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CS Professional Revision Tips

CS Professional Revision Tips

CS Professional Revision Tips:- I have seen many students posting various queries on how to approach CS professional exams. I wanted to share my views on how to go about it. My write up is divided into two parts, Part I covering General tips which shall be helpful for any stage of exams and Part II covering Subject specific tips wherein inputs are given by me covering each and every subject. The idea is to give you clarity as to how to impress the valuer and pass the exams. Now let me straight away go to Part I.

Scroll down and Check two things to remember just before your CS Professional exam



CS Professional Revision Tips- GENERAL TIPS


As a thumb rule make it a point to read the study material fully at least once. It’s unfair to criticize the material without even going through it once. Having reference books + scanner should come only after reading the material once.

If you are attending class for a particular subject and if you are aware what is going to be taught the next day please go through the particular chapter before attending your class. This has dual benefits. Firstly it will give you
lots of confidence when you attend the class, you will feel you are better off compared to your peers. Secondly you will get lot of doubts when you do that much needed pre-reading. You can thereby clear your doubts in the class, which will not only be beneficial for you but for
others also.


Make it a point to study 2 pages and write down whatever you have understood from it. Let that be in condensed form or point wise and ensure you write them neatly so that you will feel like reading. Then read another 2 or 3 pages and
repeat the same thing. Trust me this will do wonders for any student approaching the exam.

CS Professional Revision Tips


Revision plays a key role in your preparation. Revision should be ideally of the following pattern:.
If you have studied a chapter on Monday, you will have to revise it necessarily by Wednesday and the second revision by Saturday. By thetime you revise for the third time you will be very confident and will know how much
remember of that topic.This will test your memory skills and you will also understand the points, which you have left out.You can even revise from whatever you have written on your note if you are running short of time.

Don’t get tensed thinking about the exams. It is important you do not get stressed atleast a month or two before exams.One should keep his mind free of any anxiety or tension by listening to music for sometime or watching television.Moreover, when you start reading a subject, don’t think that it’s a hard subject because nothing is hard in this world and nothing is easy too.It all depends on your
mentality about that concept.

Do not discuss your question paper immediately after the exams. I have seen many
do this mistake. Don’t even ask your  friend how the paper was. If you feel it was tough, let it be, if your friend says the paper was easy you will feel dejected. The reason I say this because more papers will follow and its important to
keep your mind set focussed until you complete all the papers. Now take a look at this example.My friend had 2 groups pending Group 1 and 2.

He finished his group 1 exam, the paper was obviously tough. He got too negative and he couldn’t prepare for next day’s exam. He ended up missing group 2 exams. To his surprise when the results were declared he passed group 1. He wasted 6 months and appeared for group 2 next time. Kindly do not decide on your mark
-that is very silly. Sometimes luck plays a crucial part.


Remember if your preparation was decent and if the paper was tough, the paper would have been tough for everyone. Please note that with
the introduction of Companies Act, 2013 going forward the papers as well as the valuation will definitely be tough. Because the new Act recognises us as Key Managerial Personnel and consequently, Institute would want to set high standards for us. So plan your preparation accordingly. You cannot get through CS exams with minimum level preparation.

Check two things to remember just before your CS Professional exam

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CS Professional Revision Tips



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