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CIMA Level Result Analysis

CIMA Level Result Analysis

CIMA Level Result Analysis – CIMA takes around seven weeks,to mark and release results for the May and November exams. These sessions include paper-based exams, which pose a major logistical challenge for CIMA in the global distribution and collection of exam materials. To indicate the scale of this operation, at each exam session some 30,000 students sit 60,000 exams at around 250 exam venues, in almost 90 countries.

CIMA level Result Analysis, Pass Rates

Once an exam is completed, the invigilator collects all the scripts and matches them to the list of candidates on the attendance list, noting any absentees. All scripts need to be accounted for and then bagged and couriered to a centralised facility in the UK, for secure distribution to markers.

The anonymity of scripts is maintained at all times throughout the script handling and marking process.

Whilst the marking is in progress, CIMA assesses special consideration appeals from candidates. These cases are submitted for consideration by the appeals working party, which also considers breaches of exam rules by individual candidates.

Once all the marks are on the CIMA database, analysis is carried out of the overall performance for each paper for that session. The analysis advises CIMA regarding trends on individual questions, those that students excelled at and those that they found challenging.

These findings are presented for consideration to CIMA’s exam and assessment oversight panel, which has the responsibility for validating the results.

Once ratified, the results are released to students, but whilst these processes are taking place, CIMA will have already commenced preparation for the next exam session.

CIMA exam pass rates July 2016 – Case studies & Objective tests

Exam pass rate: total exams passed / total exams taken.
Case study exam pass rates will be made available following the release of strategic case study exam results in each window.
August (2015) November (2015)February (2016)May (2016)
CIMA gateway40%42%29%26%

Objective tests

The pass rates cover the objective test sittings between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016.
Overall exam pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam after one or more attempts.88%67%84%93%72%72%80%77%75%
First time pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam on first attempt.80%47%74%86%52%49%65%55%55%
Exam pass rate:Total exams passed / total exams taken.76%42%69%83%43%45%60%50% 49%
CIMA will publish updated objective test pass rates every quarter following the release of pass rates for case study exams.

Certificate level exams

These pass rates cover the certificate level exams between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016.
Overall exam pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam after one or more attempts.83%90%73%86%91%
First time pass rate: Percentage of students who have passed the exam on first attempt.73%83%62%76%85%
Exam pass rate: Total exams passed / total exams taken.68%80%57%72%83%
CIMA’s exam chief, Steve Flatman, told PQ magazine he was particularly pleased with the rise in the P3 and F3 pass rates. Both have seen a 20% increase in overall pass rates from a year ago, when CIMA released its first set of results.For Flatman these latest results show the exams are “consistent, reliable and fair”.The case study pass rates also held up in May, with the exception of the Strategic level, where the pass rate slipped to 46%. Flatman has already looked into this and explained there were were more students resitting this paper in the summer cohort.
For the first time CIMA released grade descriptors with the results. These are designed to help show students where they are failing. Flatman stressed this was not just for looking back, but to help students going forward too. He felt it is vital that CIMA is clear and transparent about the standards expected of exam candidates.
CIMA May 2016 case study pass rates: Operational 67%; Management 63%; Strategic 46%
CIMA overall OT pass rates: E1 88%; P1 67%; F1 84%; E2 93%; P2 72%; F2 72%; E3 80%; P3 77%; F3 75%
CIMA first-time OT pass rates: E1 80%; P1 47%; F1 74%; E2 86%; P2 52%; F2 49%; E3 65%; P3 55%; F3 55%

As November 2009 was the last exam session in which students were able to sit examinations under the 2005 syllabus, students who have passed exams (or been awarded exemptions from exams) at the managerial level of the current syllabus before the end of January 2010 will be given credits for subjects at the operational and management levels in the 2010 syllabus; similarly those students who have passed exams (or been awarded exemptions from exams) at the strategic level of the 2005 syllabus before the end of January 2010 will be given credits at the strategic level in the 2010 syllabus.

Paper UK Pass Rate (%) Combined UK and Overseas Pass Rate (%)
P01 – Management Accounting –   Performance Evaluation   5351
P02 – Management Accounting – Decision Management   5246
P04 – Organisational Management and Information Systems   6556
P05 – Integrated Management   6054
P07 – Financial Accounting and Tax Principles   6463
P08 – Financial Analysis   5955
G01 –  CIMA Professional Gateway Paper   n/a54
Strategic Level
P03 – Management Accounting – Risk and Control Strategy   5951
P06 – Management Accounting – Business Strategy   5749
P09 – Management Accounting – Financial Strategy   5649
P10 – Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting (TOPCIMA)  – (including September)   6559

How should I interpret my case study exam results?

Up to now Case Study exam results have been communicated with:

1. An overall grade (Pass/Fail)

2. A scaled score between 0 – 150 (80 or above representing a pass)

3. Sectional Feedback (An indication of performance against each of the four competencies and integration)

To pass you need to score 80+ and reach a minimum threshold score for each competency (approximately one third of the total marks available for that competency) and Integration.

The only exception to this is Operational level where the marks available for Leadership and Integration are only a small proportion of those available and so it would not be meaningful to set a minimum threshold. No candidate will fail at Operational level on Leadership or Integration for this reason.

Please note the passing criteria above remain unchanged, it is the feedback we provide on your performance across the competencies which has been improved. So, in terms of your overall grade: 

Pass Fail

How to understand your case study results

Not sure how to understand your case study results? There’s been some confusion around what the case study results mean, so I thought it might be helpful to, briefly, review what they mean and how you can use them to prepare whether for a re-sit or your future studies.

First of all, let’s look at what you will receive and what you need to do to achieve a pass.

How will my results be presented?

Your case study exam results are made up of three elements:  

  1. An overall grade which tells you whether or not you have passed or failed this exam.
  2. A scaled score between 0 – 150.
  3. An indication of performance against each of the competencies (strong, moderate, fail)

What do I need to achieve a pass?

To achieve a pass, you need:

  1. A scaled score of 80 or above plus
  2. Strong or moderate grades in each of the competencies and integration.

You will fail if you:

  1. Score less than 80 on the scaled scores or
  2. Fail to meet the minimum threshold in one or more competencies; the minimum threshold represents approximately one third of the total marks available for that competency.*

*For operational level only, there is no minimum threshold for leadership and integration

Secondly, how can you use your case study performance report to support your future studies? 

Overall grade = pass

If your overall grade is a ‘pass’, you will have demonstrated your competence by performing well across all the elements in the case study and integrating across subjects and competencies.

You should review the grades given for each of the competencies to see whether there are areas you could improve on in the future. For example, if you got ‘strong’ in technical and business skills but ‘moderate’ in people and leadership skills, you might want to look at the examiner’s suggested answers for the variants you sat to see where you might have performed better.

See below a detailed description of what each of the competency grades mean.  

Overall grade = fail

If your overall grade is a ‘fail’, you need to review where you went wrong.

If you failed because you didn’t achieve 80 on the scaled score but did achieve strong or moderate grades on all the competencies and integration, you have performed well and have demonstrated your ability to apply your knowledge gained in the OT exams to a business scenario. However, it’s likely that your answers lacked the depth and breadth necessary to fully answer the requirements in the context of the scenario.

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CIMA Level Result Analysis

result analysis

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