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Complete details of Mcom 1st sem subjects

Complete details of Mcom 1st sem subjects 2016-17

MCOM 1st sem subjects are six month classes teaching period. Study of this Mcom 1st sem subjects provides an understanding of the scope of in Business Statistics, Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Financial Planning, Organisational Theory and Behavior and other skills.

Mcom 1st sem subjects

Complete details of Mcom 1st sem subjects 2016-17

Complete details of Mcom 1st sem subjects :- Semester I

  • Mcom 1st sem subjects:- Business Statistics

    • Unit I: Theory of Probability and Probability Distributions
    • Unit II: Statistical Decision Theory
    • Unit III: Sampling Distributions and Estimation
    • Unit IV: Hypothesis Testing: One and Two-sample Tests
    • Unit V: Analysis of Variance and Non-parametric Tests
    • Unit VI: Correlation and Regression Analysis

      • Suggested Readings:-

        1. Levin, R.I. and D.S. Rubin, Statistics for Management, Prentice-Hall of India.
        2. Aczel, Amir D., and Sounderpandian, J., Complete Business Statistics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing.
        3. Anderson, Sweeny and Williams, Statistics for Business and Economics, CENGAGE Learning, New Delhi
        4. Kazmeir Leonard J., Business Statistics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi
        5. Vohra, N. D., Business Statistics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi
        6. Freund, J. E. And F. J. Williams, Elementary Business Statistics – The Modern Approach, Prentice Hall of India Private Ltd., New Delhi.
  • Mcom 1st sem subjects:- Managerial Economics

    • Part A: Firm and Market

      • Unit I: Demand and The Firm
      • Unit II: Production and Cost
      • Unit III: Market and Pricing
    • Part B: Macroeconomic environment

      • Unit IV: Product and Asset Market Equilibrium
      • Unit V: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Suppl
      • Unit VI: Trade Cycles and The Open Economy
    • Suggested Reading:

      1. Koutsyiannis, A., Modern Microeconomics, Macmillan Press Ltd.
      2. Varian, Micro-Economic Analysis , Norton.
      3. Pindyck Robert S., Daniel L. Rubinfeld and Prem L. Mehta, Micro Economics, Pearson Education Asia, New Delhi.
      4. Branson William H., Macro Economics Theory and Policy, First East – West Press.
      5. Dornbusch, R. and S. Fischer Macro Economics , Publisher Tata McGraw Hill.
      6. Oliver Blanchard Macro Economics, Pearson Education, LPE.
      7. Mankiw, N. Gregory, Macro Economics, Macmillan.
  • Mcom 1st sem subjects:- Managerial Accounting

    • Unit I: Management Accounting
    • Unit II: Activity Based Costing (ABC)
    • Unit III: Variable and Absorption Costing
    • Unit IV: Relevant Information and Short-Run Managerial Decisions
    • Unit V: Budgeting
    • Unit VI: Responsibility Accounting and Divisional Performance Measurement
    • Suggested Readings: .

      1. Atkinson Anthony A., Rajiv D. Banker, Robert Kaplan and S. Mark Young, Management Accounting, Prentice Hall.
      2. Horngreen Charles T., and Gary L. Sundem and William O. Stratton, Introduction to Management Accounting, Prentice Hall of India.
      3. Drury Colin, Management and Cost Accounting, Thomson Learning.
      4. Garison R.H. and E.W. Noreen, Managerial Accounting, McGraw Hill.
      5. Ronald W. Hilton, Managerial Accounting, McGraw Hill Education.
      6. Jawahar Lal, Advanced Management Accounting, Text, Problems and Cases, S.Chand & Co., New Delhi.
  • Mcom 1st sem subjects:- Financial Planning

    • Unit I: Introduction to Financial Planning
    • Unit II: Investment Environment
    • Unit III: Return-Risk Assessment
    • Unit IV: Personal Financial Planning
    • Unit V: Credit Planning and Retirement Planning
    • Unit VI: Investor Protection
    • Suggested Readings:

      1. Madura, Jeff, Personal Finance, Pearson.
      2. Kapoor, J R, Dlabay & Hughes R, Personal Finance, McGraw Hill.
      3. Keown, A J, Personal Finance – Turning money into wealth, Pearson Publication.
      4. Bajtelsmit, Vickie L. & Rastelli Linda G., Wiley Pathways Personal Finance, Wiley.
      5. Rachel Siegel & Carol Yacht, Personal Finance, Saylor Foundation, Flat World Knowledge.
  • Mcom 1st sem subjects:- Organisational Theory and Behavior

    • Unit I- Conceptual Foundations of Organisation Theory and Behavior
    • Unit II- Group Decision making and Communication
    • Unit III- Motivation
    • Unit IV – Leadership, Power and Conflict
    • Unit V- Organisational Culture, Organisational Development and Stress Management
    • Suggested Readings:

      1. Robbins, Stephen P. and Timothy A. Judge, Organizational Behaviour, Prentice -Hall, New Delhi.
      2. Robins S.P., and Mathew, M.,Organisational Theory: Structure, Design and Application, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.
      3. Luthans, Fred, Organizational Behaviour, McGraw-Hill, New York.
      4. Sekaran, Uma, Organisational Behaviour: Text and Cases, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. Ltd.
      5. Aswathappa, K., Organisation Behaviour, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi.
      6. Singh, K., Organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases, Pearson.
      7. Pareek, U. and Khanna, S., Understanding Organizational Behaviour, Oxford University Press.
      8. Newstorm, John W., Organizational Behaviour: Human Behaviour at work, Tata McGraw- Hill Pub. Co. Ltd. New Delhi.
      9. Hersey, Paul, Dewey E. Johnson, and Kenneth H. Blanchard, Management of Organisational Behaviour, Prentice-Hall of India, New Delhi.
      10. Terrance R. Motchell, People in Organization An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour, McGrawHill, New York

Complete details of Mcom 1st sem subjects 2016-17

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