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This article on How to pursue CFA from India has been authored by Neha Sharma who herself is a Qualified Chartered Financial Analyst

With the advent of Globalisation and easy flow of money the Demand for Finance Professionals has been increasing steadily. Whether it is Investment Banking or Portfolio Management or Foreign Exchange Management – the demand for Finance Professionals has been zooming rapidly in the past few years.

The reason for this increasing demand is that all Top Management Decisions are primarily Financial Decisions and one wrong decision can swing the Profits into Losses. As most of the Top Management Decisions involve huge Financial Transactions – Companies don’t prefer to take any risk when it comes to such decisions and prefer to employ the best brains and also pay them accordingly. It is a known fact that the Salaries of Finance Professionals is the highest as compared with other Professionals.

With such luring salaries on offer – most of the professionals across the Globe have a high preference for Finance Courses like CFA, MBA etc. The same is the case in India with a high no. of candidates preferring to choose Finance Related Post Graduate Degree which could land them into a high paying job. And this is one of the most important reason for Growth of MBA (Finance) in India in the past few years.

But is a 2 year MBA (Finance) degree comprehensive enough to give you an insight of the Finance Related Concepts? The simple answer to this is NO. MBA Finance only teaches you the basics of Finance Related Concepts using Case Studies but does not take you to the core of Financial Domain and its Concepts.

As the MBA Finance degree is not comprehensive enough to take you to the core of Financial Domain, many finance enthusiasts prefer to opt for a degree which gives an in-depth coverage of the Financial World i.e. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).




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