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CISA Free Notes – 2017 Exam

CISA Free Notes – 2017 Exam

CISA Free Notes – The CISA certification exam is only available three times a year, in June, September and December.Successfully completing the exam is only the first step to CISA certification: Candidates must apply to be certified (which requires a minimum of five years’ professional experience), and then agree to adhere to a code of professional ethics, as well as carrying out professional assignments in compliance with Information Systems Auditing Standards. Here you can Scroll down and download CISA Exam related material, notes.

CISA Free notes

CISA Free notes

ISACA to Release Overhauled CISA Certification Exam in 2017

Domain 1 The Process of Auditing Information Systems will become 21 percent of the exam.
Domain 2 Governance and Management of IT will become 16 percent of the exam.
Domain 3 Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation will become 18 percent of the exam.
Domain 4 Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management will become 20 percent of the exam.
Domain 5 Protection of Information Assets will become 25 percent of the exam.

Like IT hardware and software, IT certifications evolve and change as our understanding of technology advances. Nearly all certifications have some sort of re certification requirement these days, to help credential holders keep their skills current. And nearly all certification exams are periodically reviewed and revised to reflect the latest body of knowledge on the topics in question. You aren’t the only ones on the hamster wheel, IT pros.

Some certs have a bigger industry footprint than others, of course. And as a recent feature observed, in the realm of IT auditing, no credential stands taller than ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). If you’ve had your eye on CISA certification for a while, then don’t set your plans in stone quite yet: ISACA announced today that the current CISA exam is being overhauled and upgraded, and the new exam will debut in June 2016.

This newest revision to CISA will overhaul the job practice domains. The job practice changes are the result of a nine-month study of the work being done by current CISA-certified professionals. The revisions are as follows:

  • Domain 1 — The Process of Auditing Information Systems will become 21 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 14 percent.)

● Domain 2 —  Governance and Management of IT will become 16 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 14 percent.)

● Domain 3 — Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation will become 18 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 19 percent.)

● Domain 4 — Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management will become 20 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 23 percent.)

● Domain 5 — Protection of Information Assets will become 25 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 30 percent.)

CISA Free Notes, Study Material, Question Bank

How to Pass CISA at the First Attempt?

The following are the tips that  you can follow:

  1. Read the ISACA’s CISA review manual, and try to understand each concept. Never try to cram anything—this will not help you in the actual exam.
  2. Make notes of your concept in a notebook and review it until you become familiar and confident about the concepts.
  3. Once you are confident that you can recall and explain all the basic concepts of CISA exam. you need to start reading “CISA review questions, answers and explanation” ,published by the ISACA. Do not forget to read all the explanations for the wrong answers.
  4. Read the IS audit standards and guidelines, which  you will find in CISA review manual or you can access it freely from ISACA’s website:
  5. Before taking the actual test, allow yourself at least 3-4 months to prepare. If you do not feel confident about the subject matter, allow yourself more time to prepare—there is no hurry since this exam. is offered three times a year.
  6. You can easily pass the exam. if you follow the official CISA review manual, but you may need to take help of supplementary materials for clarification of some concepts. Remember that it is not possible for a single book to help you develop clear concept on every topic of CISA test.
  7. When you study the CISA review manual, pay attention to the statements in the note (you will find these notes in a box on ever chapter in the review manual, which clearly says what you will be and will not be tested in the actual exam.)
  8. When you start studying the CISA review questions, never think that you are going to take the test. Instead, think that you are already an IT auditor, and you just have to make the right decision, taking into consideration of your professional code-of-conduct and without violating the assigned authority of an auditor in an IT environment.
  9. The hardest part for preparing CISA exam. is to visualise all the concepts, which will be tested in the exam, in your mind. So, prepare some notes of your own so as you can use it as a quick review. Remember: before the exam, you will not be able to review all the materials of CISA review manual. Therefore, you need some short notes to review the exam. topics quickly.

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CISA Free Notes – 2017 Exam

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