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CMA Final Study Plan for dec 2018

CMA Final Study Plan for dec 2018

ICWAI | CMA Final Study Plan: ICWAI | CMA Final Study Plan is not an easy task but it isn’t impossible either, with the right attitude and dedicated hard work anyone with an average intelligence can crack this exam. All you need is the right guidance and ability to work hard and keep your consistency.

The CWA ICWA course at the Final level (ICWAI: Final Examination) consists of theoretical examinations as well as compulsory practical trainings.



ICWAI | CMA Final Study Plan

The theoretical examinations consists of 15 subjects to be studied arranged into 2 stages of 4 papers of 100 marks each. To pass a student has to obtain a minimum of 40% in each paper and an aggregate of 50% in all the papers of a stage together, failing which the student has to reappear in all the papers again.

Even if the student appears in both the stages together each stage will be considered separately for assessing the result. A student has to get through these and complete the compulsory practical trainings to be eligible for membership of the institution. For that we will provide the best.

Three Hours of Exam Battle

Three Hours of Exam Battle,check here

This article is to help students who are preparing for their professional exams.

The article would mainly Focus on how to utilize 3 hours of examination. Also I would point out few things that should be done a day or two before the examination day.

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You should not pressurize yourself during exam days, as the output you give during exams is the consolidated efforts you have put during past 3-4 months, so studying for long hours before exam doesn’t guarantee you success.

Ever wondered when a friend of yours who is actually very intelligent doesn’t make it through the exams.

There are many reasons for such failures but one of the most important reasons for such situation is


students actually manage to get a good plan in place and execute it really well. But by the time exams are round the corner they are so exhausted mentally and physically due to which, they are not able to give their best. In my personal opinion I suggest taking up rest for 7-8 hours as you normally do and wake up at the same time you usually do while preparing for your exams.

3 Hours of Exam Battle of the calmest

“Waking up till odd hours at night or getting up at odd hours in morning doesn’t assure you success, but a fresh mind does allow you to retain more of what you have read “

There is one more thing to keep in mind and that are:

“To treat every subject equally”

Why I give emphasis on this thing is because these subjects have been included in curriculum to enhance the quality of students who have enrolled for the professional course. One must keep in mind that the BOS (Board of studies) is a group of very experienced people, who regularly update the syllabus keeping in mind the need of the time, so inclusion or exclusion of a certain subject is not to create difficulty for students but to prepare them.

Start treating all subjects equally and setting an equal target for each of them which prepares you mentally to face even the tough ones. So anything more than your target is a bonus. This was my strategy in CA-IPCC and I went on to score more than 55 in 5.

The same thing applies to ISCA subject in CA final and GCL subject for CS executive. For few Students of CS, General and commercial Law (GCL) is one of the deadliest subjects which was grouped with accounts and tax. So many managed to get exemptions in other two , but could not clear GCL subject.

Few common things  would like to highlight in this article regarding Exams:

  1. Don’t Draw border lines in paper

why few of the students draw unnecessary lines as border to the page. One should understand that this a professional level exam and things are designed in a professional way already, so there is no need of Innovation as I would advise you to save energy for the main course.

  1. Sequencing of Questions

This is a common technique used by most of the students to Attempt the paper, although becomes quite uncommon when they face a tricky paper. Most of the professional exams have the format as Question no 1 compulsory, so you don’t have much of an option with that. Let’s say you are left with 6 or 7 questions and you have to attempt 5 out of that. Now try to sequence the questions from easiest to hardest and when I mean questions.
It is very important that when you start writing answers, make sure you finish all the sub questions before moving to the next question.”

Another importance of sequencing is when you actually write it in the sequence of your choice you end up writing the question you least expect to score at last. Sometimes a clever STUDENT might write all the questions including the optional ones, mind you, the first 5 or first 6 questions would be given mark and the last 2 won’t be given even if you have scored more in the last 2 questions as compared to the earlier questions.

  1. Quoting of sections in Law and Tax

A very vital part of Law paper is quoting of provisions of the act which gives you those extra marks.A wise suggestions will be don’t quote it if you’re not absolutely sure about it. Many of my friends and colleagues asked me then how do I write. A simple technique I have used in my whole CS life and even in Ca for that matter

Quoting wrong provisions will give a bad impression. It’s better not to quote if you don’t know the provision

  1. “Supplements doesn’t add value to your paper, unless you add quality to supplements”

Filling the supplements and finishing early won’t give you the extra marks you need. It doesn’t make any difference for the Institute whether you took an extra supplement or not, but it does bother if you write more than what’s needed.

