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CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Key Learning Points

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Key Learning Points

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy – The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants. The CIMA F3 Financial Strategy course focuses on providing you with the building blocks that you need to learn how to prepare, implement and manage a financial strategy of an organisation.

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Key Learning Points

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy deals with the key elements in designing and managing the organisation’s financial strategy, in the context of contributing to achieving the organisation’s objectives and within its external constraints, such as the general regulatory and investment environment. The features and implications of the full range of major financing instruments are covered. A broad range of types of investment decision is also covered and it is recognised throughout that such decisions need to take account of broader strategic issues as well the financial analysis.

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Syllabus Structure

F3 syllabus is split into 3 topic areas:

A: Formulation of Financial Strategy (25%)

B. Financing Decision (30%)

C: Investment decision and project Control (45%)

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Syllabus Structure

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Syllabus Structure

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CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Syllabus Structure

Pre-requisites for studying CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy

Before you can take any Strategic level exam you must have either passed, or been exempt from, all of the six Operational and Management papers. If you have accepted exemptions from any of the Operational or Management subjects, or you have been offered exemptions, you should take a look at the syllabus for the exempt subject and make sure that you are confident that you have a thorough knowledge and understanding of all syllabus areas before accepting the exemption. If you feel that you have any knowledge gaps then you should make sure that you spend some time refreshing your knowledge in these areas. Please note that the knowledge and understanding acquired at the lower levels of CIMA‟s qualification is assumed knowledge at the higher levels and the exams at the higher levels require a good understanding of the preceding knowledge, so that you are able to apply it in the context of the higher level learning.

Study routes for CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy

All three strategic level subjects must be studied at the same time and students must sit all three exams (E3, P3 and F3) together at the first sitting. Following this, any re-sits can be taken in any combination (for example one at a time).

Advice for F3 students: At strategic level the examiners do not expect candidates to make petty knowledge mistakes, it is recommended that candidates ensure they have rightly understood and retained the knowledge that is required at strategic level, a lack of knowledge or understanding of the finance theories and the implications leads to a meaningless discussion and thus poor decision making. Each exam at strategic level comes with a unique case which by nature requires a unique solution like in the real business world, students are advised to develop skills which enable them to develop analysing skills along with the ability to make a commercial judgement for different business challenges.

Studying for CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy

We recommend that, wherever possible, you attend a course taught by an approved CIMA Learning Quality Partner. Visit our college list at to find details of colleges local to you that teach F3. The official CIMA study texts have full syllabus coverage for each Professional qualification subject. You can also study with – the CIMA endorsed online study system. Each subject has a “study resources” area on From here you will find past exam papers and answers, post exam guides, reading lists and useful articles. Question practice is an essential part of preparing for the exams – so make sure you use all of the resources which are available to you. CIMA sphere, our online community, provides a resource for students to share information and find expertise and support among peers, as well as gain advice from CIMA members and alumni. See the Strategic level discussion board. And look out for regular blogs on F3 and other studying and exam related topics. Useful articles are published regularly in Financial Management magazine and in Velocity. Planning your learning, engaging with other students and accessing all of the useful resources on the CIMA website will help you keep focused and motivated.

Assessment strategy and assessment information

Each of the Professional qualification exams is 3 hours along, with a further 20 minutes of pre-exam reading time. The F3 exam paper will have the following sections; Section A (50 marks) – A maximum of four compulsory questions, totalling 50 marks, all relating to a pre-seen scenario and further new un-seen case material provided within the examination. (Note: The preseen case study is common to all three of the strategic level papers at each sitting) Section B (50 marks) – Two questions, from a choice of three, each worth 25 marks. Short scenarios will be given, to which some or all questions relate.

Here are the three best ways to study CIMA Exam

  1. Testing yourself (particularly using challenging questions) – This is number one for a very good reason. It works so well because it practices recall (what you have to do in the exam) and it also teaches you what you don’t know (but thought you did). If you do this at the end of every chapter and review your progress, you won’t just be ‘doing’ but you’ll truly be learning.
  2. Writing notes in your own words – putting down how you understand the material in your head down on paper
  3. Re writing and condensing these notes – use small revision cards and recap them over and over again – you’ll forget less and the essential information stays in your longer term memory

CIMA Strategic level F3 Financial strategy Study material

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