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CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance : Our award-winning advanced diploma in Islamic finance qualification assumes extensive prior knowledge of Islamic finance through qualifications you already have, or your own career experience to date. It is designed to further your understanding and application of Islamic finance principles to real life situations, increasing your confidence in this area of finance.

This self study, distance learning qualification allows you to study at your own pace, with electronic assessments taking place five times a year. Assessment is through a case study examination allowing you to apply the principles studied within a real life situation.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance : What is Islamic Finance?

Islamic banking is seen as an alternative to traditional finance and a growing sector of the global finance market which is bringing new opportunities. With the Islamic banking market valued at over USD1.66 trillion, combined with the estimated growth rate of up to 20% year on year, the need for human capital to bring Islamic finance to the level at which it deserves and meet its markets demands is higher than ever. Islamic finance, with its emphasis on ethical finance, is suitable for both Muslims and non Muslims.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance :  Why CIMA Islamic Finance Qualifications?

A career in Islamic finance requires unique management skills and knowledge. The CIMA Islamic Finance Qualifications will give you a thorough understanding of the principles that underpin this Islamic finance. Our Islamic finance qualifications have won awards to recognise their world-leading status in the industry including ‘Best training institution’ at the 2015 Islamic Business & Finance Awards.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance : Which qualification is right for you?

CIMA’s Islamic Finance Qualifications structure reflects the evolving requirements in business. The qualification comprises of the Certificate in Islamic Finance, Diploma in Islamic Finance and Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance. Take a short test to find out which qualification is right for you. Whether you are completely new to this area of finance or have prior experience, uncover all the possibilities with the CIMA Islamic Finance Qualifications.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance : Who is the diploma in Islamic finance for?

This qualification assumes little or no prior knowledge of Islamic finance. It is designed for:

  • People who wish to begin a career in Islamic finance.
  • People who are already working in Islamic finance, but need a recognised qualification.
  • People who have an interest in Islamic finance.
  • Companies who wish to develop their staff in the principles of Islamic finance to increase staff performance.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance :  What will you gain?

Understanding of Shari’ah compliance and the requirements and regulations which form the foundation of Islamic finance.

  • Understanding of the Arabic terminology used in Islamic finance.
  • The ability to progress onto the CIMA advanced diploma in Islamic finance.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance :  Costs

The CIMA diploma costs GBP990 and includes the following:

  • Comprehensive study guides for each of the certificates.
  • Two exam attempts at the final assessment.
  • Online support materials.
  • Contact centre staff to answer any of your queries.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance :  

Quality decision making has never been more important – or more difficult. Innovations and innovators daily disrupt the status quo. The volume and velocity of unstructured data is increasing complexity.

The Global Management Accounting Principles© were created for this era of business. They reflect the perspective of CEOs, CFOs, academics, regulators, government bodies and other professionals in 20 countries across five continents. This included a 90-day public consultation in which more than 400 people participated. Public as well as private sector representation has been included so that the Principles have universal applicability.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance

The purpose of the Principles

The purpose of the Principles is to improve decision-making in organisations through the provision of high quality management information. They further support you in benchmarking your organisation against best practice.

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance : 

 four overarching Principles (to be considered continuously rather than sequentially) are key to achieving this:

• Communication provides insight that is influential

– strategy development and execution is a conversation

– communication is tailored

– communication facilitates better decisions

• Information is relevant

– information is the best available

– information is reliable and accessible

– information is contextual

• Impact on value is analysed

– simulations provide insight into options

– actions are prioritised by their impact on outcomes

• Stewardship builds trust

– accountability and credibility

– sustainability

– integrity and ethics

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance


Objective – To drive better decisions about strategy and its execution at all levels. Management accounting begins and ends with conversations. It improves decision-making by communicating insightful information at all stages of decision-making. Good communication of critical information allows management accounting to cut across silos and facilitates integrated thinking. The consequences of actions in one area of the business on another area can be better understood, accepted or repaired. By discussing the needs of decision-makers, the most relevant information can be sourced and analysed. This means recommendations will be useful to the decision-maker and achieve influence.


Objective  – To help organisations plan for and source the information needed for creating strategy and tactics for execution. A central role for management accounting is to make relevant information available to decision-makers on a timely basis. Following the Communication principle, the decision at hand and needs of the decision-maker are known and understood. This Principle therefore involves the identification, collection, validation, preparation and storage of information.

It requires achieving an appropriate balance between:

• past, present and future-related information

• internal and external information

• financial and non-financial information (including environmental and social issues).

CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance 

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