“I was always curious what students wrote in Law by taking 2-3 extra supplements.”

From my personal experience I would let you know it took me around 13 pages to finish my Law paper which gave me 58 marks. Now this is not an ideal size of paper that needs to be filled , since other factors like writing sections , mentioning additional case laws and handwriting does come into picture but I am sure things won’t run into 2-3 supplements since the earlier allotted main sheet itself is of 30-35 pages at least.

  1. This one is the most important aspect that I have ever kept in mind while writing papers and has always worked for me till date and that is to “ Never set a target of completing whole 100 marks paper “

What is expected of you is to deliver quality content in your exams and I always have been a firm believer of it. Many students disappointed because they couldn’t attempt the paper in the required manner. The reason for this is to set a time frame for doing things. Time management is a very important aspect but at times presence of mind is very important.

See it is a clear fact that No institute awards you the passing marks just because you manage to complete the 100 marks paper, but it does award you mark for doing things correctly. I mean to say that if your problem always has been with regards to completion of paper and you think that this one of the reasons for your failure, then you are “ABSOLUTELY WRONG”.

Three Hours of Exam Battle,check here

The reason for your failure in majority of the occasion is the fact that you weren’t able to give a proper presentation of the questions that you actually attempted.

People who failed even though they managed their time well and attempted full 100m arks paper.AT the same time some students who managed to score exemption by properly attempting 75 marks paper.

So always focused on Sequencing which helps you to sort the questions properly and then quality output together gives you a better output in terms of marks. I would not skip questions just because I have allotted a specific time for that question and that time has passed. Students usually do skip the question by leaving space for rest of the sub questions, thinking that they might attend it at the end, but they are not able to do so. Not only does that leave unnecessary blank pages but also you are not sure about how well you have attempted that specific sub-part of the question. This is a psychological impact, of having strict time frames during exams.

“This idea comes in handy if you always found difficult to finish the paper like I used to, especially when exams are round the corner” IT would take lot of efforts to improve your writing speed(not at the cost of handwriting of course) , but you see ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY. It takes little time to polish your skills and this method might be useful if TIME IS A CONSTRAINT FOR YOU.

Three Hours of Exam Battle,check here

Always remember this line said by the great George Patton-  “Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable

ICWAI | CMA Final Study Plan

Below are few guidelines that you should follow to better your chances at cracking ICWAI | CMA Final.

  • Gather your resources:Often, students are baffled regarding what to study and from where, for a lot of competitive exam including ICWA Final the course is very wide including topics from various subjects. Different students prefer different ways of preparation, while some take the aid of coaching institutes other prepare on their own. The same benefits of regular coaching can also be reaped by joining an online course, joining an online course provides you all the benefits of regular coaching with the added advantages of time saving, 24*7 access to teachers and counselors, digital notes are helpful too.
  • Preparing thoroughly:A thorough preparation is required to crack ICWA Final. The paper covers eight subjects’ , As the course is wide, a strong preparation is required. To do that the first step would be to gather complete study material, notes etc. Try to get your hands on some sample papers so that you get an overall idea of what comes in paper and how to best answer it for maximum success.
  • The Right mindset: A right mindset is required to excel at almost anything. Most students think ICWA as a tough competitive exam but in reality if prepared the right way it’s easy to crack. All you have to do is believe on your abilities and keep yourself motivated at all times.
  • Planning well:Nothing big has ever been achieved without a good plan. To crack ICWA you have to have an elaborate plan encompassing your time schedules, syllabus completion and revisions. Creating a good and solid plan and consistently following it will keep things moving smooth and your course won’t pile up. You will save a lot of time as there would be no room for procrastination. First of all, jot down a complete list of syllabus that you have to prepare, rate different topics on the basis of your interest and prior knowledge and start finishing the higher rated topics first.
  • Revision: Perhaps the second most important thing after preparation in the list, revision is must to ensure that you transform your knowledge into marks in exam. Revision is required after you have completed each topic to transfer all that you have learned to your permanent memory. Take out one day from your week, weekends serve better, for revision of all that you have learned so far. Attempt new problems by using the new knowledge that you have gained in the week to learn effective implementation because this is the only thing that will translate your knowledge into successful clearing of the exam. Learn to implement your knowledge, find ways to make it better!
  • Preparing for the exam:Overlooked by most students, this crucial step is integral for successful execution of the exam, candidates prepare throughout the year but they don’t practice test papers.

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Now back to CMA Final study plan.

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Now back to CMA Final study plan.

ICWAI | CMA Final Study Plan

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