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  • How important it is for you to pass the exam in this attempt?
  • What percentage of course you have finished well so far roughly?
  • How many hours you study in a day?
  • How many times you have revised the topics you have finished
  • Have you taken online or pen drive or live class from a renowned faculty?
  • What percentage of the classes you have watched?
  • Have you attempted mock tests or practice tests yet?
  • Are you planning to attempt mock tests conducted by external bodies- ICAI, ICSI, ICMAI or other institute?
  • How many tests you have taken?
  • Did you manage to finish the test papers on time?
  • Are you strictly following study material provided by the exam conducting authority such as ICAI/ICSI/ICMAI/Other Body?
  • How is your health in general?
  • How is your food habit?
  • Any interest in yoga or exercise or play sports regularly?
  • Planning to sleep well nights before the exams?
  • Planning to have light food and water before exams?

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes :  Here we provides you Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams in pdf format and here we given direct download link for Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams in pdf format. Download theseChrist University Bcom Notes  and read well.

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes : The Bachelor of Commerce course structure results in a flexible degree that allows students to explore different fields of study in business and economics as well as other complimentary disciplines. As a Bachelor of Commerce student  have the opportunity to make an informed decision on what they would like to study before they  are required to choose a major. Student would usually choose their  major at the beginning of second year. Depending on subject choices,  Student  can complete a double major. BCOM all semester 36 subject, syllabus copies and all notes helps a students to developing skills, knowledge,individual performance as well as Business Organisation. BCOM all subjects notes helps to students write a examination for easy.

Christ University First Semester Bcom Notes

  • Download:  Bcom Business Regulations Notes 
  • Download: Bcom E-Business and Accounting Notes 
  • Download: Bcom Retail Management Notes 
  • Download: corporate accounting bcom notes
  • Download: Corporate administration BCOM First semester notes
  • Download: Bcom Principles and Practice of Auditing Notes
  • Download: Business economics bcom notes
  • Download: Business Mathematics bcom notes
  • Download: Marketing and service management BCOM notes
  • Download: Indian Economy Bcom Notes and Study Materials
  • Download: Business statistics bcom notes
  • Download: Bcom Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions Notes
  • Download: Human Resource Management bcom notes
  • Download: Bcom Entrepreneurship Development Notes
  • Download: Bcom Costing Methods Notes
  • Download: E-Commerce Bcom Notes and Study Materials
  • Download: Principles of Macro Economics bcom study material and notes
  • Download: Corporate Low Bcom notes
  • Download: Auditing Bcom sixth semester  notes 
  • Download: Income Tax Bcom Fifth Sem notes 
  • Download: Indirect Tax BCOM sixth sem notes
  • Download: Taxation Law BCOM sixth sem notes 
  • Download: Financial Management Bcom sixth sem notes
  • Download: Business Regulatory Framework BCOM third semester Notes
  • Download: Cost Accounting Bcom sixth sem notes
  • Download: cost accounting bcom fifth sem notes
  • Download: Accounting for Management bcom fifth sem notes
  • Download: Direct Tax Bcom 4th semester notes

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes : To successfully prepare for B.COM you should use a combination of best faculty video lectures, best recommended scanners and books, and a lot of free notes, charts, pdf files available for free download from CAKART.

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes :    BCOM is one of the  full time undergraduate students usually take 12  subjects each year for three years. Each subject in the Bachelor of Commerce has a point value, and all students must complete a total of 300 points in order to graduate. This usually means completing 36 subjects in total. In selecting subjects, a Bachelor of Commerce student needs to complete a certain number of points from three broad groups of subjects – compulsory subjects, core or major subjects and breadth subjects.

Christ University Bcom Model Question Papers For 2017-2018 Exams

Download: First year Bcom april 2012 all subjects question papers

Download: First year Bcom april 2013 all subjects question papers

Download: First year Bcom october 2011 all subjects question papers

Download: Second year Bcom previous year all subjects question papers

Download: Second year Bcom april 2012 all subjects question papers

Download: Third year Bcom april 2012 all subjects question papers

Download: Third year Bcom october 2012 all subjects question papers

Download : BCOM 2nd Semester “Business Statistics” 2013 Question Papers.

 : BCOM 2nd Semester “Financial Accounting” 2015 Question Papers.

Download : BCOM 2nd Semester “Human Resource Management” 2012 Question Papers.

 : BCOM 2nd Semester “Financial Accounting” 2015 Question Papers.

