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CS Foundation Preparation Tips

CS Foundation Preparation Tips

First step in your preparation is to start understanding and learning the concepts. Start taking subjects one by one following the time-table.

Now what should be your method of studying?

  1. First a fast reading of the chapter should be done.. usually one page should not be given more than 5 minutes
  2. Second reading should be slower, understanding each topic clearly.
  3. Once the reading is done all questions given in the book should be attempted. First attempt all questions without using any answers and then check all questions at the end
  4. You should mark your questions in a special way..i.e. the questions which were correct in the firstattempt should be crossed and there is no need to attempt these questions again…all other questions which were incorrect should be done on next revision and follow the same steps of crossing the correct questions at that time.

Thorough Understanding

Conceptual understanding is of paramount importance while studying for the CS Foundation. Avoid the rote method while studying. Instead, learn scrupulously by clearly understanding the syllabus. ICSI study material is sufficient to prepare you for this exam. Additionally, you can take help from reference bookswritten by renowned authors and produced by reliable publishing houses.


Revision is a very important part for achieving success in any exam. You remember only 20% of what you read after 24 hours, so multiple quick revisions are very necessary. See timetable for the frequency of revisions required.


Practice is the most important part of your preparation and should be given 100% focus. Once you have completed your first revision, its time to take mock test.. mock test help a lot in preparing you for exam day and also highlight your weak areas.

Proper Planning

Keep a properly chalked-out schedule in front of you and approach your preparation accordingly. Try to stick to your plan to the T. If you miss out on your scheduled plan on any one day, compensate for it by working twice as hard on the next day. This way, you’ll never be off track for too long.

CS Foundation New Syllabus :

Paper 1 : Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

  • Part A : Business Environment (30 Marks)
  • Part B : Business Laws (40 Marks)
  • Part C : Entrepreneurship (30 Marks)

Paper 2 : Business Management, Ethics and Communication

  • Part A : Business Management (40 Marks)
  • Part B : Business Ethics (20 Marks)
  • Part C : Business Communication (40 Marks)

Paper 3 : Business Economics

  • Part A : Economics (70 Marks)
  • Part B : Elementary Statistics (30 Marks)

Paper 4 : Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

  • Part A : Fundamentals of Accounting (70 Marks)
  • Part B : Fundamentals of Auditing (30 Marks)

CS Foundation Preparation Tips

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