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Complete Guide

Overview of Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath

Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath

Which publishing house has published “Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath“?

The book has been published by CCH.

Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath is in which language?

The book is in English

What is the Table of Content of Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath?

The Table of Content is
1. Theory portion of all the 4 subjects are structured chapter-wise one after the other.
2. Detailed and clear explanation for all the topics is given.
3. Diagrams and Charts are provided for easy understanding of principles.
4. Chapter Overview is provided at the beginning of each chapter for easy navigation of topics.
5. Adequate Solved Illustrations are included in Accounting and QT for better understanding of concepts.
6. Mercantile Law provisions are explained with case laws and simple examples.
7. Latest Statistics and data are updated in General Economics.
8. Fast Track Referencer provided for quick revision of the topics.
The book is written by a very experienced team that has a lot of experience bringing out the various titles under the best-selling Padhuka series of books for students.

After learning the theory the student can gain practice on solving questions using the Padhuka book on MCQs that allows the student to practice answering MCQs on all the topics covered in this book.
Compiling all the 4 subjects in a single book makes the learning comprehensive. It’s an effective way to emphasise that every subject and every topic dealt in the book is significant for the examination.
This will encourage students to go through all the Subjects and topics in the Book, and induce them to do away with their idea of complete omission of a subject/ topic.

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What is the year of publishing and Binding Type of Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath?

The year of publishing is 2014 and the binding type is Paperback.

Where can I find more details about Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath?

You can find more details about this book and many other similar books at, click on the link Complete Guide by B. Saravana Prasath to go to the relevant page on


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