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Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus : Here we provides you Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details in pdf format and here we given direct download link for Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details in pdf format. Download these Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details and read well.

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus :  Christ University is a private university in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Founded in 1969 as an autonomous college, on 22 July 2008 it was declared as an institution deemed to be university under section 3 of UGC Act 1956 by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. The University is under the management of the priests of the Catholic religious order, Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI). The University has over 18,000 students and more than 800 faculty members. In 2016, the University was accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council with A Grade. In 2017 India Today-Nielsen survey, Christ University is ranked among the top private universities in India. The university offers nationally and internationally recognised undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in academic disciplines in Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Law, Engineering, Business Administration, Commerce, and Management. It offers professional courses in fields including Business Management, Computer Application, Hotel Management, Mass Communication, Social Work, Engineering and Tourism. It has a foreign student community of about 700 from 58 nationalities

Download here Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus For 2017 – 2018 Schemes in pdf format 

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus :  Students who are studying in Christ University for BCOM / MCOM / MPHIL / PHD and other programs are informed that they can download their Christ University BCOM All Semester Syllabus through this page. Candidates who are going to appear for under graduate and post graduate programs exam may download or check Christ University Syllabus 2017 from this page to do better preparation for their exam and grab good scores in their examination.

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus :


OBJECTIVE: The objective of this course is to acquaint students with the theoretical, legal and practical aspects of modern banking.

LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE Basic Knowledge on the rest

UNIT 1: Introduction to Banking: 10 Hrs.

Bank-significance of banks-brief history of banking in India- Laws affecting bankingBanking defined-Different types of Banks and functions. Distinction between NBFC and Banks. Brief discussion on commercial banks, Development Banks and Cooperative Banks; Commercial banks-nationalized banks and private banks-types of commercial banking-unit branch-universal-virtual etc. information technology in banking- modern banking services- standing instructions, remittances, core banking, debit credit and branded cards- ATM- Portfolio, investment, insurance, lockers etc- including international practices. ( Selective)

UNIT 2: Bank Deposits and Lending: 12 Hr’s

Different types of deposits accepted by banks – current-savings-recurring-reinvestment etc. usefulness and usage – Bank Lending-types-Loans, Overdraft and Cash creditsConcept of ‘Loan creates deposits’ – limitation of lending- non funded advancesguarantees and letter of credits –general lending aspects-securities foa loans-working capital facilities –margin money and drawing power-export credits (brief)-RBI role in control of banking operations-credit control and types of (brief) (overlapping of topics covered in COP233 must be avoided)

UNIT 3: Bank Management ( Statutory Regulations): 2 Hrs

Demand and Time Liabilities and Reserve Rations- Tier system of Capital- Basel Committee norms- Non- performing Assets

UNIT 4: Banker & Customer: 14 Hrs.

Banker and Customer- meaning and definitions-relevant provisions of Banking Regulations Act – Case Laws applicable- Relationships between-general and special (all specifics)-rights and duties of banker and customer- cessation of relationship-types of account holders-and account opening- special considerations in opening and operating of accounts of individuals-firms-HUF- trusts-clubs-receivers-companies; minors, mentally and physically challenged-operating procedures in the event of death, insanity and insolvency of the customer-Non Resident accounts-Bank Pass books and statementseffect of entries there on – Bankers book of evidence. Simple case related problems on any of the topics.

UNIT 5: Negotiable Instruments:10 Hrs.

Meaning of – meaning of negotiation and its features – characteristics of negotiable instruments – Cheque and it’s distinction from bill of exchange and promissory notetruncated instruments- quasi negotiable instruments-relevant sections of the negotiable instruments Act – Endorsements – -types of and effect of endorsements – crossing of Cheques – types and effect of crossing-practices- case laws.

UNIT6: Paying Banker: 6 Hrs.

Meaning of paying banker – duty of a paying banker- payment in due course – grounds for dishonor of Cheques- stop payment and garnishee order- protection to a paying banker under the negotiable instruments Act for open and crossed Cheques- conditions to be satisfied- marking of Cheques- case Laws- simple case related problems on any of the topics

UNIT 7: Collecting Banker: 6 Hrs.

Meaning of Collecting Banker – duties of collecting banker- liability for conversion Holder, Holder in due course and Holder for value – privileges of a Holder in DueCourse-protection to a collecting banker under the Negotiable Instruments Act- Case Laws. Simple case related problems on any of the topics.

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus :


Course Objective: To understand the basic concepts or Human Resource Management and its relevance in corporate world. The course explores the present national and International scenario.

Level of Knowledge: Students are expected to have a thorough knowledge on the first three modules and reasonably good awareness in the remaining modules.

