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CIMA Rules And New Changes Detail Information

CIMA Rules And New Changes Detail Information

CIMA Rules And New Changes : Examination rules

  •  You will be required to present two forms of identification. A current valid passport is recommended as your primary form of identification. Alternatively, you may use one of the following documents as a primary form identification: a photocard dri ving licence or government issued identification card.
  •  Please note that in order to be accepted, these documents must have been issued in the country where you are being assessed e.g. a UK photocard driving licence will only be considered to be a valid form of identification if your test centre is located in the UK.
  •  You will also be required to present a second form of identification with your full name and signature (e.g. a signed debit or credit card).
  • Your photograph will be taken and you will be asked to sign in at the exam centre, using a digital device to capture a digital signature.
  • Candidate statement: By providing a digital signature, I give Pearson VUE my explicit consent to retain and transmit my personal data and test responses to Pearson VUE and to the exam sponsor (either of which may be outside of the country in which I am testing). I understand the information provided above and agree to follow the Rules. If I do not follow the Rules or I am suspected of cheating or tampering with the computer, falsifying results or tampering with results to enable false certification this will be reported to Pearson VUE and the exam sponsor, my exam may be invalidated, the sponsor may take other action such as decertifying me, and I will not be refunded my exam fee.
  •  You should arrive at the exam centre 15 minutes prior to the exam to allow time for you to be registered by the exam administrators.
  •  No personal items, including cellular phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats, bags, coats, books and notes are allowed in the testing room. You must store all personal items in a locker. Cell phones, pagers or other electronic devices must be turned off before storing them in a locker. The test centre is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced personal items.
  • Non-programmable calculators from a pre-approved list may be bought into the exam. For further information about which models are permitted please refer to CIMA’s calculator guidance. The guidance will be reviewed periodically (twice a year). It is your responsibility to ensure you adhere to the latest guidance.
  •  Personal calculators must be presented to the exam administrator prior to the exam.
  • Before you enter the testing room, the test administrator will provide you with an erasable noteboard and a marker. You may not remove these items from the testing room at any time during the exam, and you must return them to the test administrator after the exam.
  •  You may not write on the erasable noteboard until after the exam has been started. If you fi ll your noteboard during the exam, raise your hand and the administrator will bring you a new one.
  • The administrator will log you in to your assigned workstation, verify that you are taking the intended exam and start the exam. Please remain in your assigned seat until escorted out by a Test Administrator.

CIMA Rules And New Changes Detail Information

CIMA Rules And New Changes : During the exam

  • Before the assessment, you will be given a short tutorial to complete which will allow you to practise submitting answers to the various question types you might see. You will also be shown how to navigate the exam and access the calculator and any maths tables that are available to you onscreen during the assessment.
  • Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking and making noise that creates a disturbance for other candidates are prohibited during the exam.
  • Disruptive conduct during exams will not be permitted. The exam administrator has the right to terminate the exam of any candidate whose behaviour is disruptive and to have the candidate escorted from the exam room. In such cases a full report will be made to CIMA’s Examinations and Assessment Oversight Panel.
  • To ensure a high level of security throughout your testing experience, you will be monitored at all times. Both audio and video will be recorded.
  •  If you take an unscheduled break at any time, the exam timer will not be stopped. The administrator will set your workstation to the break mode, and you will take your ID with you when you leave the room. The administrator will check your ID before you return to your seat and will then restart your exam.
  •  While you are taking an unscheduled break, you are NOT allowed access to personal items other than medication or food required at a specific time and with the approval of the test administrator. Items not permitted include but are not limited to: cellular phones, exam notes and study guides.
  • You must leave the testing room for all breaks. You may be fingerprinted or have your palm vein pattern captured when you leave the testing room and again before you re-enter the testing room. The administrator will restart the exam for you when you return.
  • While you are taking a break, you are permitted to access personal items that you stored during the exam only if necessary-for example, if you need to take medication at a specific time. You are NOT allowed access to other items, including cellular phones, exam notes and study guides, unless the exam sponsor specifically permits this.
  • If you encounter any difficulties during the exam, for example, computer hardware or software issues, noise or other disturbances, then you must notify the invigilator immediately. If you do not do this, then CIMA may not be able to verify that such circumstances occurred and therefore accept a request for special consideration at a later date
  • If you have other questions or concerns, raise your hand and the administrator will assist you as l ong as other candidates are not disturbed. The administrator cannot answer questions related to exam content.

CIMA Rules And New Changes : 

What has been the response to the new syllabus since it was launched in December?

The general feeling is that we are refreshing and making it more relevant and more differentiated. Though we have changed the names of the pillars and papers, there is a feeling of simplicity as the qualification still has the same look and feel.

CIMA Rules And New Changes : 

Operational and management level

Within each learning pillar, students are advised to sit and pass the operational level subject examination before sitting the management level subject. However, examinations from different learning pillars, at either operational or management level, may be sat concurrently. Students are recommended to sit no more than three examinations at any single diet, in order to optimise the probability of success

The pass mark for each of the operational and management level subject examinations is 50% and permanent credit is awarded for any paper in which the candidate scores 50% or more.

Students must pass all operational and management level subject examinations, in each learning pillar, before attempting the strategic level subjects.

On successful completion of all operational level subjects, students are awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

On successful completion of all management level subjects, students are awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.

Strategic level

When attempting the strategic level subjects, students must sit all three examination papers (one from each learning pillar – Papers E3, P3 and F3) together at the first sitting. At any subsequent examination attempts, these papers may be taken in any order and combination.

The pass mark for each of the strategic level subject examinations is 50% and permanent credit is awarded for any paper in which the candidate scores 50% or more.

Students must pass all three strategic level subject examinations before attempting the Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting

CIMA Rules And New Changes :

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