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2017 Exam Preparation Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips

2017 Exam Preparation Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips

Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips : The university is located at Shivagangothri Campus at Tolahunase, 9 km from Davangere city. It houses the post-graduate departments of Commerce, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Economics, Food Technology, Accounting & Finance, M.Ed., and MSW. The Institute of Management studies is also housed at the P.G. Centre. The campus of 73 acres has attractive buildings as well as hostel and boarding facilities. Davangere University is one of the youngest affiliating type of universities in Karnataka. It has Davangere and Chitradurga districts under its jurisdiction and is headquartered at Davangere. The city is located on National Highway-4 about 265 km from Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka. Davangere became a separate district from 15 August 1997; before then, it was part of Chitradurga District.

2017 Exam Preparation Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips

Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips : Davanagere University  offers under graduate degree like BCom, BBA, BSc in specialisations such as Retail, Operations, Information Technology, Human Resource, Marketing and Finance. So we created some study tips and self learning features are helps for student and student if  followed this steps means they can essay safe the exams. Those are ;

Some of the special features of Self Learning Materials:

Some other study purpose good suggest the following points:

  • Clearly stated objectives and References to the learner’s experience .
  • Read the text books thoroughly and underline the important points with pencil. The underlined points help a lot during last minute revision.
  • User –friendly You and I style of writing and Shortish, manageable chunks of learning.
  • Always try to remember your answers in points i.e. note key words for the answers and try to remember them.
  • Plenty of helpful examples and References to the learner’s experience .
  • Do not leave any chapter in option, however difficult it is. Always make it a point that you go through each chapter at least once so that you can write something on every topic in the exam paper.
  • Use of illustrations where they are better than words  and Headings to help learners to find their way around.
  • Try to go through exam papers of previous years.
  • Links to other media where appropriate and Obvious awareness of different learners needs.
  • Make sure you revise everything that you have read on the day before the exam.
  • Space for learners to write down their own ideas and Feedback to help learners to check their own progress.
  • . Avoid reading completely new things (chapters which you may not have read before) on the pre-examination day.
  • Suggestions about getting help from other people and Glossary and Summary – See more.
  • Study the tough chapters during the early morning hours when the mind is fresh.

2017 Exam Preparation Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips

Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips : Everyone has their own idea about the best place and time to study. Study every day. If you study a little bit every day you’ll be continually reviewing things in your mind. Plan your time. Discover your learning style. Review and revise. Here we gave some 21 Study Tips to help student to study easy and safe in Davanagere University Bcom Exam.

tudy Tips 1: Focus on mastery

Study Tips 2: Find the value for you

Study Tips 3: Take charge of your learning

Study Tips 4: Build your competence and gain confidence

Study Tips 5: Think critically about what you’re learning

Study Tips 6: Frame it your way

Study Tips 7: Use grades to keep on track with learning

Study Tips 8: Rehearse and remember

Study Tips 9: Pull your scattered ideas together

Study Tips 10: Follow the clues to recover lost memories

Study Tips 11: Work out the learning goals

Study Tips 12: Check your work. Check that you understand.

Study Tips 13: Be the tortoise

Study Tips 14: Find your space

Study Tips 15: Keep going

Study Tips 16: Work with a friend

Study Tips 17: Stuck? Need help? Reach out.

Study Tips 18: Ask questions. Seek answers.

Study Tips 19: Keep your nerves in check

Study Tips 20: Harness your wandering mind

Study Tips 21: Tangle with confusion

2017 Exam Preparation Davanagere University Bcom Study Tips

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