Download : BCOM 2nd Semester Question Papers 2014 to 2015

Download : 2014 Second  semester  Bcom Banking Law and Operations  Question Paper

 : 2014 Sixth semester Bcom  Business Regulations Question Paper

Download : 2014 Fourth  semester Bcom Advanced Corporate Accounting  Question Paper

Download : 2014 Sixth semester Bcom  Management Accounting Question Paper

Download : 2015 Second  semester  Bcom Retail Management  Question Paper

Download : 2014 Fourth semester Bcom Cost Accounting  Question Paper

: 2014 Sixth semester Bcom  Business Regulations  Question Paper

Download : 2015 Second  semester Bcom Hindi  Question Paper

Download : 2015 Second  semester  Bcom Kannada Question Paper

Download : Bcom 1 sem financial accounting question paper dec 2014

Download : 2014 Sixth semester Bcom Principles and Practice of Auditing  Question Paper

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes :  

Christ University Bcom Study Tips : 

  1. A minimum 12-hour study is recommended.
  2. Do not study one subject for more than 2 hours. If you are stuck with something leave it and take another subject.
  3. Listen to music to unwind. Avoid television to the maximum extent.
  4. Recommended food is preferably vegetarian. If not keep oily foods and non-vegetarian to the minimum as meat, and non-vegetarian cause hangover.
  5. Have a proper intake of water and keep yourself adequately hydrated.
  6. Butter cheese to be curtailed if not stopped.
  7. Ensure to eat adequate fruits with vitamin A and E, as they are the most important for the eyes and the brain. Avoid grapes [peak season] as they can cause sleep.
  8. Eat yogurt or curd once a day. Lemon juice with honey but without sugar is also suggested.
  9. Avoid pulses like gram and white peas in diet.
  10. Have a protein enriched food and a fibre diet. Soybean is the best and the cheapest.
  11. Eat much salads as much as you eat your staple food like rice or chapattis.
  12. Sleep is recommended for at least 8 hours divided into 2 intervals, of 1 hour in the afternoon and 7 hours during the night.
  13. Take an antioxidant that will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Consult your doctor for the same. You may gain wait for some time but it reduces after you stop them.
  14. Keep the study place clean and tidy.
  15. Take bath twice a day once in the morning and evening. Bathe with a splash of Dettol [one lid in one bucket of water] to de odour you body.
  16. Switch off mobile phones during study.
  17. Comfortable clothing with soothing colours is what you should wear in house and during exams.
  18. If you miss on any schedule, try to catch up with the work that has to follow. Skip what is lost.
  19. Working out or exercising for at least, one hour in a day is a must. Play and sweat out but do not go in polluted areas for workout.
  20. Ensure that your brain gets fresh oxygen every day. Evening walk or morning walks is what is recommended.
  21. If your seat no is in a college that is not your own then visit that place before the exam because you will be psychologically more familiar with the conditions and the environment in the place and that will help you to adjust better.
  22. Try thinking positive and avoid people who are of negative attitude.
  23. Take a 15-minute break every 2 hours.
  24. Visit prayer halls and churches before people gather and try to meditate. If you do not visit prayer houses daily, try to meditate in house and recollect those moments, which you cherish a lot.
  25. Be positive and pray a lot.
  26. Do not over exert yourself, as it will cause only problems.
  27. Ensure to keep your favourite pens clothes and other personal effects in proper condition.
  28. Ensure to take a laxative preferably an Ayurvedic one 2 weeks before the exam to ensure proper bowel motions and cleaning up your system.
  29. Do not wear stale clothes. Change every time you take a bath. Recommended to have a hot shower so that it freshens up the mind and body.
  30. Do not study in air-conditioned rooms as exam atmosphere is at ambient temperature.

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

Christ University Bcom Notes :  BCOM is very good degree to know commerce and business. With doing, you learn basic to advance accounting, management and different business laws which will be helpful to you in your profession or your business. But for doing B.Com., you have to be sincere and honest. You should read everything relating to your subjects. Here we gave complete Study materials of Christ University Bcom see and download it.

The main objective of all semester Christ University Bcom Study Materials is to help students get an insight of their preparedness for the all subjects coming examination. Also to enhance the confidence level of the students adequately  and to leverage the preparation of the students by giving guidance on how to approach the examinations. Christ University Bcom Study Materials.

Christ University Bcom Notes For 2017-2018 Exams

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