Module-1 Perspectives in human Resource management: Meaning and definition of HRM – Purpose and Role of HRM – HR policies- traditional role of HR.

Module-2 Meeting Human Resource requirements: Job Analysis, Job Description, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Sources of Recruitment, selection Process, Methods – Interview, placement and Induction separation.

Module-3 Training and developing Employees: Training needs assessment, methods of training, types of training, development, performance appraisal, and various types of performance appraisal, career development

Module-4 Motivation and leadership Motivation-moral-theories of motivation-Leadership-theories of Leadership-promotiontransfer Deviant workplace behaviour-attrition.

Module-5 Labour relations Overview of Industrial Relation- Industrial disputes- Negotiation-Discipline-Dispute settlement.

Module-6 Recent Challenges in HR Recent developments in HR-Strategic Human resource Management- Global trend & their influence on Practices.

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus :


Objective: To familiarize students with corporate law and to make them appreciate the importance of corporate governance in the management of organizations

Level of Knowledge: Advance Knowledge on Module 1 and 2 working knowledge on rest of the syllabus.

Module I- Corporate Form of Organizations: Nature and form of Business Enterprises, Types of Business Enterprises, history and development of corporate concepts, Emergence of principle of limited liability, Corporate veil and its lifting. Different types of companies

Module II – Incorporation of different types of Companies. Promoters- Meaning importance, position, duties and liabilities, Pre incorporation contracts. Memorandum and Articles of Association, certificate of incorporation, certificate of commencement of Business. The Doctrine of ultra-vires, constructive notice and indoor management. Procedure for alteration. Of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Effect of alteration

Module III – Financial structure: sources of capital, classes and types of shares, equity with differential rights, issue of shares at par, premium and discount, forfeiture and surrender of shares, bonus issues, right issues, issue of sweat equity shares, employees stock option scheme, private placement , Alteration of share capital, reduction of share capital, buys back of shares. Dividend Debt capital- debentures, debentures stock, bonds and new development in corporate debt financing, debenture trust deed and trustees, conversion and redemption of debentures. Prospectus-definition abridged prospectus, red- herring prospectus, shelf prospectus information memorandum, contents, registration, misrepresentation and penalties

Module IV – Membership , Depositories Transfer and transmission,. Modes of acquiring membership, rights and privileges of members, register of members, dematerialization and rematerialization of securities, transfer and transmission of securities in physical and depository modes, nominations.

Module- V- Management and control of companies: Directors=-appointment, reappointment qualifications and disqualifications, remuneration, vacation of office, retirement, resignation and removal , loans to directors, powers and duties, office or place of profit role of directors, contract in which directors are interested . Managing and whole-time directors and manager, Company secretary – appointment role and responsibilities, company secretary as principal officer, meetings of directors and committees-frequency, convening and proceeding of board/ committee meetings, video conferencing of board/committees resolution by circulation .

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus :


Objective To acquire knowledge in company accounts

Level of Knowledge Advanced Knowledge

UNIT 1 Underwriting: Meaning & Terms used in Underwriting; Statutory provisions; Sebi Guidelines; Marked and unmarked applications; Types of underwriting; Firm underwriting; Problems of Computation of Gross liability, commission and Net liability with journal entries in the books of company and underwriter

UNIT 2. Redemption: Redemption of preference shares- Statutory provisions; problems with journal entries on redemption of preference shares. Redemption of debentures – redemption by purchase; redemption by annual drawings; redemption by conversion; sinking fund method. Buy back of shares- statutory provisions, simple questions on buy back

UNIT 3. Profits prior to incorporation; Problems on computation of profits prior to incorporation

UNIT 4. Final Accounts Statutory requirement on books of accounts, [profit and loss account, Balance sheet Dividends $ disclosures; Presentation formats; [problems on final accounts with treatment of special items taxation, dividends, corporate dividend tax. Managerial remuneration – Statutory provisions; calculation of profits for managerial remuneration; Simple problems on calculating maximum permissible remuneration.

UNIT 5. Amalgamation, Absorption & External reconstruction Meaning; Statutory provisions ; AS-114; Types of Amalgamation; Purchase consideration; Methods of Calculating purchase consideration; Problems on accounting entries in the books of amalgamation and amalgamated company with relevant ledger accounts and balance sheet; Problems based on intrinsic value of shares.

UNIT 6. Internal Reconstruction Meaning 7 Objective; Statutory provisions; Problems on accounting entries and preparation of balance sheet after reconstruction

UNIT 7. Liquidation Of Companies Meaning; Statutory provisions on liquidation, preferential creditors & overriding preferential payments; format of statement of affairs; problems on preparation of statement of affairs and preparation of liquidators final statement of account; list B contributories

Christ University Bcom Third Sem Syllabus Complete Details

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