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CPA registration and Important informations

CPA registration

CPA registration: Lets try to know what is CAP first?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the title of qualified accountants in numerous countries in the English-speaking world. In the United States, the CPA is a license to provide accounting services directly to the public. It is awarded by each of the 50 states for practice in that state. Additionally, almost every state (49 out of 50) has passed mobility laws in order to allow practice in their state by CPAs from other states. Although state licensing requirements vary, the minimum standard requirements include the passing of the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, 150 semester units of college education, and one year of accounting related experience.

Continuing professional education (CPE) is also required to maintain licensure. Individuals who have been awarded the CPA but have lapsed in the fulfillment of the required CPE or have requested to be converted to inactive status are in many states permitted to use the designation “CPA Inactive” or an equivalent phrase. In most U.S. states, only CPAs are legally able to provide to the public attestation (including auditing) opinions on financial statements. Many CPAs are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and their state CPA society.

State laws vary widely regarding whether a non-CPA is even allowed to use the title accountant. To illustrate, Texas prohibits the use of the designations “accountant” and “auditor” by a person not certified as a Texas CPA, unless that person is a CPA in another state, is a non-resident of Texas, and otherwise meets the requirements for practice in Texas by out-of-state CPA firms and practitioners.


CPA registration

CPA registration And Examination Process-2017 Exam

CPA registration And Examination ProcessYou have been studying accounting for a long time and are now prepared to seek CPA licensure. You are ready to focus on the CPA Examination – its content, structure, format, and delivery. Review this website  to familiarize yourself with the examination information available to you.

CPA registration And Examination Process-2017 Exam

CPA registration And Examination Process :

1. Start the CPA Exam Application Process by Selecting a State

2. Select a Credential Evaluation Agency

3. Send Application Form to State Board

US applicants

International applicants

4. Wait for the Result

5. Research on Review Materials

6. Double Check Your NTS

7. Schedule Your Exam

8. Create Your Study Plan

9. Double and Triple Check


This is how the registration process functions in CPA Examination, Now lets see the other important details about the examination.

we have started with registration and now we will follow this all topics:

  1. CPA registration fee
  2. CPA registration- Enrolment & Registration
  3. CPA exam Eligibility Requirements
  4. CPA time table
  5. CPA Exam Admit card
  6. CPA EXAM Details
  7. CPA international location registration process
  8. CPA international location registration details
  9. CPA exam international testing location
  10. CPA Exam international testing fees
  11. CPA Exam international testing eligibility details
  12. CPA Exam format

1) CPA registration fee

CPA registration Fee : 1. Examination Fee a brief description about exam fees.

It varies slightly from state to state. Most follow the fee schedule by NASBA (National Association of State Board of Accountancy):

  • AUD: $193.45
  • BEC: $193.45
  • FAR: $193.45
  • REG: $193.45
  • Total: $773.8

2. Application Fee

  • First-time candidates pay an initial application fee, which is around $30-$200 (varies from state to state).
  • For return candidates, a repeat application fee is required for certain but not all states and this fee is generally lower than the initial application fee.

Note: In general you can expect the total CPA exam application fees (i.e. item 1 + 2) to cost you around $1,000.


2) CPA registration- Enrolment & RegistrationHere we will see some details about registration and Enrolment

CPA registration Enrolment  Registration:   Registration for the CPA Exam in New Jersey is a two-step process: first, you must apply ; then, you may schedule your exam with Prometric.

CPA registration Enrolment  Registration: You cannot begin applying to sit for the CPA exam until after you graduate. CPA Examination Services (CPAES) has made significant strides in reducing application processing and credential evaluations, and currently it takes an average of two to four weeks to complete processing once ALL required materials have been received.

Step One

To take the exam, you must apply in your selected jurisdiction. You must complete an application each time you want to take one or more sections of the examination.

  • Call CPA EXAM if you are applying to: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, or Wisconsin.
  • Call the Board of Accountancy directly if you are applying to: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, District of Columbia, Guam, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, West Virginia, or Wyoming.
  •  Castle Worldwide  if you are applying to: Washington Complete the forms and submit them, along with any required documentation and fees, to the appropriate address. Once your application has been evaluated, you will be contacted by NASBAt. The name on your application must appear exactly the same as it appears on your identification.

When you submit your application you may be required to submit some or all of the evaluation and examination fees. Because the rules vary by jurisdiction, follow the information provided on the NASBA website when paying the fees associated with the examination.

For jurisdiction-specific requirements, you must follow the direction of your Board of Accountancy. You are ultimately responsible for completing all sections of the examination within the allowed timeframe and following the rules of your Board of Accountancy. To find a summary of requirements by jurisdiction, on the  NASBA website.

Step Two

Once you have applied and received a notice to schedule (NTS), you may schedule an exam. Candidates who do not have a valid NTS may not schedule an exam.

The computerized CPA exam will be delivered at more than 300 Thomson Prometric test centers in the United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

We offers three scheduling methods:

  • Online Schedeule.
  • Via telephone.
  • On-site at a test center.

