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CS Professional Study Plan

CS Professional Study Plan

CS Professional Study Plan – In professional life, the challenge for Company Secretaries lies in finding out the solution, in a given situation and in right time. The most important thing for every student would be Don’t waste time. Just an example, At the time of registering in the course, you might have thought that I have one year period of time , so can study it later. Ultimately the days will go fast and faster and the exam will due. So remember: “Don’t Waste Time otherwise Time will waste you.”



CS Professional Study Plan

“Study for knowledge?” or “study for examinations?” is the most important aspect. I would not want to outright blame those who study for examinations. But studying ‘only’ for examinations is a disastrous approach! The fact is that both are equally important.

1. Study from Study Notes (Study Material and Practice Manual)of the Institute for all subjects supplemented by other books recommended by your faculty. Study Notes are must.

2. Make brief notes of the matter you feel relevant but you are likely to forget. You may also make notes by the side of text book you are referring to, in respective pages. The notes should be very brief, say at an average of 10 words per page.

3. Make a study plan of the time available and the syllabus to be covered. Based on this, make a schedulewith daily/weekly breakups giving details of the topics to be completed. Make achievable and practical schedules to avoid breaking the schedules.

4. Monitor the schedule on a weekly basis and reinforce your efforts to make up the backlog, if any.

5. Highlight the important points, focus on good handwriting and avoid cutting or overwriting

6. Read the concepts thoroughly, practice them regularly and be confident in the examination

7. Try joint studies with a couple of friends to be able to help one another, and in still competitive spirit.

8. Stay away from social media and other distractions, at least for a month before the examination

CS Professional Study Plan

CS Toppers 2013 Last minute preparation

Tell us about your last minute preparation.

Last minute preparation becomes more intense. Since the CS exams don’t allow us the luxury of holidays in between papers, there is no option but to sacrifice on sleep. During the exam days, I increased the study time to 16 hours and I slept only for 2-3 hours. Everyone should not adopt this technique as each one of us has individual mental capacity.

For last moment studies, I had broken down each chapter into flowcharts and developed shortcuts for theoretical papers – it reduced the time for revision and enabled to retain tough theories easily. All subjects were easy, but I stressed more on technical subjects like taxation and financial management.

Annapurna: I always underline keywords and convert my text into notes. Just before the exam, I quickly glance through keywords and guideline modules.

CS Professional Study Plan

  • Enter the examination hall with optimism and with a challenging spirit.
  • Maintain total concentration on the subject matter, forgetting the likely outcome of the examination. With total concentration, very often you can come out with best answers that might have been difficult under normal circumstances. The mood in the examination, very often, makes all the difference between a pass and a failure.
  • During the examination, keep watch of your time, but do not panic. The worst thing you can do to make the worst of the situation is to panic.
  • Never give any personal messages to the examiner; they will do you no good, but can harm.
  • Reserve the last 5 to 10 minutes for revision of your answer sheet. You can identify and rectify blunders you might have made, within this short period, which can make all the difference between a pass and a failure.

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CS Professional Study Plan



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