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Information on CIMA Case Study Exams

CIMA Case Study Exams

CIMA Case Study Exams

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a UK based professional body offering training and qualification in management accountancy and related subjects. It is focused on accountants working in industry, and provides ongoing support and training for members.

CIMA is one of the professional associations for accountants in the UK and Ireland. Its particular emphasis is on developing the management accounting profession. CIMA is the largest management accounting body in the world with more than 227,000 members and students in 179 countries.[1] CIMA is also a member of the International Federation of Accountants.

CIMA Case Study Exams

Management Case Study Course

The team here at Astranti have developed a CIMA case study course that is designed to give you everything you need to become CIMA qualified.

The course contains a range of comprehensive materials including study texts, pre-seen analysis videos, online masterclasses, marked mock exams and much more to help you pass the MCS (masters gateway) exam first time! Our courses have been used by thousands of successful CIMA students over many years, so why not follow in their footsteps?

We know from our experience that by completing every aspect of the courses, your chances of passing your exams first time is greatly increased

CIMA Case Study Exams

Study Texts

In part 1 we cover every aspect of the exam from every possible angle, and teach you exactly how you can prepare for it. We go into depth on the pre-seen analysis, how to manage your time, and precisely what the exam will involve.

Part 2 takes the entire management syllabus (almost 700 pages of material!) and condenses it into a single manageable textbook, covering all of the key theories and models you must know in order to pass the exam.

Pre-seen Analysis Videos & Documents

Our pre-seen analysis pack covers all that there is to know about the pre-seen, ensuring that you know the pre-seen from front to back before you step foot in the exam room. Our pack starts off with a pre-seen analysis video, where our MCS tutor, Richard Lewis, takes you through the entire pre-seen document, highlighting all of the key information. We will then apply the key theory and models from management level to the pre-seen in a strategic analysis, followed by detailed documents and videos analysing the industry and highlighting the top 10 most likely issues for the MCS exam this August.

Mock Exams with Marking & Feedback

Our online system for the case study exam has been endorsed and praised by CIMA. You will have access to 3 full mock exams which will be marked by our qualified and experienced team of markers. We pride ourselves in providing industry leading levels of feedback on your mock exams using our unique marking checklist. You will see each mock exam marked on the same checklist so you can compare each mock and see in which areas you continue to fall down, enabling you to clarify where and how you need to improve.

Live Online Masterclasses

Our masterclasses are live, all day (9am-3:30pm), exam focused webinars. They are hosted online over the course of two weekends and are recorded for students that cannot attend live. The live sessions are: The Keys to Passing the MCS (Saturday 15th July) and The Revision Masterclass (Saturday 12th August). Full details for each session can be found on our MCS masterclass homepage.

Tuition Videos

CIMA tutor and case study exam expert Nick Best will be giving you the best advice and tips on all the key areas of the exam, using his many years of experience to give you precise instructions on what you need to do to pass this paper. Covering popular topics such as time management, writing style and answer planning, our tuition video series gets you to grips with the case study exam format, which is very different to the format of the objective test exams that you may be accustomed to.

Ethics Pack

Recent examiner’s reports have mentioned that ethical issues are often overlooked by candidates or they are only briefly addressed in their answers. To ensure that you are ready for any ethics question, we have designed a pack that contains all the information you need to know on the topic in both a document and video format.

Advice and Guidance

We know how tough it is to study alone! Our tutor monitored forum enables our students to ask questions to our CIMA experts and get quick and helpful guidance. Communicating with your fellow students can also be extremely useful. The forum is a great place to share your thoughts!

Pass Guarantee

Unlike most big name CIMA tuition providers, we provide a fully comprehensive pass guarantee for our management case study course. We are confident that you will pass first time but should you complete the Astranti course and go on to fail the exam, you can sit the next course absolutely free. Please read our terms and conditions and pass guarantee requirements for more information.

CIMA Case Study Exams

Operational and management level

Within each learning pillar, students are advised to sit and pass the operational level subject examination before sitting the management level subject. However, examinations from different learning pillars, at either operational or management level, may be sat concurrently. Students are recommended to sit no more than three examinations at any single diet, in order to optimise the probability of success

The pass mark for each of the operational and management level subject examinations is 50% and permanent credit is awarded for any paper in which the candidate scores 50% or more.

Students must pass all operational and management level subject examinations, in each learning pillar, before attempting the strategic level subjects.

On successful completion of all operational level subjects, students are awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

On successful completion of all management level subjects, students are awarded the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.

Strategic level

When attempting the strategic level subjects, students must sit all three examination papers (one from each learning pillar – Papers E3, P3 and F3) together at the first sitting. At any subsequent examination attempts, these papers may be taken in any order and combination.

The pass mark for each of the strategic level subject examinations is 50% and permanent credit is awarded for any paper in which the candidate scores 50% or more.

Students must pass all three strategic level subject examinations before attempting the Test of Professional Competence in Management Accounting

CIMA Case Study Exams

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CIMA Case Study Exams

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