Candidates must reserve their seats at least five days in advance of their desired exam date. Test seats are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Further information about the CPA exam, including tutorials and sample tests, may be found at

FOR MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN CLICK CPA Application Enrolment  Registration ABOVE;

3)  CPA exam Eligibility RequirementsWho are eligible for the exam?

CPA Exam Eligibility Requirements : In order to appear for the Certified Public Accountant Examination, the candidates must have any of the below qualification

  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

  • Member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants in India.

  • Member of the Company Secretaries in India.

  • Master of Commerce

  • MBAs


4) CPA time tableWhen exams are conducted?

Brief view about time table for more information click CPA time table above;

CPA Time Table : 

January 1February 29
April 1 May 31
July 1August 31
October 1 November 30

5) CPA Exam Admit cardAdmit card ! when we will get admit card and other information about admit card.

 Brief view about  CPA Admit card for more information you can click on CPA Exam Admit card Above;

Online and Offline Registration For CPA 2017 Starts on08th February 2017
Online Registration For CPA 2017 Ends on12th April 2017
Hall Tickets Distribution For CPA 2017 Starts on14th April 2017
Competitive Potential Assessment Test (CPA) on16th April 2017
Result Declaration of CPA 2017 on20th April 2017
Pre-Orientation Program for CPA Engineering Qualified Students on22nd April 2017
Pre-Orientation Program for CPA Medical Qualified Students on23rd April 2017
Admission Process for Engineering & Medical CPA Qualified Students Starts on24th April 2017
Commencement of ClassesMay-2017

6)  CPA EXAM DetailsWhat about exam ? Here we will see in brief for further information you can click CPA EXAM Details.

CPA EXAM Details :  The subject areas and times allotted per subject are:
Auditing and Attestation (AUD) – 4 hours
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) – 4 hours
Regulation (REG) – 4 hours
Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) – 4 hours

Candidates may apply to take one or more sections of the exam during a “testing window” but each section may only be taken once during a testing window.  A “testing window” is a three-month period of time during which the candidate is able to take the exam.  There are four “testing windows” each year.  The exam is not offered during the last month of each window (referred to as “dark”) to allow for maintenance on the system.
The testing windows are as follows:
January 1 – February 28 (March dark)
April 1 – May 31 (June dark)
July 1 – August 31 (September dark)
October 1 – November 30 (December dark)

7) CPA international location registration process: Different countries registration process!

Different country have there different procedure for completing the registration process for more information on the registration please click on CPA international location registration process above.

8) CPA international location registration detailsDifferent countries registration details!

Different country have there different procedure and details for completing the registration process for more information on the registration and its details please click on CPA international location registration details above.

9) CPA exam international testing locationDifferent countries where you can schedule your examination like  Japan United Arab Emirates Bahrain Kuwait Lebanon Brazil.

For more details on international testing location please click on the CPA exam international testing location above.

10) CPA Exam international testing fees: For different testing fess you can find here and for more information you can click CPA Exam international testing fees above!

1. Examination Fee

It varies slightly from state to state. Most follow the fee schedule by NASBA (National Association of State Board of Accountancy):

  • AUD: $193.45
  • BEC: $193.45
  • FAR: $193.45
  • REG: $193.45
  • Total: $773.8

2. Application Fee

  • First-time candidates pay an initial application fee, which is around $30-$200 (varies from state to state).
  • For return candidates, a repeat application fee is required for certain but not all states and this fee is generally lower than the initial application fee.

Note: In general you can expect the total CPA exam application fees (i.e. item 1 + 2) to cost you around $1,000.

11)  CPA Exam format: What is the format for the exam? how marks are allocated ? see down below.


Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and General Principles; Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Process; Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence; Forming Conclusions and Reporting
Corporate Governance; Economic Concepts and Analysis; Financial Management; Information Technology; Operations Management
Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting, and Financial Reporting; Select Financial Statement Accounts; Select Transactions; State and Local Governments
Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and Federal Tax Procedures; Business Law; Federal Taxation of Property Transactions; Federal Taxation of Individuals; Federal Taxation of Entities

Not satisfied with the details find more details about Exam Format click on the above link CPA Exam Format.

If you wanted to know how much you will earn you should see this:

Average Salary for Certification: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

  • Salary
  • Bonus
  • Popular Tallies
  • More
  • By Job
  • By Years Experience
  • By Employer Name
  • By Company Size
  • By State or Province
  • By City
  • More

Employees with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification

Salary Ranges by Job
Job Title
National Salary Data
Rs 0Rs 3MRs 7M

47 salaries
Rs 145,460 – Rs 505,945
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

34 salaries
Rs 265,000 – Rs 2,700,000
Chartered Accountant

19 salaries
Rs 300,000 – Rs 2,505,359
Finance Manager

15 salaries
Rs 349,049 – Rs 2,060,840
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

15 salaries
Rs 361,202 – Rs 7,419,024
Country: India | Currency: INR | Updated: 20 May 2017 | Individuals Reporting: 199

You can visit the following link to know the salary structure in detail:CPA Pay scale

Hope you all founded what you were looking for for further details you can follow the links below:

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