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Complete details of Mcom specialization subjects

Complete details of Mcom specialization subjects 2018

Complete details of Mcom specialization subjects 2018:-Masters of Commerce is a Post- graduate Master’s degree which focuses on various specialized areas such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource and OB, Laws, Economics, etc. there are 5 papers in each semester. In the second year, there are 2 compulsory papers in each semester. As per the area of interest, the students are required to choose two optional groups- one major group and one minor group, in the beginning of 2nd year. The major group shall consist of 4 papers and minor group of 2 papers to be studied in 3rd and 4th semester. The structure for the groups has been designed with intent to provide advanced level specialization in the respective field

Mcom specialization

Complete details of Mcom specialization subjects 2018

Mcom specialization:-Group A: Finance

  • Financial Institutions and Markets
    • Unit I – Introduction
    • Unit II- Interest Rate
    • Unit III- Financial Markets
    • Unit IV- Banking
    • Unit V- Financial Services and Non Depository Institutions
    • Unit VI- Financial Inclusion
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
    • Unit I- Introduction
    • Unit II- Analysis of Fixed Income Securities
    • Unit III- Equity Analysis
    • Unit IV- Portfolio Analysis, Selection and Management
    • Unit V- Financial Derivatives
  • International Financial System
    • Unit I – Introduction
    • Unit II- International Monetary System
    • Unit III- Exchange Rate Determination & Forecasting
    • Unit IV- International Financial Markets
    • Unit V- International Banking
    • Unit VI- Financial Crisis
  • International Financial Management
    • Unit -I: Introduction
    • Unit -II: Cross- Border Investment Decision
    • Unit-III: Financing Decision, Dividend decision and Working Capital Management in MNEs
    • Unit-IV: Managing currency Risk and Interest rate Risk
    • Unit- V: International Diversification and Portfolio Investment
    • Unit-VI: International Tax environment and International Accounting

Mcom specialization:-Group B: Marketing

  • Advertising and Sales Management
    • Section A: Advertising
      • Unit I-Communication Basics
      • Unit II- Advertising Message and Media Decisions
      • Unit III-Organization and Evaluation of Advertising Efforts
      • Unit IV-Advertising in India
    • Section B: Sales Management
      • Unit V-Fundamentals of Personal Selling
      • Unit VI-Sales Planning and Organization
      • Unit VII-Sales Force Management
  • International Marketing
    • Unit I-Introduction
    • Unit II-International Product Planning and Pricing decisions
    • Unit III-International Distribution Decisions
    • Unit IV-International Promotion Strategies
    • Unit V-Emerging trends in International Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
    • Unit I-Consumer Behaviour
    • Unit II-Consumer Decision Making Process
    • Unit III-Individual differences in consumers
    • Unit IV-Socio-Cultural Determinants of consumer behaviour
    • Unit V-Models of Consumer Behaviour and Business buying behaviour
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
    • Unit I-Introduction
    • Unit II-Managing Relationship
    • Unit III- Focus Areas of Logistics and Supply Chain management
    • Unit IV-IT Enabling Logistics and Supply Chain
    • Unit V-Trends and Challenges in logistics and supply chain management

Mcom specialization:-Group C: Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Development
    • Unit I-Introduction to Human Resource Development
    • Unit II-HRD Process
    • Unit III-Learning and HRD
    • Unit IV-HRD Activities and Applications
    • Unit V-HRD in Organisations, Trends and Practices
  • Management of Industrial Relations
    • Unit I- Structure and Evolution of Industrial Relations:
    • Unit II- Industrial Conflict and Disputes Resolution
    • Unit III- Trade Unionism, Negotiations and Collective bargaining
    • Unit IV- Industrial Relations and HRM performance
    • Unit V- Industrial Democracy
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Unit I-Introduction
    • Unit II-HR Strategies
    • Unit III-Implementing Strategic Human Resource Management
    • Unit IV-Linking SHRM to Competitive Success and Corporate Strategy
    • Unit V- Trends and Issues in SHRM
  • Compensation Management and Employee Welfare Laws
    • Unit I- Compensation Management and Employees Welfare
    • Unit II-The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
    • Unit III- The Payment of Wages Act, 1936
    • Unit IV-The Minimum Wages Act, 1948
    • Unit V-The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923
    • Unit VI- The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

 Complete details of Mcom specialization subjects 2018

Complete details of Mcom specialization subjects 2018

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