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CISA Result Analysis and Scoring Mechanism

CISA Result Analysis and Scoring Mechanism

CISA Result Analysis – The CISA exam consists of multiple choice questions only. A portion of  questions are included for research and analysis only and therefore not graded.The CISA exam can be taken during the months of June, September and December.

The CISA exam can be taken from multiple locations around the world, so there’s a good chance that you won’t have to travel too far to do it. Below is a list of the locations for the September 6, 2014 exam, in alphabetical order by country name.

How the CISA Exam Scoring Works

After a candidate completes the exam, the raw score is collected and converted into a point scale of 200 – 800.

Because of this, we should not expect that the score we receive is calculated based on simple percentages. For example, if the final grade on paper is 500 (mid point of 200 and 800), it does not necessarily mean you got 50% correct.

In order to pass the exam, candidates must receive a scaled score of 450. This represents a minimum consistent standard of knowledge determined by ISACA.

But I still don’t understand how the scaled score is calculated…

Don’t worry about it. The CISA exam scoring system is fair. It is better to focus your time and energy in exam preparation.

CISA Exam Results Release

Official CISA exam results will be mailed to you approximately 5 weeks after the exam. If you opt-in for email notification during registration, an email indicating a pass/fail will be sent to you. The scores will also be available in your profile at the My ISACA > My Certifications page of the ISACA website.

Due to confidentiality, you won’t be able to request the CISA exam results by phone or fax.

What You will See in the Score Report

The score is broken down by each domain area. The sub-scores can help you identify stronger and weaker areas in case you need a retake.

Candidates failing the exam can request a hand score of their answer sheets, in case you worry that there are stray marks or other conditions that interfered with computer scoring. This request costs $75 and has to be submitted within 90 days of score release.

Candidates have five years from the passing date to apply for certification. To become certified, each exam passer must complete requirements including submitting an application for certification.

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CISA Result Analysis and Scoring Mechanism

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