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CFA Level 1 Study Plan

CFA Level 1 Study Plan

CFA Level 1 Study Plan:- The CFA exam covers a lot of material, and to be successful, you need to have an effective plan of action to master those concepts and be ready as you can be for exam day. Following is some important advice as you prepare your own study plan.

When you register for an exam, you will gain access to the study planner, an interactive tool that can help you schedule the time you have available to prepare for the exam.When you first register for the exam, the “Remaining Study Time” displayed for each topic will be the longest amount of time possible. The estimated amount of remaining study time is based on:

  • The number of pages in the readings for that topic
  • The exam weight of the topic
  • The number of days remaining until the exam date

CFA Level 1 Study Plan

  • The study planner will automatically adjust the remaining estimated study times, reallocating more or less time to the remaining topics.
  • A “Test your knowledge” link to the related topic tests will be displayed

For many years now we’ve been helping people in their preparations for the CFA exam and other financial exams. We have observed that there are 3 main reasons why people taking such an exam fail to pass it.

  • Problem with maths

First of all, though it may sound rather surprising, some people struggle with maths. It’s true not only of those who graduated from the university some time ago but also of students who currently attend their classes. This group constitutes even up to 30% of all CFA candidates. Mathematics used in the exam is not complicated. It suffices that you know how to transform formulas and how to do fractions. Those who can calculate and analyze in their memories are better off when it comes to the real exam. If you master your maths, you will be able to do even more than 50% of all calculations in your head, which will very often prove to be much quicker than if you used the calculator.

  • Not enough practice

Here’s the second reason of not being able to pass the exam. Most of the candidates solve too few exam-type questions before they actually take the exam. Even if you read the whole Curriculum and revise it, it will not suffice. What you need to do is to solve numerous questions throughout the whole process of learning for the exam. You have to develop the right habit from the very beginning – after you cover a certain topic, go ahead and check yourself. Do some tests that will allow you to assess your progress. You will see for yourself that there will be still some areas you will have to brush up. By doing different tests, you will also make yourself accustomed to the form of exam-type tests, which should make you feel more comfortable in the real exam. If all that you know about the exam is that the exam consists of 120 questions of the morning session and 120 questions of the afternoon session, you will not feel that comfortable, trust me. Imagine that you are a basketball player and you are to play a match and all you know is that you need to throw a ball into a basket but you have never tried to score a point before. To win this match, you will need a lot of good luck.

  • Lack of proper planning

The third and the last reason is the volume of the study material required in the exam. To cope with it, you need to work systematically and, as we know well, it is often a great challenge. That is why, we have come up with the idea to develop study plans that help people overcome this challenge.

CFA Level 1 Study Plan

The study plan is divided into topics and their sequence is almost identical with the CFA Curriculum. The only changes are:

  • Portfolio Management is scheduled after Quantitative Methods, because of the concepts of the rate of return and risk,
  • Derivative Investments is scheduled before Fixed Income Investments, because of the concept of options, and
  • Ethics is scheduled twice – at the beginning and at the very end, because of the specific nature of this material.

Holidays & Revisions

Our study plan includes also:

  • 2 weeks of holidays (1 week after ETH, QM, PM, ECO + 1 week after FRA, CF),
  • 5 weeks of revision (1 week before FRA + 1 week before EI + 3 weeks before the exam).

Time allocation

The time scheduled for each topic depends on its difficulty, the number of pages in the Curriculum and the number of questions devoted to the topic on the exam. That is why relatively less time is scheduled for Economics and Ethics while for FRA, QM and FI more time is arranged.

CFA Level 1 Study Plan

Below are the estimated study time suggestions for each Level I topic, based on the amount of time currently available for each exam.

Topic Remaining Study Time
  • Ethical and Professional Standards- 11 Days
  • Quantitative Methods- 15 Days
  • Economics- 17 Days
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis- 25 Days
  • Corporate Finance- 9 Days
  • Equity Investments- 11 Days
  • Fixed Income- 12 Days
  • Derivatives- 5 Days
  • Alternative Investments- 2 Days
  • Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning- 9 Days
  • Time for Review8 Days

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