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Complete details of Mcom 3rd sem subjects

Complete details of Mcom 3rd sem subjects 2016-17

M.Com. Programme is divided into two parts as under. Each Part will consist of two semesters in Part I (include Semester I and Semester II) and Part II (include Semester I and Semester II). We provide in this article complete details of Mcom 3rd sem subjects.

Mcom 3rd sem subjects

Complete details of Mcom 3rd sem subjects 2016-17

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- Semester III

  1. Global Strategic Management

    • Unit I-Introduction
    • Unit II-Environmental Analysis
    • Unit III-Strategic Choice
    • Unit IV-Situation Specific Strategies
    • Unit V-Strategic Issues and Alternatives in Globally Competitive Markets
    • Unit VI-Strategy Implementation and Control
    • Unit VII-Ethical and Social considerations in Global Strategic Management
    • Suggested Readings:- 

      1. Hill, Charles W.L. and Gareth R. Jones, Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, Cengage Learning, India.
      2. Ungson, G.R. and Yim-Yu-Wong, Global Strategic Management, M.E. Sharpe.
      3. Davidson, W.H., Global Strategic Management, John Wiley, New York.
      4. Thompson, Arthur A. and A. J. Strickland, Strategic Management, McGraw Hill, New York.
      5. Hitt, Michael A., Ireland, R. D., Hokisson, Robert E. and S. Manikutty, Strategic Management: A South- Asian Perspective, Cengage Learning, India
      6. Bartlett, C.A., Ghoshal, S. and P. Beamish, Transnational Management: Text, Cases, and Readings in Cross-Border Management, McGraw Hill.
      7. Porter, Michael E., Competition in Global industries, Harvard University Press, New York, 1986.
      8. Porter, Michael E., The Competitive Advantage of Nations, Macmillan, London, 1990.
      9. Frynas, J.G. and K. Mellahi, Global Strategic Management, Oxford University Press.
      10. Henry, Anthony E., Understanding Strategic Management, Oxford University Press, New York.
      11. Wheelen, Thomas L., Hunger, J. David, Hoffman, Alan N. and Charles E. Bamford, Strategic Management and Business Policy: Globalization, Innovation and Sustainability, Prentice Hall, New Jersey.
      12. Sengupta, N. and J.S. Chandan, Strategic Management: Contemporary concepts and Cases, Vikas Publishing.
      13. Ghosh, P.K., Strategic Management- Text & Cases, Sultan Chand & Sons.
      14. Nag, A., Strategic Management- Analysis, Implementation, Control, Vikas Publishing.
  • Entrepreneurship

    • Unit I-Introduction
    • Unit II- Creating Entrepreneurial Venture
    • Unit III-Functional plans
    • Unit IV- Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Unit V- Enterprise Management
    • Suggested Readings:

      1. Kumar, Arya, Entrepreneurship: Creating and Leading an Entrepreneurial Organization, Pearson, India.
      2. Hishrich., Peters, Entrepreneurship: Starting, Developing and Managing a New Enterprise, Irwin
      3. Taneja, Entrepreneurship, Galgotia Publishers.
      4. Barringer, Brace R., and R. Duane Ireland, Entrepreneurship, Pearson Prentice Hall, New Jersy (USA)
      5. Hisrich, Robert D., Michael Peters and Dean Shephered, Entrepreneurship, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi
      6. Lall, Madhurima, and Shikha Sahai, Entrepreneurship, Excel Books, New Delhi
      7. Charantimath, Poornima, Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business Enterprises, Pearson Education, New Delhi
      8. Natarajan., K and E. Gordon, Entrepreneurship Development, Himalya Publication, India.
      9. Vasant, Desai., Small- Scale Industries and Entrepreneurship, Himalya Publication, India.
      10. Kuratko, D.F., and T. V. Rao, Entrepreneurship: A South-Asian Perspective, Cengage Learning
  • Major Group (Paper 1)
  • Major Group (Paper 2)
  • Minor Group (Paper 1)

Semester III

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Major Group- Finance)


  • Unit I – Introduction
  • Unit II- Interest Rate
  • Unit III- Financial Markets
  • Unit IV- Banking
  • Unit V- Financial Services and Non Depository Institutions
  • Unit VI- Financial Inclusion


  • Unit I- Introduction
  • Unit II- Analysis of Fixed Income Securities
  • Unit III- Equity Analysis
  • Unit IV- Portfolio Analysis, Selection and Management
  • Unit V- Financial Derivatives

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Major group- Marketing)


  • Unit I-Introduction
  • Unit II-International Product Planning and Pricing decisions
  • Unit III-International Distribution Decisions
  • Unit IV-International Promotion Strategies
  • Unit V-Emerging trends in International Marketing


  • Section A: Advertising

    • Unit I-Communication Basics
    • Unit II- Advertising Message and Media Decisions
    • Unit III-Organization and Evaluation of Advertising Efforts
    • Unit IV-Advertising in India
  • Section B: Sales Management

    • Unit V-Fundamentals of Personal Selling
    • Unit VI-Sales Planning and Organization
    • Unit VII-Sales Force Management

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Major Group- Human Resource Management)


  • Unit I-Introduction to Human Resource Development
  • Unit II-HRD Process
  • Unit III-Learning and HRD
  • Unit IV-HRD Activities and Applications
  • Unit V-HRD in Organisations, Trends and Practices


  • Unit I- Structure and Evolution of Industrial Relations:
  • Unit II- Industrial Conflict and Disputes Resolution
  • Unit III- Trade Unionism, Negotiations and Collective bargaining
  • Unit IV- Industrial Relations and HRM performance
  • Unit V- Industrial Democracy

Semester III

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Minor Group- Tax)


  • Unit I-Introduction
  • Unit II- International Double Taxation
  • Unit III- Incidence of Taxation
  • Unit IV- Constitutional Provisions Pertaining to Taxes
  • Unit V- Tax Reforms in Direct and Indirect Taxes
  • Unit VI- Tax treatment of capital gains


  • Unit I- Introduction of Tax Planning
  • Unit II- Assessment of Companies
  • Unit III- Tax Planning and Specific Management Decisions
  • Unit IV-Tax Planning and Financial Management Decisions
  • Unit V- Business Reorganisation
  • Unit VI- Transfer Pricing
  • Unit VII– Foreign Collaboration and Double Taxation Relief

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Minor Group- Law)


  • Unit I- Historical Background of Company Law
  • Unit II- Company and Its Formation
  • Unit III- Management and Control of Companies
  • Unit IV-Accounts and Audit
  • Unit V- Depositories Act 1996
  • Unit VI- SEBI Act, 1992

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Minor Group -Accounting)


  • Unit I: Cost Management

    • Activity-Based Management [ABM]
  • Unit II: Life Cycle Costing

    • Target Costing
  • Unit III: Kaizen Costing

    • Total Quality Management(TQM)
  • Unit IV: Pricing Strategies

    • Activity-Based- Budgeting (ABB)
  • Unit V: Productivity and Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

    • Value Chain Analysis
  • Unit VI: Just-In-Time (JIT) Inventory Management

    • Theory of Constraints (TOC)

Mcom 3rd sem subjects :- (Minor Group-International Business)


  • Unit I – Introduction to India’s Foreign Trade and Investment
  • Unit II – Foreign Trade Policy and Economic Relations
  • Unit III – Export Promotion Measures and Institutional Arrangements
  • Unit IV – Foreign Exchange facilities and Regulations
  • Unit V – Balance of Payment Account

Complete details of Mcom 3rd sem subjects 2016-17

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