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CIMA E3 Strategic Management

CIMA E3 Strategic Management

The book CIMA E3 Strategic Management is available at for purchase. You can check the latest availability by visiting CAKART books.The publisher of the book is Kaplan schweser . The book is in English language. The Table of Content or a quick excerpt on the book has been provided on the book page.

CIMA E3 Strategic Management
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Where can I find more information on CIMA E3 Strategic Management?

All information on book CIMA E3 Strategic Management such as Binding Type, Edition, Weight, Number of pages, availability can be found on the CAKART book section, click on book image to see book detail

CIMA E3 Strategic Management

Quick snapshot on further information on CIMA E3 Strategic Management is provided below –

  • Language : English
  • Binding Type : paperback
  • Edition : 30 September 2016 by Kaplan Publishing (Contributor)
  • No of pages : Not Available
  • Wt : Not Available
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