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Christ University Mcom Exam centres

Christ University Mcom Exam centres

Christ University Mcom Exam centres:- we will provide complete details of Christ University Mcom Exam centres in this article.

Christ University Mcom Exam centres:-MASTER OF COMMERCE (MCOM)

The MCom programme is intended to develop teaching and research talent to create academic expertise suiting to contemporary needs of the society.  The programme is of two years duration (4 semesters) with emphasis on research. It nurtures research culture and has innovative features like papers by research, industry internship and teaching practice in BCom classes under the supervision of experienced faculty mentors. The third and fourth semesters offers electives in ‘Accounting and Taxation’ & ‘Finance and Banking’. Students are also required to undertake project work in the second year. As a value addition, current affairs and journal club sessions are regularly conducted.

Programme Objectives

There is a need to transform teaching as a profession more than a mere career to bring in the right skills, capability and attitude in the field of academics in the larger interest of sustainable education. The programme aims to-
•    To create faculty of quality and competence in the subject areas of Commerce & Management.
•    To inculcate research culture amongst students.
•    To nurture the students in intellectual, personal, interpersonal and societal skills with a focus on Holistic Education.

Christ University Mcom Exam centres:-Centres

Christ University has established 19 special centres to help different stakeholders, prepare people and organizations to the complexities of education in the twenty first century. Each of these centres, with stated objectives, strives to deliver a fuller learning experience. They facilitate a two-way dissemination of information and knowledge between the University and various stakeholders like institutions, organizations, corporate, members of the teaching fraternity, students, and individuals to help them keep abreast with the latest developments in their respective domains.

1. Centre for Concept Design
2.Centre for Research
3.Centre for Social Action [CSA]
4.Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum [CEDBEC]
5.National Cadet Corps [NCC]
6.Theatre In Education [TIE]
7.Centre for Social Research [CSR]
8.Minor Research Projects
9.Internal Quality Assurance Cell [ IQAC]
10.Centre for Advanced Research and Training [CART]
11.Centre for Publications
12.Kannada Sangha
13.CU – Academic Staff College
14.Centre for Research – Projects
15.Centre for Academic and Professional Support [CAPS]
16.Centre for Digital Innovation [CDI]
17.Centre for Sustainable Education and Development
18.Centre for Case Research and Development
19.Inspire – Incubation Centre

Christ University Mcom Exam centres:-Centre for Concept Design

Our Mission

To create effective communication forms to support the academic community in being innovative in the pursuit of information.

Our Vision:

Innovation and Quality

We support

Brochure, poster and certificate approval, instructional technologies, content creation, broadcast production, studio event recording, classroom A/V support, digital archiving and academic training.

Christ University Mcom Exam centres:-Centre for Social Action

Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a unique movement, where student communities are sensitised on various issues affecting the poor and marginalized sections of society. This is done so that they can internalize and personalize the issues and contribute to sustainable changes in the lives of the poor and the oppressed. Through such processes of involvement, CSA aims to enable the students to be aware of the social realities around them as well as impart them with ideas of how they can contribute towards the upliftment of unheeded sections.

It was set up in 1999 by the management, faculty and students of the University, as an offshoot of the National Service Scheme. It was initiated with the intention of enabling the student community to imbibe the values of social responsibility, as envisaged in the Core Values, Vision and the Mission of Christ University.

With the many socio-economic and environmental issues that the country facing today, CSA believes in the strength of the student community in bringing about a positive change. This is one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the centre, and remains the motivation for its active participation in various developmental projects and social sensitisation programmes. Thus, CSA intends to create a community of empathetic students who can work proactively for the society at large.

The groups that CSA focuses its programmes on are children, women, youth and the student community in urban slums, rural and tribal villages and educational institutions.


To encourage holistic development of students by involving them in social action
To help make the University a means through which underprivileged sections of society can gain access to tangible improvements in their quality of life
To facilitate innovative practices in strengthening university–community relationships

All the activities of CSA derive their strength from its vision and mission. They form the framework and the basis for activity implementation.

Our Vision

“Every student is aware, sensitive, empathetic and contributing to sustainable changes in the society”

Our Mission

“CSA is a centre for promoting volunteerism and enabling students to develop as socially responsible citizens through developmental initiatives”

Christ University Mcom Exam centres:-Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum [CEDBEC]


The centre has been conceived as an attempt to stimulate and discover through experience, the perspectives in education so that individuals and institutions reflect, rediscover themselves and move towards progress amidst the educational complexities of the 21st century.

THE OBJECTIVES: To enhance the quality of educational system through the inculcation of creativity in educational methods and to contribute towards change and development in education.

The centre has a group of professionals in the field of education, management, psychology, philosophy, sociology and other related fields of education who are committed to the cause of higher education aiming to create a dynamic environment for growth.

THE ACTIVITIES – The centre conducts awareness programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences, camps, training programmes and such other activities to focus on various issues related to schools and colleges, teachers, students and parents. We also collaborate with educational professionals, experts and NGOs in the field of education.

For more information, Email: or call +91 80 4012 9451 / 9454

Christ University Mcom Exam centres

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