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CIMA Application- Enrollment and Registration

CIMA Application- Enrollment and Registration

CIMA Application – When registering you should bear in mind the timing of the CIMA exams. They are held twice per year, in May and November. If you plan to take your first exam in May, you must register by 31 January. If you plan to take your first exam in November, you must register by 31 July.

CIMA Application Registration

You will need the following details to complete your registration:

  • Your contact details, including address, telephone and email.
  • Your current employment details (if you are working).
  • Details of your tuition provider (if you are already studying).
  • Your debit or credit card details (if paying online).

Before registering:

1.Check your eligibility and your educational background.

2.Click —— to check for any possible exemptions.

3.Calculate your fees.

4.Bear in mind the registration deadlines and aim to submit your application form at least 10 days before.

You can apply for registration now in one of the following ways:

  • download a form   here  to print off, complete and return by post to CIMA.
  • request that a form be emailed to you, complete and return by post to CIMA

We regret we cannot accept faxed or e-mailed registration forms.

To register:

  1. Fill in each section of the form clearly, as it will be scanned.
  2. Attach certified copies of your educational certificates to the form. These must be in English. If you are applying for exemptions, you must include full details of the subjects you studied with a list of your results. Do not send usyour original certificates.
  3. Send us evidence if you have changed your name and the name on your certificate is different from the name under which you are applying for registration.
  4. Enclose payment of the relevant tuition fee, registration and subscription fees. If you have chosen from the payment options available, to make your payment by direct bank transfer, please attach evidence that this has been done. If you wish to pay by credit card, please ask us for the relevant form.
  5. Sign the form.
  6. Post the completed form to MCG, P.O.Box 2184, Bahrain.

You can register as a student with CIMA at any time of the year, but you must do this before sitting any exams. We recommend that you make sure you qualify for registration before you start studying seriously.

If you have not heard from us within 28 days of sending your registration form, please contact MCG.

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CIMA Application- Enrollment and Registration



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