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  • How important it is for you to pass the exam in this attempt?
  • What percentage of course you have finished well so far roughly?
  • How many hours you study in a day?
  • How many times you have revised the topics you have finished
  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
  • Are you planning to attempt mock tests conducted by external bodies- ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI or other institute?
  • How many tests you have taken?
  • Did you manage to finish the test papers on time?
  • Are you strictly following study material provided by the exam conducting authority such as ICAI/ICSI/ICMAI/Other Body?
  • How is your health in general?
  • How is your food habit?
  • Any interest in yoga or exercise or play sports regularly?
  • Planning to sleep well nights before the exams?
  • Planning to have light food and water before exams?

Correct Eating Habits Before Exams

Correct Eating Habits Before Exams

We study,  we work hard, we storm our brains like anything but the most important thing we forget about is to feed ourselves with healthy and nutritious food, following these eating habits will definetly contribute to our results.

Correct Eating Habits Before Exams
1.Eating at Regular Intervals:
Eating too much all at once would never do you good. Having small meals at regular intervals is rather preferable and helps in keeping nutrient and energy levels more stable, curbing the temptation of empty-calorie snacks.
2. Remember not to skip Breakfast:
Skipping breakfast here does not mean not having the breakfast at all, but this means having just coffee and cookies for breakfast. Instead of going for these, go for fruits or vegetables or a bowl of cereal with milk.
3. Healthy and Delicious Proteins:
The best example is the peanut butter. Though many of you think that peanut butter is unhealthy, but it contains a lot of proteins per serving. This healthy breakfast can rejuvenate all your energies and can give you an energy boost when you are working away at revising.
4. Smart snacks:
A smart and healthy snacking while studying may help you in retaining more. Go for bananas in the morning avoid heavy meals. The heavy meals may make you feel drowsy and restless. Smartly selecting the snacks is the best way to prepare a diet during the exam time.
5. Avoid high-fat and high sodium food:
Greasy high-sodium foods will weigh you down both mentally as well as physically, and can lead to “brain fog” that will interfere with exam performance. In the same manner, high fats will reduce the concentration levels that are actually required for exam preparation.
6. Choose powerful vegetables:
Though many of you don’t like green veggies but having a healthy diet during exams is really very important. All the vegetables are not equal. The darker the colour, the higher is the concentration of nutrients. For example: You must have spinach than having beans. Along with this, you can have sweet potatoes and broccoli.
7. Light Dinner:
Prefer having light dinner and avoid rice in it. People who eat rice at night will get hungry faster at night (especially, if they stay up late). Avoiding rice can help you to keep you up late at night.
8. Drink Water:
Drinking water and brain function are integrally linked. Lack of water to the brain can cause numerous symptoms including problems with focus, memory, brain fatigue and brain fog, as well as headaches, sleep issues, anger, depression and many more. Also, dehydration is a real brain stopper. So drink water properly and keep yourself hydrated.
9. Non-vegetarians:
For the non-vegetarians, you can have salmon, sardines, mackerel are amongst the healthiest types of fish because they contain lots of protein and omega3, which is essential to keep a functioning brain working well. Apart from this, eggs can also be preferred as these are healthy and good brain food.
10. Avoid Junk food:
Avoid eating junk foods like noodles, pasta, etc. Instead of these, you can have nutrient-rich food, preferably, pulses. Eating junk food leads to hidden hunger though you may feel that these foods are able to satisfy your hunger.
11. Nuts and Oats:
Almonds and walnuts are particularly good for memory. Oats are also really good for you, as they release energy at slower rate than any other snack.
12. Avoid excess caffeine:
A lot of students make the mistake of loading up on coffee before heading into the exam to stay alert. Having a cup of coffee is good but caffeine overload is extremely bad for the students before exams. It is advisable not to have excessive coffee before exams.

Correct Eating Habits Before Exams

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