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CFA Exams

CFA Exams

The Degree awarded by the CFA Institute, US is also referred to as International CFA as this degree has International presence with it being recognised in more than 138 Countries across the Globe. This International CFA Course can be undertaken from most of the Countries across the Globe and the Course has been structured in such a manner that Professionals from across the Globe can learn and apply the same in all Countries.

The CFA Institute which was formed in the year 1963 has awarded the Charter to more than 1,00,000 Professionals across the Globe and is the most respected and recognised Investment Credential in this World. A large chunk of these professionals are currently working as Portfolio Manager, Research Analysts etc. Mutual Funds and other Investment Companies are the largest recruiters of Chartered Financial Analysts with their average starting salary being in the range of $60,000-$1,00,000 in the US

Enrolment for International CFA

International CFA is a Graduate Level Self Study Course and to attain this Charter a Candidate should undergo 3 Levels of Exams

  1. Level I (held in June and December every year)
  2. Level II (held in June every year)
  3. Level III (held in June every year)

Although this a Graduate Level course with the minimum eligibility being Graduation, the CFA Charter is awarded only after successful completion of 4 Years of Work Experience. To become a member of this Institute, a Candidate shall apply for Membership after clearing all the Levels, attaining 4 Years of Work Experience and by adhering to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

CFA Exams

To attain the International CFA Charter, a Candidate should undergo 3 Levels of Exams (Level I, Level II & Level III) in sequential order. In order to ensure global consistency, both in administering the Exam Questions and in Grading the Candidates Answers, the Exams are conducted in English Language only

The International CFA Program is not a theoretical academic program but is rather a course that focuses on the Investment Management Professional from the standpoint of a practitioner. The following is the Roadmap for attaining an International CFA Recognition

CFA Exams



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