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CISA Benefits | The Benefits of being CISA Certified

CISA Benefits | The Benefits of being CISA Certified

CISA Benefits – CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. CISA is a global certification programme, offered by Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), U.S.The certification is designed for information technology audit professionals and CPA professionals.  These professionals are hired by businesses to audit their IT systems, ensuring they are complying with relevant laws. In order to get certified you must meet certain requirements set by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. The certification evaluates an individual’s ability to conduct businesses’ IT system audits.

CISA Benefits | How to become CISA certified

In order to become CISA certified you need to successfully complete the CISA examination. Prior to this you will need to carry out the necessary training and have a minimum of five years’ experience in a relevant role. The training you undergo will usually involve practicing auditing techniques, gathering and preserving evidence and improving your control and reporting techniques. Once you have passed the examination you will need to submit an application for CISA certification. In order to be CISA certified you must also adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics and the Continuing Professional Education Programme.

Attending a CISA course or training programme is great for motivation. Employees that are continuously learning and building their skills are much happier in their jobs. CISA training can help you enhance your skills and make sure that you are working in-line with best practice. It can also help you with your personal and professional development.

Being CISA certified can put you at an advantage when it comes to competing for a job or promotion. Employers will look favourably on you as you have bothered to do the training and gain a certification relevant to your line of work. The certification will set you apart from other candidates who are not CISA certified. You may also be able to use your CISA certification to negotiate a better salary.

CISA is a globally recognised certification, meaning that organisations all of the world will recognise it. This can greatly benefit you if you are looking to work as an IS auditor in another part of the world. The CISA certification symbolises that an individual is an expert in their field. It is a sign of excellence for IT system audit professionals.

Being CISA certified can build your clients’ confidence in your skills and abilities. Businesses requiring control or audit work will see your accreditation as a sign of quality. You are much more likely to be hired than someone who does not hold the certification, as businesses are looking for someone who can work to the internationally recognised standards.

CISA training encourages you to practice, practice, and practice! Through the training you will become more comfortable with your role as an IS auditor. Training programmes also enable you to make mistakes that you can learn from, ensuring that you do not make them when you actually on the job. Gaining the CISA certification will give you a confidence boost.  You will have greater belief in your abilities and will therefore be able to carry out your job better.

Enterprises demand IS audit professionals that possess the knowledge and expertise to help them identify critical issues and customise practices to support trust in and value from information systems.

The skills and practices that CISA promotes and evaluates are the building blocks of success in the field. Possessing the CISA demonstrates proficiency and is the basis for measurement in the profession.

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cisa training

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CISA Benefits | The Benefits of being CISA Certified

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