be avoided.

•Great self-study technique for students: Sometimes contingencies might cause a student enrolled in a traditional coaching institute to miss a lecture. The lecturer cannot repeat the whole topic just for the benefit of one student, because they have their own deadlines to meet.

DU Bcom Video Lectures can help the student a great deal in undertaking self-studies for that particular topic.

•Discussions with teachers and fellow-students: One notable advantage of using online coaching is that one can engage in discussions with other students like themselves through interactive forums.

You can clarify your doubts by interacting with students just like you, who can understand your problem better. This is in addition to all the online help you can get from experts with deep-rooted knowledge of all the three subjects (Maths, Physics and Chemistry).

•Minimal Fees compared to expensive coaching institutes: Traditional Coaching generally costs a fortune. So once the fee is paid for good, i.e. after the trial period is over, there is no backing-out. But what options are available to a student if he/she cannot understand the teaching method of a particular lecturer or a particular topic?

DU Bcom Video Lectures and online coaching would definitely rescue the student from such situations. In addition to paid access to all the video classes for the three subjects, limited free access is also generally available for select topics which can be availed by the students.

Despite all the advantages of this novel tech-savvy concept of imparting coaching, web-based teaching is still at a nascent stage in India. Traditional method of preparation is still the most widely used and accepted one for learning. However the convenience provided by online coaching and video lectures has ensured that more and more students are turning to it for self-studies or as an add-on to traditional classes.Anyone willing to learn would want to take advantage of this easily accessible mode. Online coaching has thus made a place for itself in this otherwise overcrowded and saturated domain, and is definitely here to stay.