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CFA Result| CFA Level 1 Result| Pass Percentage| Result Analysis

CFA Result| CFA Level 1 Results| Pass Percentage| Result Analysis

CFA Level 1 Result:- Check the complete details about CFA Level 1 Result, CFA Level 1 Pass Percentage and CFA Level 1 Result Analysis here.

CFA Level 1 Result

Results for Level I and II candidates are available within 60 days of the exam date and within 90 days for Level III candidates.

Exam results and topic area performance are available online for approximately one year after the exam date. After this date, candidates may request an official letter confirming their “pass” or “did not pass” exam result, but their topic area performance summary will no longer be available.



Individual candidate results are only released to the candidate and are never released to a third party; however, lists of passing candidates are provided to societies for membership purposes.

Detailed exam scores and responses to exam questions are measurement information and part of a candidate’s exam record, both owned solely by CFA Institute. This information is not given to candidates.

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CFA Level 1 ResultCFA Level 1 Pass percentage



Based on results posted in various online forums, we’ve identified the candidates who passed the Level I exam in December with the weakest scores. This is, seemingly, the minimum you’ll need to pass:

1. You can pass with less than 50% in four subjects (Derivatives, Economics, Portfolio Management, and Quantitative Methods), with 51% to 70% in Alternative Investments, and with more than 70% in Corporate Finance, Equity Instruments, Ethical and Professional Standards, Financial Reporting and Analysis, and Fixed Income.

2. You can pass with Financial Reporting and Analysis under 50%, Economics and Portfolio Management over 70%, and everything else (seven other subjects) between 51% and 70%.

3. You can pass with less than 50% in Derivatives and more than 70% in Corporate Finance and Equity Investments, and between 51% and 70% in the other seven subjects.

4. You can pass with less than 50% in Quantitative Methods, Derivatives, Financial Reporting and Analysis, as long as you have more than 70% in Economics, Quantitative Methods, and Equity Instruments, and 51% to 70% in Corporate Finance, Ethical and Professional Standards, Fixed Income, and Portfolio Management.

In other words, you don’t have to get more than 70% in everything to pass. You don’t even need to get more than 51% in everything to pass. You can get less than 50% in up to four topics, but you will probably need to counterbalance this with more than 70% in at least three subjects and with 51% to 70% in the rest.

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CFA Level 1 ResultCFA Level 1 Result Analysis

The results of recent years’ CFA exams are summarised in the table below, together with the most recent results:
Level I June
Level I December
Level II
Level III


The drop in quality across failing candidates compared to the passing pool is fairly even. However, several observations are worth noting:
  • Heavy-weighted topics, such as FRA, Equity Investments and Fixed Income, show a large difference in performance across passing and failing candidates
  • Ethics remains strong across passing and failing candidates. Although the performance of Ethics is not as strong as in June 2012, it is still one of the stronger topics. The emphasis on the ethics adjustment continues to focus candidate attention to Ethics. This is a right strategy, as Ethics is both high-weighted (at 15%) and has similar content across all 3 levels.
  • Focus on FRA, Quant Methods, Economics and Fixed Income. These are the large troublemakers in the CFA Level I – pay extra attention to scoring big in these topics.
  • Getting a mid-range score, especially a heavyweight topic, is not good enough. The CFA exam isn’t an ordinary test – 70% and above is the only way to cut it. If you’re scoring 50% on a topic, that isn’t enough, especially if that topic counts for a lot in the exam.
  • Continue to focus on Ethics. At 15% weighting and with little variation across all CFA levels, start strong on Ethics right from Level I.

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