Class 11 Commerce Amendments for 2017-18

Class 11 Commerce Amendments for 2017-18

Class 11 Commerce Amendments

Class 11 Commerce Amendments: CBSE is the apex board of education in India which is not only having a pan Indian jurisdiction but also has global presence with nearly 141 affiliated schools across 21 countries. CBSE grants affiliation to Schools up to higher secondary level and develops common curriculum keeping nationwide requirements in focus. The CBSE affiliation is considered as a prestigious recognition as it requires the schools to follow rigid quality standards.

 CBSE is a standard educational board on India. The board provides updated syllabus and well-evaluated question papers to students. Thus, students get required knowledge in different subjects and also their expertise is assessed properly through the examination process designed by this esteemed board. The board conducts research to understand current educational demands and according to that, it designs each syllabus with the help of proficient subject experts. All necessary topics are properly included in this syllabus. Hence, students get required information as per their standard.

Class 11 Commerce Amendments

Admission to class XI in a school shall be open only to such a student who has passed :

(a) Secondary School Examination (Class XI examination) conducted by this Board; or

(b) an equivalent examination conducted by any other recognised Board of Secondary Education/ Indian University and recognised by this Board as equivalent to its secondary school examination.

Further if you have made your mind to go into the field of commerce studies, then here are a few registration procedure tips for you:

(i) Admission register in the form prescribed by the State Government concerned/Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan/Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti as the case may be, shall be maintained by the “School” where the name of every student joining “the School” shall be entered.

(ii) Successive numbers must be allotted to students on their admission and each student should retain this number throughout the whole of his career in the school. A student returning to the school after absence of any duration shall resume his original admission number.

(iii) If a student applying for admission to a school, has attended any other school, an authenticated copy of the Transfer certificate in the format given in Annexure I, from his last school must be produced before his name can be entered in the Admission Register.

(iv) In no case shall a student be admitted into a class higher than that for which he is entitled according to the transfer certificate.

(v) A student shall not be allowed to migrate from one “School” to another during the session after his name has been sent up for the examination of the Board. This condition may be waived only in special circumstances by the Chairman.

(vi) A student leaving his school at the end of a session or who is permitted to leave his school during the session shall on a payment of all dues, receive an authenticated copy of the Transfer certificate up to date. A duplicate copy may be issued if the head of the institution is satisfied that the original is lost but it shall always be so marked.

(vii) In case a student from an institution not affiliated to the Board seeks admission in a school affiliated to the Board, such a student shall produce a transfer certificate duly countersigned by an authority as indicated in the format given in Annexure-I.

(viii) If the statement made by the parent or guardian of a student or by the student himself/herself, if he/she was major at the time of his/her admission to a school, is found to contain any wilful misrepresentation of facts regarding the student’s career, the head of the institution may punish him/her as per provision of the Education Act of the State/Union Territory or Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan/Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti rules, as the case may be, respectively and report the matter to the Board.

Class 11 Commerce Amendments

As the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is likely to declare the results of Class 10 board examination between May 27 to 30, the common admission schedule for Class 11 will start in the month of June.

 Fee Structure for Delhi Public School is below
Cost of Registration Form (Non-Refundable)One timeAt the time of PurchaseRs. 1200/-
Registration and Processing Fee (Non-Refundable)One timeAt the time of RegistrationRs.   800/-
Admission Fee (Non-refundable)One timeAt the time of AdmissionRs. 19000/-
Miscellaneous Charges (Non-refundable)One timeAt the time of AdmissionRs.   9000/-
Annual Fee (Non-refundable)
(subsequently every year at the commencement of the new session)
AnnuallyAt the time of AdmissionRs. 35000/-
Tuition Fee (Commerce & Humanities) [Non-refundable]Monthly by the 10th of every monthRs. 2800/-
Transport Fee [Non-refundable]Monthly by the 10th of every monthRs.1300/-
Fee Structure for Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is below( Fee Structure per Month)
1.Admission FeeRs. 25.00
2.Re Admission FeeRs 100.00
3.Tutition Fee
3(a)Class IX & X (Boys)Rs 200.00
3(b)Class XI & XII Commerce & Humanities (Boys)Rs 300.00
3(c)Class XI & XII Science (Boys)Rs.400.00
4.Computer Fund
4(a)Class III onwards wherever Computer Education is being impartedRs 100.00
4(b)Computer Science Fee. (for elective subjects) + 2 stageRs 150.00
5Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi (Classes I – XII)Rs. 500.00

Category wise exemption from payment of Tuition fee, VVN & Computer Fund

Class 11 Commerce Amendments

Some amendments are being carried out by the Kendriya Vidyalaya ie. CBSE affiliated schools. Go through the given document.


Class 11 Commerce Amendments

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board came in to existence in the year 1966, has been conducting SSLC and other examinations. Every year the studentstrength is increasing tremendously.

Every year in April about 8.50 Lakhs & in June 1.50 Lakhs students are appearing for the SSLC examinations.

The board has decided to improve the evaluation system and the results, has set up divisional offices of the Board. This decentralization caters to the need of the student needs at their proximity. The board is now providing Admission Tickets with student photographs and major breakthrough in this venture is the photos being used in the repeaters Admission Tickets also.

The board has ventured to conduct the supplementary examination for the failed candidates of the examination of March in June month of every year itself; this will enable the students who would be successful in the June examination to join higher education courses in the same academic year from July itself. This process was introduced first time in the country.

Class 11 Commerce Amendments

Where as the draft of the Karnataka Educational Institutions (Classification, Regulation and Prescription of Curricula) Rules, 1995 was published in No. ED 116 VIVIDHA 1995, dated 14th November, 1995 in Part-IV section 2c (i) of the Karnataka Gazette Extraordinary dated 14th November, 1995, inviting objections and suggestions from the persons likely to be affected thereby;  And whereas the said Gazette was made available to the public on 14th November, 1995;  And whereas the objections and suggestions received in this regard have been duly considered by the State Government;  Now, therefore in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 145 of the Karnataka Education Act, 1983 (Karnataka Act 1 of 1995), the Government of Karnataka hereby makes rules.

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