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  • How many times you have revised the topics you have finished
  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
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  • How many tests you have taken?
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  • Planning to sleep well nights before the exams?
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ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan

ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan

ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan:-We will now guide you to the pathway which will facilitate you to make proper studies and prepare for writing Examinations under this new Syllabus, which is an industry-oriented course enriched with employability skills embedded. Make effective use of the state-of-art curriculum.

“CMA – Transforming Accountants from Ledger to be Management Accountants  and Business Leaders for Top Management Positions”



ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan

  • Time Management
  • Study realistically
  • Make Healthy Choices
  • Sleep
  • Do not Cram
  • Study early – Read direction

ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan

Numerical Analysis:

If you say that I have 6 months to study for my Final Examinations,

Numerical Analysis:

Time available as demanded

is 6 months = 180 days x 24 hours

4,320 Hours
Less:      Proposed     time     to     take rest/sleep @ 6 hours per day

= 180 days x 6 hours

1,080 hours
Less: To keep fit and clean  including time required to have food throughout the day say @ 2 hours per day

= 180 days x 2 hours

360 hours
Less: Time required to meet family commitments @ 1 hour per day( most conservative estimate)

= 180 days x 1 hour

180 hours
Less: If you are a working person then time involved  from preparation for going to office and coming back @ 12 hours per day ( on a conservative estimate)

= 180 days x 12 hours

2160 hours
Net Available hours for Study during this 6 months time period540 hours


Study report on time management estimates that in majority of the cases, even a Student who is not a working person, is engaged  about 12 hours per day for his going to college or study centre or group study or any other work whether or not incidental to studies..

No of Hours available per subject for doing exclusive studies if appearing for both groups:

  • Net Available hours (as per above estimate) = 540 hours
  • of subjects = 8
  • Available hours  per  subject  =  540/8 =67.5 hours

ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan

  • Based on 6 skill sets – knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. While the first 4 skill sets are relevant for Intermediate, all the 6 skill sets are relevant for Final Course.
  • Mapped with four knowledge pillars (KPs)- management, strategy, regulatory function and financial reporting. While the first 3 KPs are relevant for Intermediate, all the 4 KPs are relevant for Final
  • Increased emphasis on accounting, analysis, reporting & control in Final Course.
  • Case study based analysis on strategy, performance measurement, reporting, corporate & allied laws, taxation, ethics and governance. Case Study based analysis in Final Papers 15,19 &
  • Based on section wise weightage – within each subject, section wise weightage marks are given.

ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 13 – Corporate Laws & Compliance

A student at this stage is required to have adequate knowledge of corporate laws and compliance requirement. This paper adequately covers Companies Act, SEBI, Industry-specific laws and also Governance, Ethics. You may expect small case lets to be solved which would require analysis, synthesis and effective evaluation.


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 14 – Advanced Financial Management

The basic framework is aimed to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge and understanding of Financial Markets and its intermediaries, corporate and financial risks, financial decision-making under situations of certainty as well as uncertainty. The basics are already discussed in Paper 8- Section B (Financial Management). The analytical skills of yours would help to be attaining success as CMAs – be in practice or in service.


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 15 – Business Strategy & Strategic Cost Management

The success of laying a business grossly vests on understanding and study the environment (economic as well as non- economic), forecasting, making effective strategies to gain business success. A theory very well known to us is “Game Theory.

The basics of these are found from the financial records (covered in Paper 5), the cost records and its maintenance (covered in Paper 8 and Paper 10). These are interesting facts to ascertain, which would help you as a CMA to take effective strategy and gain competitive advantage.


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 16 – Tax Management and Practice

Having domain knowledge of this subject is of immense important for CMAs. You all by this time have already enriched yourselves through study of Papers on Direct Taxation) and Indirect Taxation at the Intermediate level.In this paper, greater emphasis is given on the procedural aspects, adjudications, appeals in areas of – direct and indirect taxation, with special emphasis on International Transactions.

Also, there would be case lets/case study based questions, which needs to be answered.


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 17 – Strategic Performance Management

This subject widely covers those aspects which helps to make/ascertain ‘to evaluate performance’ of a business entity, based  on the “Business Strategies” undertaken and executed. It also helps to measure the effectiveness of such “strategic cost decisions” taken by the management.


  • Please follow the theme which is underlying this subject;
  • Must make a reference to the contents of Study Materials;
  • Follow the ‘Practice Test Papers


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 18 – Corporate Financial Reporting

A subject which deals with disclosure, reporting with transparency. A first measure of business performance analysis which can be ascertained through this reporting. Various schedules and notes hereunder uphold whether there was proper compliance or not.

Since some of these major issues have been dealt by you all in the Intermediate level:

  • it is imperative to have a thorough reading and understanding of the different accounting standards and its application for evaluation and synthesis
  • must make a reference to the problems/illustrations in the Study Materials;
  • practice illustrations which are representing different situations;
  • understand the logic – what, where and how it is getting changed
  • check the application of accounting standards;
  • special emphasis on the disclosure requirements as per statute/applicable standards


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 19 – Cost and Management Audit

Having obtained adequate knowledge especially in making/maintenance of financial records, application of cost accounting standards, generally accepted cost accounting principles and its techniques, a student at this level is expected to be ready to meet the expectations of stakeholders/profession and even personal.

  • Refresh your memories by thorough, in- depth reading and analytical understanding of the Cost Accounting Standards
  • Check the application of Generally Accepted Cost Accounting Principles( GACAP)
  • Have a first-hand trial on X-BRL Reporting on a dummy module


ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan Paper 20 – Financial Analysis & Business Valuation

A first question which may arise is – why this paper at last? Appreciate, that Analysis of Financial Statements can only be made after the preparation  and  publication  of  corporate financial reports. Based on the degree of  fairness and correctness, it is advisable to ascertain the value of a business or group of assets or an asset/liability (individually).

We trust that the topics and its contents would enrich the domain knowledge of CMAs to a much greater height.

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ICWAI | CMA Final Suggested Study Plan



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