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CISA Exam Details- Exam Structure & Content

CISA Exam Details- Exam Structure & Content

CISA Exam Details- Exam Structure & Content:-  With globalization of business and increasing threats to online database, the demand for expert security system professions is increasing day by day. Recruiters are even ready to pay more than the average standards for the right candidate.



Both government sector organization and private commercial enterprises recruit IS personnel and specifically look out for CISA certificate holders. The US Federal Department pays at a median salary range of $94,105 while the wages in private companies strike the average of $85,668.

The difference in salaries can be reasoned by the job location, prior experiences and academic degrees, but it certain is among the well paid job categories.

CISA Exam Details

DescriptionThe CISA designation is a globally recognized certification for IS audit, control, and security professionals.
Eligibility RequirementsFive (5) or more years of experience in IS audit, control, assurance, or security. Waivers are available for a maximum of three (3) years.
Domains (%)Domain 1—The Process of

Auditing Information Systems  (21%)

Domain 2— Governance and

Management of IT (16%)

Domain 3—Information Systems

Acquisition, Development and Implementation (18%)

Domain 4—Information

Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management (20%)

Domain 5—Protection of

Information Assets (25%)

Number of exam questions*: length of exam150 questions: 4 hours
Exam LanguagesChinese Traditional

Chinese Simplified






Japanese Korean

Spanish Turkish

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CISA Exam Details

  • Module 1 – The Process of Auditing Information Systems

This helps the candidate gain the knowledge required to comply with the highest standards of information systems and provide the best audit practices for the same. For organizations, this would mean thorough control and protection of their business and information systems.

  • Module 2 – CISA’s role in IT governance

Topics covered under Module 2 helps learning to develop sound IS control practices and management mechanisms. Certified professionals will provide the organization with the assurance of best policies, accountability and structures of monitoring to arrive at the desired IT governance.

  • Module 3 – CISA’s role in Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

This Module covers the processes and methodologies that modern organizations employ while changing or reinventing the infrastructure components of their application systems.

  • Module 4 – CISA’s role in IT Service Delivery and Support

Herein the candidate is required to review the processes and methodologies applicable to different IT systems. Further, it will deliver learning of the IS audit in the event of a disruption. Businesses can gain by expect disaster recovery methodologies and timely resumption of database services, thus minimizing the negative impact on a range of business processes.

  • Module 5 – CISA’s role in Protection of Information Assets

The key component of Module 5 enables a professional to be able to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of information assets while instituting physical and logical access controls and other security measures.

CISA Exam Details

ISACA uses a 200-800 point scale with 450 as the passing mark for the exams. A scaled score is a conversion of the raw score on an exam to a common scale. It is important to note that the exam score is not based on an arithmetic or percent average. For example, the scaled score of 800 represents a perfect score with all 150 questions answered correctly; a scaled score of 200 is the lowest score possible and signifies that only a small number of questions were answered correctly.

A candidate must receive a scaled score of 450 or higher to pass the exam. A score of 450 represents a minimum consistent standard of knowledge as established for the exam by the respective ISACA Certification Committee. The passing score of 450 represents the minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly by the candidate in order to demonstrate practical application of the job task and knowledge statements. A candidate receiving a passing score may then apply for certification if all other requirements are met.

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