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CS Executive JIGL Notes

ICSI – CS Executive JIGL Notes New Syllabus For December 2019

CS Executive JIGL Notes

CS Executive Jurisprudence Interpretation and General Law Module-1 important topics specified in notes. Today we are providing chapter wise important topics in JIGL. All the students who are appearing for the Dec-2019 exam should definitely refer to these notes, it will be helpful to score extra marks and also for last-minute revision.

How To Score Extra 20 Marks in CS Executive JIGL Paper

Exams are approaching, you need to prepare well and study smart for your exams, So we are providing JIGL notes where you can able to score extra 20 marks in CS Executive JIGL paper by referring to these notes. It will be an added advantage for your preparation where we mentioned important questions and the right answers in notes of all the chapters in JIGL.

CS Executive JIGL Important Topics: Sources of Law 

  1. Sociological Definition of Law
  2. Realist Definition of Law
  3. Principle Sources of Indian Law
  4. Classification of Customs
  5. Requisites of a Valid Custom
  6. Kinds of Precedents
  7. Ratio Decidendi
  8. Obiter Dicta
  9. The doctrine of Stare Decisis
  10. Personal law of Mohammedans
  11. Secondary Source of Indian Law
  12. Justice, Equity and Good Conscience
  13. Chief sources of English law
  14. Sources of Mercantile Law
  15. Jurisprudence
  16. John Austin’s Command Theory of Law
  17. Roscoe Pound’s theory of law
  18. Salmond’s theory of law
  19. Pure Theory of Law
  20. Bentham’s eight respects of law
  21. Distinguish between Declaratory Precedents and Original Precedents

CS Executive JIGL Important Topics: Constitution of India

  1. Peculiar Features Of Indian Federalism
  2. Doctrine Of Severability
  3. Doctrine Of Eclipse
  4. Waiver
  5. Article 14
  6. Article 14
  7. Article 17
  8. Rights Relating To Freedom
  9. Monopoly
  10. Preventive Detention
  11. Articles 31a, 31b And 31c Relating To Property
  12. Directive Principles Of State Policy
  13. Conflict Between A Fundamental Right And A Directive Principle
  14. Fundamental Duties
  15. Ordinance Making Powers Of President
  16. Freedom Of Trade, Commerce And Intercourse
  17. Types Of Writs
  18. Delegated Legislation
  19. Classification Of Subordinate Legislation
  20. Law Making Process (How A Bill Becomes An Act)
  21. Ad Hoc And Standing Committees
  22. Does A Law Made By A State To Create Monopoly Rights In Favour Of A Person To Carry On Any Business Affect The Freedom Of Trade?
  23. The Constitution Of India Is “Federal In Character But With Unitary Features”.

CS Executive JIGL Important Topics: Interpretation of Statutes

  1. Need For and Object of Interpretation
  2. The Primary Rules of Interpretation
  3. Expressio Unis Est Exclusio Alterius
  4. Contemporanea Expositio Est Optima Et Fortissima in Lege
  5. Noscitur a Sociis
  6. Internal Aids in Interpretation
  7. External Aids in Interpretation

Download the PDF file here: JIGL Notes

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