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class 11 commerce projects – complete details for exam

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce project

Class 11 commerce projects – complete details

Class 11 commerce projects: This article covers complete details on Class 11 commerce projects.Download Class 11 commerce projects topics here.

Let’s have a look on the topics covered in thins article

Class 11 commerce projects – complete details

Class 11 Commerce Projects Topics: Economics

Download Class 11 commerce economics projects by clicking on the below image:

Class 11 Commerce Projects Topics

Class 11 Commerce Projects Topics Economics

Class 11 Commerce Projects: Business Studies 

1. Project ONE: FIELD VISIT.

The objective of introducing this project among the students is to give a first hand experience to them regarding the different types of business units operating in their surroundings, to observe their features and activities and relate them to the theoretical knowledge given in their text books. The students should select a place of field visit from the following: – (Add more as per local area availability.)

  1. Visit to a Handicraft unit.
  2. Visit to an Industry.
  3. Visit to a Whole sale market. (vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, garments.)
  4. Visit to a Departmental store.
  5. Visit to a Mall.

The following points should be kept in mind while preparing this visit.

  1. Select a suitable day free from rush/crowd with lean business hours..
  2. The teacher must visit the place first and check out on logistics. It’s better to seek permission from the concerned business- in charge.
  3. Visit to be discussed with the students in advance. They should be encouraged to prepare a worksheet containing points of observation and reporting.
  4. Students may carry their cameras (at their own risk) with prior permission for collecting evidence of their observations.

1. Visit to a Handicraft Unit.

The purpose of visiting a Handicraft unit is to understand nature and scope of its business, stake holders involved and other aspects as outlined below

  1. The raw material and the processes used in the business: People /parties/firms from which they obtain their raw material.
  2. The market, the buyers, the middlemen, and the areas covered.
  3. The countries to which exports are made.
  4. Mode of payment to workers, purchasers etc.
  5. Working conditions.
  6. Modernization of the process over a period of time.
  7. Facilities, security and training for the staff and workers.
  8. Subsidies available/ availed.
  9. Any other aspect that the teachers deem fit.

2. Visit to an Industry.

The students are required to observe the following:

  1. Nature of the business organisation.
  2. Determinants for location of business unit.
  3. Form of business enterprise: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Undivided Hindu Family, Joint Stock Company( a Multinational Company).
  4. Different stages of production/process
  5. Auxiliaries involved in the process.
  6. Workers employed, method of wage payment, training programmes and facilities available.
  7. Social responsibilities discharged towards workers, investors, society, environment and government.
  8. Levels of management.
  9. Code of conduct for employers and employees.
  10. Capital structure employed- borrowed v/s owned.
  11. Quality control, recycling of defective goods.
  12. Subsidies available/availed. m) Safety Measures employed..
  13. Working conditions for labour in observation of Labour Laws.
  14. Storage of raw material and finished goods.
  15. Transport management for employees, raw material and finished goods.
  16. Functioning of various departments and coordination among them (Production, Human Resource, Finance and Marketing)
  17. Waste Management.
  18. Any other observation.

Class 11 Commerce Projects: Accountancy


In Accounting, it is for the first time that the Project Work is introduced at XI class for 10 marks. At this level, the accountancy teachers require to help the students in the project in the following ways

  1. To provide knowledge to the students about Accounting Process.
  2. Give the imaginary transactions data.
  3. Show the original source document (Which is easily available).
  4. To train the students for preparing vouchers.
  5. Tell the students how to record transaction from vouchers.
  6. To motivate students to collect various source documents.
  7. To encourage students to prepare books of accounts with the help of vouchers.

So, the commerce teacher will play a important role in preparation of project in class XI. The teacher may provide various transactions to the students. Some transactions are given below :

Ayan started business under the name AYAN & BROTHERS at NOIDA on April 1, 2011 to deal in Books and Stationary material. He introduced 5,00,000 as capital out of which 1,00,000 was in cash and balance by cheque. He enclosed the original papers relating to his business transactions for the month of April, 2011.

Students should analyse the transaction on the basis of these papers and process the information through :
various stages of accounting cycle.
Preparation of vouchers for each financial transaction.
Recording in the journal and subsidiary books.

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce projects

class 11 commerce projects

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Now back to Class 11 commerce Project Article.

To know more about class 11 Commerce project, you can go through the following link. accountancy project for class 11 sample 

class 11 commerce projects

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