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CISA Exam Curriculum- 2016 Exam

CISA Exam Curriculum- 2016 Exam

CISA Exam Curriculum- 2016 Exam:- CISA is globally recognized as the mark of excellence for the IS audit professional. CISA combines the achievement of passing a comprehensive exam with recognition of work and educational experience, providing you with credibility in the marketplace. CISA has become the preferred certification program by individuals and organizations around the world. Many enterprises and government agencies increasingly recognize, require and expect their IS and IT professionals to hold this certification.



To meet a growing demand for security professionals, and to work in a thriving field. To join a professional organization and to link up with like-minded individuals. Many studies consistently rank CISA as one of the highest paying and sought after IT certifications. This certification is a measure of your capabilities in the field of Information Security.

The CISA is a highly regarded and model certification. Recognition of the CISA is fairly consistent through all regions worldwide, unlike certifications such as CompTIA’s Security+ or those from the SANS Institute, which are US-heavy. In the United States, the CISA is distinguished by the US Department of Defense as one of their few formally-recognized certifications. This respect comes at a price—it’s a certification with a very challenging exam and requires verified work experience.

The exam is open to anyone interested in systems auditing, controls and information security. Obtaining the CISA certification requires passing the exam, plus work experience. It is offered twice a year, administered worldwide on the same day.

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CISA Exam Curriculum- Domain 1

The title for Domain 1 is The Process of Auditing Information Systems. There are 7 areas that you need to understand in Domain 1:-

  • Management of the IS Audit Function
  • ISACA IT Audit and Assurance Standards and Guidelines
  • Risk Analysis
  • Internal Controls
  • Performing an IS Audit
  • Control Self-Assessment
  • The Evolving IS Audit Process

CISA Exam Curriculum- Domain 2

The title for Domain 2 is Governance and Management of IT. There are 12 areas that you need to understand in Domain 2:-

  • Corporate Governance
  • IT Governance (ITG)
  • Information Technology Monitoring and Assurance Practices for Board and Senior Management
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Maturity and Process Improvement Models
  • IT Investment and Allocation Practices
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources Management (before, during and after)
  • IS Organizational Structure and Responsibilities
  • Auditing IT Governance Structure and Implementation
  • Auditing Business Continuity

CISA Exam Curriculum- Domain 3

The title for Domain 3 is Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation. There are 12 areas that you need to understand in Domain 3:-

  • Business realization
  • Project Management Structure
  • Project Management Practices
  • Business Application Development
  • Business Application Systems
  • Alternative Development Methods
  • Infrastructure Development/Acquisition Practices
  • Information Systems Maintenance Practices
  • System Development Tools and Productivity Aids
  • Process Improvement Practices
  • Application Controls
  • Auditing Systems Development, Acquisition and Maintenance

CISA Exam Curriculum- Domain 4

The title for Domain 4 is Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and SupportThere are 6 areas that you need to understand in Domain 4:-

  • Information Systems Operations
  • Information Systems Hardware
  • IS Architecture and Software
  • IS Network Infrastructure
  • Auditing Infrastructure and Operations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

CISA Exam Curriculum- Domain 5

The title for Domain 5 is Protection of Information Assets. There are 7 areas that you need to understand in Domain 5:-

  • Importance of Information Security Management
  • Logical Access
  • Network Infrastructure Security
  • Auditing Information Security Management Framework
  • Auditing Network Infrastructure Security
  • Physical Access Exposures and Controls
  • Mobile Computing

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