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CPA Social Media Marketing Guides And CPA Detailes

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides: In today’s environment, marketing is more important than ever.  And social media exploded and now has evolved becoming the latest marketing and networking strategy, as well as a useful recruitment tool for many firms.  However, getting started in social media and the decision whether it can benefit your business can be quite overwhelming at first.

To help member firms harness the power of social media’s marketing promise, PCPS worked with the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) to update our existing toolkit, originally created by Michelle Golden of Golden Practices, Inc. Our toolkit is packed with relevant resources for CPAs and their firm and will help to get you off to a successful social media presence!

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides 

Social media is a fluid set of tools and applications that facilitate Internet-based relationship development (the “social” part of social media). Social media itself is not a “strategy,” similar to how the Chamber of Commerce or the AICPA are not strategies. It may seem like a matter of semantics, but it is misleading for firms to think they have a strategy when they merely have a tactic. Strategy is behind what you do — it’s the why.
Social media is most effective when its use is just one component of a strategy that includes online relationship development. With that Internet-initiated or enhanced relationship, what you seek to accomplish can range from recruiting and prospect conversion to brand awareness and customer service. For current and future clients — social media can: Establish greater online presence Create legitimacy as an expert and a go-to resource Improve availability to clients Build rapport with targeted prospects Attract new prospects Create brand awareness Maintain/improve your brand image Provide proactive customer service

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides


Almost three decades ago, AOL, Yahoo! and others introduced us to their advertisers’ flashy banner ads, which were later followed by more subdued pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. People slowly began to harness the web to successfully develop relationships and demonstrate their credibility. The web ceased to be effective for traditional broadcast advertising with its hype and spin.

The social web has rejected the corporate advertising approach thrust upon us since at least the 1940s. This is an important consideration for you as you determine how and where your firm might participate in social media. Social media forums are not the place to broadcast advertise in the traditional way. When you think about the roles trust and credibility played in the growth of web communities, it makes complete sense that the values that reign supreme in the communities today are: authenticity, transparency, humanising, sharing information and playing nicely. These all tie well with CPAs’ ethics and healthy business practices.

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides


The age of “personal branding” is indeed here. Social media participation is much more effective at an individual level than at a firm level. A strong individual presence online boosts the person’s firm the way a rock star elevates a record label. Two strong individuals associated with the same firm make the firm appear even better.

Three or more rock stars and your firm pretty much obtains something equal to premier recording label status. Building a strong online presence is neither expensive nor difficult. The key to success with any business development activity is for it to be executed as part of a thoughtful, comprehensive marketing strategy. Ground rules to protect the firm are a natural progression. Simplicity should be a rule of thumb when considering any firm policy.

Take a facilitation approach by engaging leadership and team members in the development process. Remember, not all new media tools are equal. Like various clubs or associations, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blog communities are like separate places to hang out. Each social media tool offers distinctly different atmospheres and amenities. CPAs need to carefully consider your purpose and your willingness to get and stay involved.

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides 

  • Social Media Matters – Check out this overview booklet which gives an introduction to each of the PCPS toolkit’s rich tools and other content.
  • Establishing a Social Media Presence Action Plan – Use this action plan to keep track of critical learning and implementation steps throughout your journey.

 CPA Social Media Marketing Guides

  • Social Media Tools Comparison – Need to determine which tool or tools is/are right for you?  This tool compares Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Blogging.
  • Social Media ROI Guide – This guide, to be used with the Sample Analytics tool, provides guidance on how to measure your firm’s social media success.
  • Sample Analytics Social Media Tool – Use this template to record and analyze your firm’s metrics for each social media platform.
  • Employee Social Media Training Presentation – Use this presentation to teach your staff the basics of using social media.
  • Social Media FAQ – Use this tool to refer to for general questions your firm may have about social media.

CPA Social Media Marketing Guides

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