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Cost Accounting by R K Mehta

Overview of Cost Accounting by R K Mehta

Cost Accounting by R K Mehta by R K Mehta

Which publishing house has published “Cost Accounting by R K Mehta“?

The book has been published by Pooja Law House.

Cost Accounting  by R K Mehta is in which language?

The book is in English

What is the Table of Content of Cost Accounting  by R K Mehta?

The Table of Content is
1. Unit Costing
2. Reconciliation of Cost and Financial Accounts
3. Operating Costing
4. Contract Costing
5. Process Costing
6. Materials Cost
7. Labour Cost
8. Overheads
9. Standard Costing
10. Budgetary Control
11. Marginal Costing
12. Job and Batch Costing
13. Non Integrated and Integrated Accounts
14. Theoretical questions from
Non-Practical Chapters
1. Introduction to Cost Accounting
2. Uniform Costing
3. Inter-Firm Comparison
4. Cost Audit
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What is the year of publishing and Binding Type of Cost Accounting  by R K Mehta?

The year of publishing is 2014 and the binding type is Paperback.

Where can I find more details about Cost Accounting  by R K Mehta?

You can find more details about this book and many other similar books at, click on the link Cost Accounting by R K Mehta to go to the relevant page on


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